4 Easy SEO Tips you Can Implement Today

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Developing an effective SEO strategy for your website doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s true that Google and other search engines routinely update their algorithms. These changes are meant to produce better search engine results. Sometimes, the updates require a rethinking of your approach. However, these four easy SEO tips will stand the test of time even as search engines make continuous changes to how they display search results.

Blog more often
The first, and most proactive thing you can do to boost your SEO is to blog more often. This serves a couple of different purposes for your website’s search engine strategy.

First, it shows Google that your site is active. Static sites that are never updated don’t rank as well as competitors that routinely add new content.

Second, the more you blog the more opportunities you have to connect with your audience. User engagement is a big part of SEO rankings. When you answer questions that your audience has, and do so in an engaging way, it helps to promote your site above the rest.

Finally, the more you blog the more efficient you become at writing. This, in turn, can lead to additional content opportunities for your site such as lead conversion-based white papers.

Optimize your URLs
This next of our SEO tips requires a bit of forethought on your preferred keyword ranking. Though, in the context of answering questions from your readers, it’s often more important to choose a long-tail keyword phrase rather than a single word.
Nevertheless, whatever term you land on should appear in both your page title and your page URL. If your URL for your blog or new site page looks something like this:


then it can’t be accurately indexed by search engines. Rather, your URL should be something closer to this:


If “optimized URL” was the keyword phrase, congrats — it now appears in the URL!

Add internal linking
The third of our SEO Tips is to focus on internal linking. This small but useful process is another way to keep user engagement high. Finding phrases within your new blog post that tie into other content on your site helps reduce bounce rate. It also demonstrates to search engines that your site has quality content on it, and will give you a boost in your overall SEO strategy.

Add optimized images
Finally, let’s talk about images on your webpage or blog article. Assuming once again that our chosen keyword is “optimized URL.” Rather than upload your image with a generic title, such as:
rename it to “this is an optimized url.jpg”

Then, once you upload it to your site, be sure to apply appropriate alt tags (including your chosen keyword) and an adequate description (once again, featuring your keyword of choice). Together, these reinforce the idea to search engines that your keyword is, in fact, “optimized URL” and can improve your rankings for that phrase.

Bonus tip: partner with Big Fish Local
While each of these four SEO tips is relatively straightforward to implement, we also recognize that they both take time and resources away from your important daily tasks. Often, it’s best to partner with an SEO-focused company such as Big Fish Local! We’ll ensure that these four SEO tips and many more are fully implemented throughout your site.

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