10 Reasons Why Every Business Absolutely Needs SEO Strategies

10 Reasons Why Every Business Absolutely Needs SEO Strategies

organic traffic is a big part of SEO strategies

SEO strategies go a long way for every business, but every business leader needs to understand exactly why they’ll be left behind without SEO!

organic traffic is a big part of SEO strategies


SEO strategies are probably the very best investment a business can make within their marketing budget, and we’re not saying this because we’re in the SEO business because it quite frankly is just the facts!

It’s important for business leaders to know that about 91% of all search engine results end on the first page and about 51% of ALL web traffic is through Google and other search engine queries. So it goes to show that the best way to reach the vast majority of online users is to make the very most out of your SEO strategies, and that’s where Big Fish Local comes in to help give your business the competitive edge it needs.

Helping business leaders understand the ROI of our many digital marketing solutions is part of what our team focuses on each and every day, and on this page the Big Fish Local team has compiled 10 crucial reasons why businesses benefit from SEO and why they undoubtedly need it for their ongoing success!


1. SEO Helps Make Your Business Much More Visible And Easier To Find Online


One of the main objectives with every SEO strategy is to bring a business’ website to the very top of their most desired SERPs (search engine results pages), and this subsequently makes it much easier for a company’s target audience to find their products/services via varied search queries.

This directly coincides with keyword targeting, as well as competitive analysis, content marketing and much more. But it goes without saying that the more your business ranks well within search queries, the more your online visibility will provide the tangible benefits (traffic, conversions, revenue, etc.) that you’re looking for!


2. SEO Helps Increase Revenue/Sales


It’s safe to say that increased sales and overall revenue is the #1 benefit that business leaders are looking for when they invest in digital marketing and SEO strategies, because this is the truest ROI. Industry experts have even concluded that SEO is by far much more effective as compared to paid advertising when it comes to driving sales/revenue.

The main difference between SEO and paid advertising is that SEO is going to require a lot more work, but a professionally-driven SEO strategy will always go a very long way when it comes to increasing lead and conversion metrics. This of course is a lot easier said than done, but this is where the Big Fish Local experts make things a whole lot easier!


3. SEO Helps Improve Your Website’s Overall User Experience


Google has many different ranking factors that you should know about, and one of the most important ranking factors is Google’s determination in terms of how relevant and helpful your business website is to a search engine user, i.e. your leads.

So this is one of the many reasons why you’re going to need to make sure that your website is easy to navigate through, and that your site is essentially as simple and as streamlined as possible.

Online users also generally want to obtain their desired information as quickly and as efficiently as possible, so burying your most crucial pieces of information within a webpage can sometimes scare people off. This is one reason why your content should be generally answering search engine user’s questions within the first one or two paragraphs.


4. SEO Helps Build Your Brand’s Online Credibility


Online users tend to trust Google and other search engines A LOT, and this is sometimes for better or worse! This is why there’s so much at stake when it comes to ranking at the very top of Google search results, because this shows that Google trusts your business throughout your entire industry as a credible, authoritative source of information and services.

Ranking at the top of your most desired SERPs will truly indicate that your business is an industry leader, and online users will immediately consider you as the top dog that they should be working with.

But it’s important for business leaders to know that they’re never going to get to the top of SERPs via just keyword targeting, and you’re actually going to need to implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy that brings tangible value to your readers AND properly weaves in keywords.


5. SEO Helps You Gain Traction On Social Media


Social media management is a big part of what we provide to our clients, and this is because we understand just how important social signals are when it comes to building up a trusted client base.

These days online users will go to a business’ social media channels as a part of their research to see if they’d like to work with a company or not, and many times a lackluster social media presence can be what turns people towards other competitors. This is why it’s absolutely imperative that you are consistently updating your social media channels and linking these pages to your website.

Optimizing your social channels for SEO is one thing, but when a business has a great SEO presence it then has a ripple effect towards social media that leads to increased followers and more online authority.


6. SEO Helps You Make Sure That You’re On Top Of Your Competition


SEO has become pretty common practice for every business’ marketing strategy, so this means that your main keywords and most desired SERPs are always going to be really competitive. This is why businesses that don’t utilize SEO strategies are slowly but surely slipping into obscurity, because they simply won’t be able to keep up with their competitors within the ever-growing digital landscape!

What’s truly awesome about SEO and agencies like Big Fish Local is that we specialize in helping small to mid-sized businesses compete with some of the world’s largest corporations, and although small businesses may not spend as much on paid ads they can still be smart with how they implement their SEO strategies.

So even if you’re competition is steep, the Big Fish Local team can do what it takes to increase your lead generation and make you the big fish in your digital pond!


7. SEO Provides Valuable Insights About Your Target Audiences


There are many different SEO analytics that businesses should be taking seriously, and this is because this data provides valuable information about your customers and target audiences. Some of this information includes the following:


  • Search engine user’s location
  • How long they remained on your website/which pages they visited
  • What they searched for on Google when they found your website
  • And many, many other metrics…


All of this information provides so much value to SEO strategies because it allows experts like our team to better understand what’s working and what may need to be improved, and we often utilize this type of information to slightly tweak marketing strategies towards even greater success!


8. The Traffic From SEO Strategies Is High Quality


It’s important to note that your target audience within SEO strategies is always going to be people who are already searching online for your products/services, so that naturally sets businesses up for high-quality leads. There are many different marketing strategies like social media advertising that target people who aren’t interested in your business whatsoever, and this ends up wasting money unnecessarily!

One of the best benefits of SEO strategies is the overall quality of your leads, because this type of marketing ensures that your business is being visible when people are 100% in the market for your products/services.


9. SEO Is Very Cost-Effective


When you compare SEO to paid search advertising and other marketing strategies, it becomes very apparent just how cost-effective SEO is. Paid advertising management will definitely help businesses when it comes to providing a shortcut to more traffic/views, but you’ll inevitably be paying more as the success of your ads increase.

SEO strategies are different in that you put in the investment and work and then slowly but surely reap the benefits of the ROI. What’s great about SEO is that once you’ve put in the work and rank highly on your desired SERPs, you’ll naturally gain leads and conversions that you don’t have to pay for at all.

So although paid advertising is a good stepping stone within a more comprehensive digital marketing campaign, the real bread and butter on search engines always comes with SEO!


10. SEO Helps You Find Local Clients


Although there are many different benefits associated with SEO strategies, here at Big Fish Local we highly value the benefits of local SEO.

This is partly because about 92% of search engine users will hire a business that ranks on the first page of local search results, so ranking well within these specific search queries is VERY valuable!

Utilizing local SEO strategies is also particularly beneficial for small to mid-sized businesses that are located in only one or maybe two locations, and this is because an expert-driven local SEO strategy can actually put smaller businesses over the top when competing with other larger competitors for geographically-specific search engine users.


Reach Out To The Big Fish Local Experts To Learn More About How Our SEO Strategies Can Help Boost Your Business To New Heights!


The above benefits only brush the surface when it comes to exactly why a business needs SEO to survive and thrive in today’s digital marketplace, and these days small businesses can out compete their big box competitors when they team up with SEO specialists who are constantly keeping their clients on the cutting edge of the industry.

This is exactly why the Big Fish Local team is comprised of many different experts that come from all different marketing backgrounds, because it truly takes a collection of great minds to consistently bring incredible ROIs to all different types of businesses throughout countless industries.

You can always be rest assured that you’re putting your business’ future in the right direction when you team up with Big Fish Local, and always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to let us know how we can help bring your business’ marketing goals to fruition!

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