5 Digital Marketing Trends For The Second Half Of 2020

5 Digital Marketing Trends For The Second Half Of 2020

SEO strategies are crucial for your business' success!

Following these industry trends will undoubtedly put your website in a better position to capitalize within your target audience!

There’s no doubt about it that the first half of 2020 put a monkey wrench in countless business’ marketing goals and initiatives, but it’ll be even more important for companies of all sizes to bounce back as the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully subsides and we all get back to our normal work routines.

From an SEO standpoint there may be a lot of catch-up strategies that your business needs to conduct to keep up with your competition, but no matter where you’re currently at with your digital marketing strategies it’ll be crucial to keep your brand on the cutting edge of this ever-developing industry.

This is of course where the experts at Big Fish Local come into save the day and help you become the big fish within your pond, and on this page we’re going over 5 trends that we’ll be keeping in mind for all of our clients as the second quarter of 2020 comes to a close and the second half of the year begins.

So here are 5 relatively new, impactful digital marketing trends to keep an eye on!

#1: Increasing Expectations Towards Customer Experience

One of the most important digital marketing trends throughout 2020 is undoubtedly how online users and ubiquitous consumers are generally relating to brands, and more importantly what they’re expecting from you.

It should be clear to everyone by now that we are living within an on-demand economy in which consumers require practically immediate response times, but what’s continuing to develop is the trend of consumers purchasing products/services from brands that they can truly get behind on a more intrinsic level.

The first half of 2020 has only validated the fact that brands of all types are increasingly more concerned about developing deeper connections with their target audiences, and the development of these connections is now at the foreground of the online customer experience.

When it comes to brand differentiators customer experience is undoubtedly going to overtake factors like products/prices, which is why it’s important for your brand to get a leg up on consumer connectivity now before it inevitably comes off as cliché!

Some strategies to improve your customer experience include:

  • Improving the speed and mobile-friendliness of your website
  • Improving your instant customer service to inquiries/requests
  • Firmly establishing and promoting your brand’s purpose

#2: Increasingly Competitive Online Real Estate (particularly within search results)

Everyone’s marketing budgets are being more and more oriented around SEO and digital initiatives, which is subsequently making the online realm much more competitive than it was even just a few years ago!

Google’s algorithms are always changing and developing, which is one reason why you’ll require experts to help you every step of the way, but one adjustment towards Google’s latest updates include the overall demand for high-quality content that has an increased variety (multiple images, videos, rich snippets, etc.).

As consumers require more personalized experiences, it’ll be even more important for brands to prioritize their niche advertising and overall audience segmentation. This means breaking down your local area and target audiences and increasing the amount of personalized messages that resonate within specific neighborhoods and towns.

Advanced SEO practices are also continuing to develop throughout 2020, and these days it’s become more evident that brands need to become answer engines to rank higher within Google and other search engines. This means focusing more on rich informational snippets that quickly answers search questions, as well as knowledge cards.

#3: The Mainstream Trend of High-Tech Capabilities

Interactive content used to only be for major corporations with massive marketing budgets, but in 2020 this type of tech-savvy content approach is becoming more mainstream. Although interactive content may not be for everyone, it can potentially have a major impact if you have the right target audience.

Hyper-personalized advertising also pertains to increased high-tech capabilities, and it’s been proven that online users prefer content that’s personally relevant. One way to implement hyper-personalized advertising is to ensure that all of your email marketing has some type of personalization within it, which could mean you’ll utilize tracking, analytics and remarketing to ensure you’re giving specific clients the personalized information they more than likely can’t find anywhere else within your industry.

#4: Expanding E-Commerce Capacity and Advertising Offerings

If you’re in the E-commerce sector, then you’ll of course have to consider marketing initiatives towards both Google and Amazon. Diversifying your ad offerings and online shopping ads will continue to be important in 2020, and that’s primarily because there’s this always-on mentality for online shoppers.

One big trend in this regard is the concept of shoppable social posts, because it’s a rather seamless customer experience that more and more online users are continuing to appreciate and even expect. Shoppable content marketing is also a growing trend, so it’ll be more important in the future to ensure that your content and online ads are providing easy links towards your product pages.

#5: Recession Predictions

Although it may seem like we’ve already gone through our economic recession this year, it’s important to be aware of ensuing pandemic waves that could potentially close down the economy again and increase unemployment rates. After all there’s no denying that the United States is still in the middle of its first COVID-19 wave, so making sure that your marketing strategies are ready for a potential recession is crucial for success throughout the rest of 2020.

Some tips to consider when it come to digital marketing within a recession include:

  • Not arbitrarily or myopically cutting your digital marketing budgets
  • Diving deep into the behavior of your target audience during the first 6 months of 2020 to better understand how they’d react to another ensuing recession
  • Tracking and analyzing everything (with our expert help)!
  • Focusing on your existing customers and ensuring their satisfaction
  • Increasing your conversion rates by tweaking strategies and repeating what works best

Reach Out To The Big Fish Local Experts For More Information About Ensuing Industry Trends!

All of us at Big Fish Local put in a tremendous effort to stay on the cutting edge of the digital marketing industry, and it’s important to us that our clients also understand how these innovative strategies will pan themselves out. Being one step ahead of your competition is how you’ll end up becoming the big fish within your local pond, and we’re always prepared to take the necessary steps towards growing your brand’s competitive web presence and prolonged customer satisfaction.

For more information about these somewhat complicated marketing strategies, feel free to contact us online or call us at 614-945-4544 today to get in touch with our team and learn more about how we can support the growth and modernization of your digital marketing initiatives!

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