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5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Summer

It’s almost summer! With the right digital marketing strategies, you’ll be able to turn the heat up and make a splash this season. 

We asked our team to come up with some fun-in-the-sun ideas to keep your online presence cool over summer. Here is what they suggested.

  1. Plan and promote a summer sale

    Do you have any summer-appropriate products or services you could discount? Think about what people might need whether they’re staying home or traveling over summer, and you might be able to put a new spin on your offer.

Even if your products and services aren’t particularly seasonal, you can always take advantage of bright, sunny motifs to market your sale. Think of some fun summer puns to grab attention. 

  1. Check the calendar for days of note

    Before summer starts, check if there are any holidays that you can mention in your marketing. These don’t have to be official holidays: silly days like “national ice cream day” (which falls on the 17th July) offer a great excuse for a fun social media post.

    Look at your local events calendar, too. If there’s going to be a festival or a business event over the summer, you might be able to target the attendees by incorporating their hashtags into your digital marketing.
  2. Run a seasonal competition

    A social media competition has multiple benefits: it engages your following, exposes you to new audiences, and builds awareness of your products or services. Summer is a great excuse to launch one.

    Why not run a competition that requires your followers to post a photo and tag you, share your posts, or mention their friends in your post comments? You could always team up with other small businesses to make your prize even more appealing.
  3. Give your visuals a summer makeover

    As you undoubtedly know, it’s important to keep your branding consistent. This is how you make your business memorable. However, nobody said you couldn’t play with your branding from time to time!

    Over summer, you might consider adding a sun, a palm tree, or some sunglasses to your usual company visuals. This will give them an eye-catching touch of fun and color.
  4. Send out a summer newsletter

    A new season is a good moment to reconnect with your audience. One way to do this is to send out a summer email newsletter. In it, you could share some fun ideas of what to do this summer or some of your team’s favorite barbecue recipes.

    The idea is to make your content useful, engaging, and informative. Mention your products, sure, but entertain your following too. This is what will help them to build an emotional connection with your company.

If you need some more inspiration for your digital marketing strategy, remember that Big Fish Local is available all year round! 

Our digital marketing experts have extensive experience in SEO, web design and development, and social media. We’d be delighted to help you become the big fish in your pond.