10 Reasons Why Your Conversion Rates Are Struggling

10 Reasons Why Your Conversion Rates Are Struggling

conversion rates are a big thing that businesses struggle with in their digital marketing efforts

Conversion rates are an essential metric towards digital marketing success, so focusing on improving these rates will always go a long way for your business!

conversion rates are a big thing that businesses struggle with in their digital marketing efforts


We come across a lot of clients who do a pretty good job at attracting traffic to their site and developing leads, but low conversion rates hold them back from really getting the most out of their digital marketing efforts. If this sounds familiar then you’re certainly not alone, as low conversion rates tend to be one of the biggest concerns throughout the entire SEO industry!

Developing and optimizing your initial contact with your leads is always a major part of expanding your web presence and overall brand awareness, but being aware of certain lead generation pitfalls can be the difference in terms of bringing your digital marketing endeavors to fruition or not.

So on this page we’re going to dive into 10 common reasons why your conversion rates are struggling in order to help you improve your lead generation and sales!


1. Wrong Messaging

This common pitfall may include a pretty solid usage of keywords and SEO strategies in terms of getting to the top of SERPs (search engine results pages) and building organic traffic, but how you’re using your keywords can be where you’ve gone wrong.

It’s important to take a step back and read through your brand’s messaging from a more objective perspective. Is your messaging unclear or complicated? Could it be overly formal or too casual?

Your messaging should inevitably be tailored to your target audience, and there are scenarios in which a brand’s messaging simply doesn’t resonate enough with their online leads. So in many ways that lack of resonation with your messaging can be the breaking point with any particular lead’s ultimate shopping decision!


2. Focusing Too Much On Money, And Not People

There are many instances in which brands will utilize marketing strategies and messages that simply try way too hard to develop conversions through their leads. Sometimes brand managers simply need to be reminded that search engine users aren’t dumb, and they’ll be able to tell when your brand comes off as only wanting their money.

This conversion rate pitfall can stem all the way back to how a company builds their foundation, because caring more about your profits instead of providing solutions or bringing value to people will always create issues with your online reputation.


3. Jargon Overload

There are many instances in which content simply needs to get to the point. A lot of businesses will understand all the right SEO components to utilize with their content strategies, but then implement too much technical jargon and buzzwords.

Sometimes these types of phrases and words make reader’s question whether or not you actually know what you’re talking about, and this is always detrimental in terms of decreasing trust and weakening your marketing efforts!


4. Bait And Switch Headline Tactics

Good headlines can always go a long way when it comes to lead generation and keeping your target audience engaged with your site’s content and opportunities, so if your leads are unexpectedly disappearing after initial contact then it’s a clear sign that you’re not delivering on the promises of your headlines.

Absolutely no one likes being misled, and bait and switch tactics are terrible for a brand’s reputation. Obviously these types of issues can be much subtler than literally misleading your online leads, but you still have to wonder just how much you’re delivering on certain sales tactics when catchy headlines are building traffic but aren’t building conversions.


5. Unfamiliar Target Audience

Developing and coming to a full understanding of your target audience is generally the very first thing a brand should do while developing the foundations of their digital marketing strategies, so if you skip this step and aren’t fully aware of your target audience then you’ll likely not know who you’re writing content towards.

This inevitably makes it nearly impossible to properly connect with online users. Every brand needs to focus on answering the questions, concerns, needs and wants of their target audience, and this can be difficult if you don’t have this foundation properly established.


6. Engaging The Wrong Target Audience

There are many instances in which a brand simply can’t seem to develop online engagement and build their traffic metrics up, and this may be because your business isn’t connecting with the right people. It’s likely that you’ve developed content that’s oriented around one specific target audience, and ads and other marketing strategies targeting a different audience.

You also may not have your online marketing automation correctly optimized, which can lead to online ads going live in the wrong places or wrong times!


7. A Lack Of A Buyer’s Journey

A buyer’s journey essentially means that your brand should have a clear idea as to how your leads are going to go from Point A and then become conversions at Point B. If you don’t have a very clear understanding as to what this process will look like, then your target audience subsequently won’t know as well.

It’s likely that your leads genuinely want to purchase your products/services, but then get confused or lost as they’re going through a series of sign-up pages. Everyone knows how online users don’t necessarily have the best patience, so when your buyer’s journey is complicated it can often result in leads not converting!


8. Lacking High-Quality CTAs

CTAs (calls to action) should always let your online users understand exactly what the next steps are in the conversion process, and how to go about making themselves your next conversion. There are many ways in which your business’ CTAs may be falling short, including:

  • You lack enough CTAs throughout your site
  • Your CTAs have the wrong messaging
  • Your CTAs aren’t compelling or accessible enough


Your leads should always have a clear understanding in terms of where to go within your site and what exactly is needed of them to get in touch with your team. When your CTAs aren’t good enough you’ll simply not be grabbing your lead’s attention in terms of taking that necessary next step towards doing business with your team.


9. Your Website Is Confusing

Your website simply needs to be fully optimized around developing your conversion rates, so if your site is a navigation maze for your online users it’ll inevitably lead to issues.

This can include website issues like:

  • Hidden navigational icons/buttons
  • Broken forms/pages
  • Difficult to find search bars
  • And much more…


All of these types of navigation issues will lead to backtracking and unnecessary clicks throughout your website, and this usually will cause leads to simply give up on your brand and look elsewhere.


10. Your Team Has A Slow Response Time

Response time is a crucial KPI (key performance indicator) that every brand should take seriously when it comes to developing leads into conversions. This means your website should have a fully optimized automation that sets your leads up successfully, or that your sales team is ready to go with the right equipment to respond to your leads as efficiently as possible.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to response time is that the faster your respond to leads, the more likely they’ll convert and become your customer. So if you don’t have the proper sales processes established or your automation isn’t helping successfully, then leads will always be more likely to look elsewhere to a business that provides better customer service.


Reach Out To The Experts At Big Fish Local Who Can Help Make Sure Your Leads Want To Stick Around And Build Your Conversion Rates!

Lead generation issues are one of the most common setbacks that our team comes across with our own leads, and our customer success and satisfaction truly speaks for itself in terms of how we help build conversion rates for countless companies.

Big Fish Local is always here for you when it comes to answering your questions about conversion rate difficulties, and our multifaceted team of digital marketing specialists will undoubtedly be able to identify what’s holding you back and develop the proper strategies towards getting your conversion rates to new heights!

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 today to get in touch with our team and re-establish your brand’s online reputation through tried and true SEO and online marketing tactics!

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