5 Reasons Why SEO Strategies Help Businesses During Economic Slumps

5 Reasons Why SEO Strategies Help Businesses During Economic Slumps

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The COVID-19 pandemic has detrimentally affected almost every business, but SEO strategies implemented by the Big Fish Local experts may just be the cure to financial slumps!


SEO strategies are a big part of what Big Fish Local does for our clients


The pandemic has certainly had a seriously harmful impact on countless businesses since March, and many businesses aren’t quite sure how they should invest their finances while the economy is continuing to slump. It’s likely that you’ve considered SEO strategies in the past, but just haven’t pulled the trigger due to financial constraints or other types of limitations.

It’s important for all business leaders to fully understand how SEO is by far the most valuable digital marketing strategy, and this is particularly the case during economic downturns.

The Big Fish Local team has helped many different business entities over the years when it comes to bringing their online marketing and brand recognition dreams to fruition, and we know just how to provide you with a commanding online presence and growing organic traffic metrics.

So below are 5 crucial reasons why you should always maintain or even increase your SEO initiatives during these unprecedented times:


1. SEO Strategies Should Always Be The Core Of Your Digital Marketing Initiatives


Every well-rounded digital marketing campaign will have SEO at its foundation, and this is because SEO strategies are what will ultimately help online users find your brand and product pages.

You may have many different web pages and social media outlets that assist your clientele in a variety of ways, but your clientele will always need assistance when it comes to finding these pages in the vast maze that is Google and other search engines. SEO strategies end up being like a compass for your potential leads by guiding online users directly to your pages in easy ways, so attracting new clients will always require rigorous SEO!


2. SEO Is An Impressive Long-Term Investment


It’s non uncommon for SEO strategies to take about a few months to start to see tangible results, which is why these digital marketing strategies are always intricately planned out well in advance. There are many businesses out there that are cutting their SEO budgets because they think it’s more important for them to focus on things that provide a faster ROI, but this type of myopic business mindset will always lead to serious issues.

SEO strategies require consistency in order to be most effective, and it’s much different as compared to paid advertisements on social media and website re-designs where results can be pretty much immediate. SEO can be cut back and a business will still maintain results for a certain amount of time, but there will eventually be a decline that becomes harder to regain.

Neglecting your SEO during the pandemic will undoubtedly lead to a drop in your Google rankings that can take months to regain, but establishing and committing to an SEO strategy can go a long way while your competition is also in an economic downturn!


3. SEO Always Provides An Outstanding ROI


Everyone wants to get the biggest ROI out of their marketing strategies, and it’s been proven that organic search will always provide the highest ROI when it comes to digital marketing. After all, the whole point of marketing your business is to develop your presence and make it more visible to potential leads, and SEO does this on the most highly-trafficked websites in the world!

It’s also important to note that the pandemic has lead to a 70% increase in online use, which is mainly due to more people working and spending more time at home. When you combine higher online usage with retail closures, it’s undeniable that online conversions are increasing dramatically. Your business most certainly does not want to fall behind when it comes to these trends in online shopping and research, which means you have to continue to adapt to these ever-changing circumstances.

Although SEO strategies tend to take a few months to begin providing tangible results, there’s no denying how these initiatives provide exponential growth to websites and increased online visibility. The ROI with SEO is always pretty blatant, because you’ll be able to track the organic traffic to your website as time goes along.

The following are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to ensuring the overall ROI you’ll obtain from your SEO strategy:


  • Establishing and adhering to KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Keeping a long-term mentality with your SEO goals
  • Developing and creating your website and content around your target audience’s interests and needs


4. SEO Is A Genuine Marketing Approach


Trust with search engines is growing, so when your website ranks highly within Google it will be a clear indication to your target audience that your brand is distinguished and worth giving a shot.

And this generally is a valid assumption, because ranking highly within Google’s algorithm is a confirmation that your site provides relevant and valuable information based upon an online user’s search queries. But as we mentioned above, getting this type of prestigious validation on Google can’t happen overnight. It will always take a lot of determination and patience to earn Google’s trust and get your site to the top of your most desirable keyword rankings.

So to put it simply, earning your target audience’s trust means you shouldn’t be investing in TV and radio commercials anymore. The following are a few tips when it comes to building your target audience’s trust online:


  • Utilizing your most relevant/valuable keywords when optimizing your online presence


  • Consistently creating content pages of all types that your consumer base will find useful


  • Always trying to adequately answer the many questions that your target audience is asking on Google


There’s absolutely no denying how SEO strategies help businesses when it comes to lead generation and engagement improvements, and the Big Fish Local experts are a multi-faceted team from every marketing niche that can help you build the necessary trust you need in the most efficient ways possible!


5. SEO Strategies Necessitate Consistent Content Creation And Site Optimization


There’s no denying just how competitive it is for businesses to obtain high Google rankings for desirable keyword searches and queries, which is yet another reason why it’s crucial for businesses to maintain their digital marketing budgets even during economic slumps.

Even if highly reputable and ranking sites completely halt their SEO strategies, in just a couple of months those rankings can drop and the site will lose its online presence. “Falling into obscurity” on Google is a lot easier than most people would think, because simply dropping to page 2 will have a detrimental effect on your bottom line!

One of the most effective ways to maintain your rankings and Google presence is to consistently create content and optimize your website, and even in a recession it’s critical to not put SEO on hold. When businesses do this they end up needing to do much more work to climb back up keyword rankings and simply get back to where they originally were!


Reach Out To The Big Fish Local Team To Make SEO A Fundamental Part Of Your Business’ Marketing Strategies


The SEO solutions provided by Big Fish Local can help literally any business entity when it comes to developing the online presence you’ve always dreamed of having, and we know that our strategies are the best way for businesses to maintain their momentum while the economy continues to slump due to the pandemic.

So reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to learn more about how our team can help better prepare your business for the future, and help you come out on top of your competition throughout the current recession!


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