4 SEO myths

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SEO — Search Engine Optimization — is to a website what gasoline is to a vehicle.  Yes, you can own the latter, but without the former, it doesn’t do you much good. An  SEO strategy should help guide your website development and content creation  efforts. And, like the gasoline analogy, you can “boost” your SEO akin to using a  higher-octane fuel. This has, however, led to a handful of misconceptions about the  ways to do exactly that: supercharge your SEO. Here are four SEO myths and why you  should ignore them. 

SEO is no longer effective 

The first of our SEO myths is that SEO is dead and PPC (Pay Per Click) is the only way  to rank in search engine results. Yes, PPC strategies are incredibly important. It’s also  true that PPC can “supercharge” your SEO efforts. 

However, what is not true is that SEO is no longer effective. Rather, your SEO and PPC  strategies should work hand-in-hand. SEO helps organic searchers find your website.  PPC campaigns help to promote specific pages or promotions you’re running. 

There are aspects of older SEO methods that are dead, such as everyone’s favorite  keyword stuffing technique from a few decades ago. But what that means is that good  SEO is very much alive and can help showcase your business to new and existing  customers. 

SEO is a leave-it-and-forget-it process 

In fact, one of those “older” strategies we’re referring to is a static SEO strategy. In  other words, in days gone by you could conceivably build your SEO strategy today and  be good for years to come. Today, however, SEO is constantly shifting. It’s constantly  evolving. A lot goes into building and then maintaining your SEO ranking. It’s that  keyword, maintaining, we want to emphasize. If you’re looking for another analogy,  picture a marathon runner. They have a massive lead ahead of the competition, relax a  little bit, and then find themselves being passed up by another runner.  

That’s what happens when you leave-it-and-forget-it. 

You’ll always rank number one 

Speaking of rankings, another common SEO myth is that your website will rank  number one for every possible variation of a given keyword search term. 

Here’s the thing: your website’s homepage might rank number one in search results  within your industry (which is awesome in its own right). However, each of your landing  pages might have a different rank, depending on a wide variety of factors. This includes  your keyword difficulty for that service or landing page as well as the nature of your  specific marketing campaigns. 

SEO rankings can be campaign-specific, and it takes time and effort to maximize your  search engine placement for each of them.

Link building doesn’t matter 

When creating SEO content, some focus exclusively on their keywords and writing  process. By doing so, they overlook one of the most fundamental ways to boost your  SEO: link building.  

Yes, user engagement matters. Yes, optimizing your copy for your SEO strategy  matters. But it’s an SEO myth that those are all that matter. Link building demonstrates  authority, and the stronger authority your content has the better you’ll rank in search  engine results. 

Debunking SEO myths while boosting your strategy 

SEO is here to stay. It’s an ongoing process, though understanding the value of a rank  and how to maximize your website’s standing in search engine results can feel  overwhelming at times. Our team can help sort through the clutter, directing your SEO  strategy so that you don’t fall into the trap of these four SEO myths. 

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