5 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Website Design

5 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Website Design

website design is a major part of Big Fish Local's SEO solutions

Website design is a major part of our SEO solutions and improving your site’s overall user experience, and here are some questions we’ll help you answer!

website design is a major part of Big Fish Local's SEO solutions


Every business requires a comprehensive and high-quality website these days, and we know just how daunting web design and maintenance can seem for many business leaders.

There truly are so many different questions that you should ask yourself when it comes to your website design, including minor details like what should go on your website, the color schemes, and of course SEO strategies like web page ranking and overall online visibility.

The truth is that it can be pretty difficult for business leaders to remain focused on what truly matters when it comes to web design, and on this page we’re going to clear up any confusion and help you narrow down your focus through 5 important questions that you should always ask yourself about your website.

So if you’re just now starting a new website, or if you’ve been running your site for many years now, the following questions will help you gauge what’s working well for you and what may need improvements!


1. Are You Successfully Connecting With Your Target Audience Through Your Website?


Properly identifying your business’ target audiences is always one of the first and foremost aspects of any SEO strategy, and the truth is that countless businesses overlook this vital connection by not opening themselves up to new marketing avenues.

So when you’re thinking about your target audiences, you should be asking yourself the following questions:


  • Will your website’s new visitors be easily capable of answering their search queries by simply making a few clicks?


  • Will it be readily apparent to your website visitors that they’ve come to the right place online to help them with what they’re looking for?


  • Does your target audience get a sense of your business’ personality through your website’s design and content?


  • Does your website evoke the unique feelings that you want your target audience customers to feel?


  • Does your website help online shoppers/visitors distinguish your brand amongst your industry competitors?


You’re going to want the answer to the above questions to be “YES”, but of course if the answer is “NO” to some of these questions then you shouldn’t worry because there’s always room for improvements with the help of the Big Fish Local team.


2. Is Your Website Driving Conversions?


One of the most important things business leaders can do with their website design is truly immerse themselves in their target audience’s shoes, and this means thinking about what tasks your target customers want to accomplish when the arrive at your website.

When it comes to website optimization that’s oriented around driving conversions, you should ask yourself the following:


  • Can your target customers seamlessly complete their desired tasks in one or two clicks?


  • How would consistently seamless task completion from your target customers benefit your business’ primary goals?


  • How will your website’s overall user experience help you overcome many different barriers throughout your unique industry, and lead to higher conversion rates?


These questions don’t necessarily have “YES” or “NO” answers, but they put you in the right direction towards developing a long-lasting user experience strategy that will provide tangible results for your bottom line.

One really important strategy is to make a list or keep records of the most common questions your website users have about your business’ services/products. If there is any confusion amongst your website visitors then it’ll be absolutely critical that you address these common points of uncertainty.

This goes so much further than simply developing an FAQ page, because you’ll also want to make sure that you’re clearing up any chances of confusion on many other pages like your Main Menu, Product/Services pages, Pricing pages, your About Us page, and many other parts of your site!


3. How Up To Date Is Your Website?


There truly is A LOT that goes into determining just how up to date your website is, and business leaders must ask themselves the following questions when examining their site’s content, links, images, videos and so much more:


  • Is your contact information (phone number, address, business name, etc.) consistent and accurate throughout your site?


  • Are your prices, products and services still the same as what’s listed on your website?


  • Are you consistently publishing blog articles, company news, promotions, special offers and event information?


  • Are you consistently updating/refreshing your website’s photos/videos?


  • Is every link within your site live?


Answering “YES” to the above questions is a good start when it comes to knowing whether or not your website is up to date, but if the answer for your website is “NO” to some of these questions then it may be time clean things up!

Cleaning up your website typically will entail a close examination of every single page, and then making notes of what needs to be updated or fixed. When it comes down to it, your website truly is a like a digital store; so your target audience is going to really like it when they notice how everything looks clean and tidy and has been cared for.

You’ll also always risk online visitors deeming your business less credible through outdated information and web design, so aesthetics and accuracy are always extremely vital factors to improve the efficacy of your website!


4. How Readable Is Your Website?


A really great way to gauge the overall readability of your website is to read through your pages out loud. When you’re doing this you should keep the following questions in mind:


  • Does your website’s writing have a conversational tone that’s easy to understand?


  • Does your content utilize subheaders and bullet points to break up information in coherent, organized ways?


  • Do the vast majority of your sentences contain fewer than 40 words?


  • If someone is trying to scan through a webpage for a specific piece of information, will it be easy for them to find these details?



5. How Mobile-Friendly Is Your Website?


Mobile-friendliness is undoubtedly one of the most important SEO trends going into 2021, and business leaders should always ask themselves the following when they browse through their website on a smartphone:


  • Are all of your buttons and links easy to click on?


  • Is your website’s text big enough to properly read on phones?


  • Can you easily navigate through your website on a phone?


  • Are your images displaying correctly?


  • Can your online visitors watch videos, fill in contact forms, utilize maps, and easily click to call your team?


These questions are always a good starting point when it comes to ensuring the mobile-friendliness of your website, but this truly is an ever-evolving part of web design that requires consistent efforts from experienced experts.


Reach Out To The Big Fish Local Team To Learn More About How Our Website Design Strategies Can Support Your Business!


Big Fish Local has helped countless businesses when it comes to re-designing and optimizing their website to coincide with our many other digital marketing solutions, and we’ll be more than happy to speak with you and your team about how we can go about providing you with the improvements your site needs in order to set your company up to reap the rewards of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to get in touch with us and let us know how we can support your web design efforts!

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