5 Reasons Churches Should Embrace Digital Marketing

Big Fish Local

If you associate digital marketing with the cutthroat world of business then you’d probably never consider how it could serve a church. However, you may be surprised to learn that many churches are embracing digital marketing, having realized what it can achieve for their organizations. 

Read on for 5 reasons that churches should be cultivating an online presence and making the most of these tools.

  1. It shows a progressive approach.

    Some people have an outdated idea of what a church is, and this stops them from realizing its connection to modern life. They don’t understand that churches can be forward-thinking and in touch with current events.

    When churches adapt to the times, they retain a sense of relevance. They show that they’re willing to “meet people where they are” when they use the tools of today to spread their eternal message.
  2. It helps you reach new audiences.

Using digital marketing approaches, you can appeal to new demographics and build relationships with different elements of your community.

Not everyone feels comfortable and confident enough to attend church in person straight away.  An interactive website and an active social media profile can help to make religion feel more relatable and appealing.

  1. It keeps the community informed.

    These days, we all spend much more time online. If you want to send a message, you have more chances of people seeing it (and seeing it straight away) when you publish it on the internet than you do just posting it on the community notice board.

    You can spread the word about events, post daily messages of hope and faith, or share community news with ease. Your church will be more accessible than ever thanks to these tools.
  1. It gives your church more presence.

    You may have a regular congregation that attends church each week, but are you doing enough to support these people in between?

When you post online, whether that be on social media or in the form of blogs or videos, you can ensure your church stays at the forefront of the community’s mind even when they’re not physically in attendance.

If your goal is to integrate the church into the daily lives of your congregation, then digital marketing offers excellent opportunities to achieve this.

  1. It helps your church stand out.

    Is your church in an area with many other churches? Then you need to find ways to distinguish yourself if you want to attract, retain, and expand your congregation.

    Digital marketing strategies like SEO will make your church more visible across search engines. That means when someone searches for local churches, yours will appear at the top of the list.

Here at Big Fish Local, we’re experienced in supporting churches with their digital marketing. We understand the unique needs that a church has compared to other organizations, and we’re able to design a custom marketing strategy that serves your values and objectives. 

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