5 Must-Know Tips To Help Business Leaders Manage Their Local Listings

5 Must-Know Tips To Help Business Leaders Manage Their Local Listings

online reputation management is a big part of what Big Fish Local does with our digital marketing services

Your company’s local listings are likely much more important than you’d assume!

online reputation management is a big part of what Big Fish Local does with our digital marketing services


Every business leader needs to understand how Google is consistently releasing new updates oriented around improving the overall experience of search engine users, and that these updates have a direct effect upon the entire SEO industry.

Keeping up with these constant changes through timely adjustments is one of the many reasons why businesses need to put their trust in a team of digital marketing experts, because knowing how to adjust to these updates takes many years of experience within a variety different fields.

What’s interesting about the trends permeating throughout the most recent Google updates is that it’s becoming clearer that Google and other search engines are remaining vigilant towards becoming more locally-focused. Local SEO strategies and directory management are now becoming more important than ever before, so it’s a good thing that you’ve found yourself on the Big Fish Local website because local SEO is one of our specialties!

Your local listings are now going to be one of the first and foremost ways in which your target audience finds your business when they’re searching within your most valuable keyword queries, but local listing management is of course pretty complicated.

We understand how it can be rather difficult for business leaders to get started when it comes to these types of intricate digital marketing strategies, so below are 5 tips to help you when it comes to your local listing management!


1. Make Sure That Your Company Is Listed On All Of The Most Important Online Directories


There are over 150 important business listing sites that your company should be aware of, and there are always new ones that are gaining traction. Managing this many online listings on your own will undoubtedly seem pretty impossible, which is why you can always count on the Big Fish Local team to more seamlessly support your directory management efforts.

But as you’re just getting started with your local listings management, you should at the very least be honing in on a handful of sites that will surely have a profound impact on your local SEO. Some of these “big hitter” websites include the following:



Once you’ve updated your listings within these types of sites, you’ll then want to make sure you’re listed within certain industry-specific websites that are most relevant to your company.


2. Remain Consistent


Mismanaging your local listings can undoubtedly have a detrimental effect upon your business, so one of the easiest ways to prevent these types of detrimental effects is to always remain consistent across all of your listings.

One basic part of this consistency is simply making sure that your business is properly spelled across all of your listings, and that your contact information is all the same as well. This means making sure that your website, phone number and address are all the exact same no matter where this information is listed online.

Another consistency tip is to utilize the same branding/images wherever you can, and make sure that your description texts are relatively the same as well. All of these strategies will go a long way in terms of helping your target audience find your company online, and it will also be an indicator for search engines like Google that you’re properly listed in many different places.


3. Be Sure To Check Up On Your Map Listings


Around 50% of local searches lead to in-store visits within about 1-2 days, so it goes to show that search engine users are going to quickly be using their phones to look you up in either Google or Apple Maps to find your listing within their own GPS.

There are many reasons why people tend to do this when they’re researching a company, but for the most part this habit is rooted in convenience. But it goes to show that companies simply need to take their map listings very seriously, and always make sure that their listings provide the correct information.

It’s also important for business leaders to understand that their map listing goes so much further than simply being the correct address, and a good way to double check your listing is to follow your own GPS’ directions and see where it takes you. You’re going to want to make sure that the directions to your business are clear and easy to follow, because there are scenarios in which a map pin will be on the wrong side of a building, across a street or simply just not exactly where you’re located.

It’s relatively easy to adjust your map pin when necessary, but if you don’t double check it you may be inadvertently annoying your customers without you even knowing how!


4. Make Sure That You Don’t Have Any Duplicate Listings


This is something that’s especially concerning if your business has changed ownership in recent years, and you’ll specifically want to look into Google My Business and social media accounts when it comes to verifying whether or not your company has any duplicate listings.

Duplicate listings will always make things unnecessarily confusing for your target audience, and it’ll make them question which one is correct and if it’s even worth working with you at all. Duplicate listings are also capable of having a detrimental effect upon your local search rankings, which is never good for your local SEO efforts!

The best way to make sure you don’t have any duplicate listings is simply to search for them, and you can start by going through the main “big hitter” directories that we listed above and then branch out from there.

And just know that resolving duplicate listings, particularly within Google, are sometimes easier said than done. This time-consuming process is just another reason why you should always be putting your directory management strategies in the hands of experienced specialists!


5. Maintaining Listings For Multiple Locations


This tip primarily applies to businesses with two or multiple locations that have the exact same branding/name. You’ll of course want each location to have their own listings, and being consistent will be even more important when it comes to maintaining multiple location listings.

This means being consistent with more intricate details like making sure that your phone numbers all match up correctly, and that the website for each listing takes users to the correct location’s page.


Reach Out To The Local SEO And Directory Management Specialists At Big Fish Local To Learn More About How We Can Support Your Local Listings!


Big Fish Local has helped countless businesses with their directory management and comprehensive local SEO strategies, and we’ll be more than happy to prove ourselves to you and your team by helping you become the big fish in your local pond!

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can support your local listings!



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