4 PPC tips for success

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Pay Per Click, commonly abbreviated as PPC, is the backbone of many online  marketing campaigns. Within the world of Google AdWords, it uses a bidding system  to decide whether to show your ad or another company. If you’re just starting to dive  into the world of paid advertising campaigns, we can understand your (potential)  trepidation. PPC can feel overwhelming to set up. These are four PPC tips for success  that can help you overcome your hesitation to add this to your marketing plans. 

Create your budget 

How much money can you spend on your PPC campaign? How much profit do you  make off of a given sale?  

Before you try any of these other PPC tips for success, you must know how much you  can afford to spend. Just like you set a budget for your family vacation, likewise, you  should set a budget for your PPC campaigns. 

Create an Ad Group 

Next, get started by creating an Ad Group within Google AdWords. These are  campaign-specific “folders” so to speak where each of your PPC ads that are tied to  your current promotion or product will be organized. In other words, if you have a  group of ads that have a shared objective or goal, then they should all be a part of the  same campaign group. 

Create compelling copy — which includes numbers 

There’s a reason that we’re mentioning “numbers” for the second time today. PPC tips  for success often revolve around ROI. What drives ROI? Revenue. Without revenue,  your company can’t grow.  

Likewise, your PPC ad copy should be compelling, clearly conveying the value you  offer. One way to do that effectively? Specifically, mention numbers in your ads. This  can include a percentage off sale, the specific cost of a product, or even a flat-rate  discount.  

Create campaign-specific landing pages 

The above example also alludes to the fourth of our PPC tips for success. Campaign specific landing pages are a great tool within your PPC strategy. There, you can track  the specific visitors to your site from your PPC ads while, again, showcasing specific  sales or promotions that your company is running. 

Think of it this way: of these two options, which seems more effective for conversions?  Option 1 is to send a PPC-based visitor to your homepage where they have to sort  through everything you offer. Option 2 is to send a PPC-based visitor to a landing page  where they can easily download or purchase the advertised offer.  

The unifying thread throughout our PPC tips for success

You may have noticed that for each of our four PPC tips for success, we encouraged  you to create something. First, create your budget, then create an Ad Group, then  create copy, and finally create campaign-specific landing pages. 

For the content creator who has focused on organic results for so long, PPC can feel  like the anthesis of how you traditionally work. Nevertheless, each of our PPC tips for  success requires the expert creation of something

In other words, PPC and organic marketing should work together. This can be  challenging, and our team would love to help you sort through all of these. If you’re  ready to build a PPC campaign that converts visitors into leads and leads into  customers, then contact us HERE. We’ll go over your goals and help you develop the  right plan so that you can achieve success.