5 Social Media Management Tools to Help You Succeed in 2019

5 Social Media Management Tools to Help You Succeed in 2019

conversion rates are a big thing that businesses struggle with in their digital marketing efforts

Are you tired of how much time and work you spend on social media? Looking to free up time and focus more on your business or just want more free time for the things you love in life? You know social media is important but you’re tired of the time it takes out of your day.

Just imagine instead of spending hours on social media, you can finally have time to go on that fishing trip, or spend the day with your family. This article has you covered for social media management and time management!

Read on to discover 5 tools that will help your social media run quickly and smoothly!

1. Social Media Management

When you’re looking for time management with social media and engage with your audience then Sendible is for you! It essentially makes it easy for you to engage with your audience, track results from one dashboard, and monitor your brand.

You’ll have what’s called a priority inbox where all of your messages from all platforms are in one inbox which is extremely convenient. You can also schedule your content whether in bulk or individually.

They’re also pre-designed templates available so you can create in-depth social reports.

Prices start from $29/month or $288/year.

2. Agorapulse

The social inbox places all of your content in one place for all of your profiles. With apps like Hootsuite you can reply, tag, review, or assign. You can also set up automated moderation rules to capture spam and assign questions to the correct person.

AgoraPulse also lets you schedule your content ahead of time with a pre-selected time and date. There’s also a detailed performance report available which is great for time management.

Prices range from $99/month or $79/month when paid annually.

3. Hootsuite

This platform allows you to manage all of your social profiles from a single dashboard and you can find and schedule effective content. Hootsuite uses streams instead of an inbox. You can set up streams for each social network and monitor its content.

Hootsuite also offers auto-scheduling, so you can have an online presence 24/7! Hootsuite also comes with a default report showing your key metrics on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Prices start from $29/month or $228/year.

Read more about everything from growing your business to the importance of business listings, check out our blog!

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social provides engagement, analytics, publishing, and collaboration tools no matter the size of your team! It has a single stream inbox so you can manage all of your messages in one place.

Sprout Social lets you publish messages, queue and schedule them to each social media platform from their mobile apps, browser extension, and web app. Their ViralPost tool will determine the best time to post your messages for optimal results.

It also provides in-depth reporting tools and analytics. It also lets you track your team’s performance so you can measure overall and individual responsiveness and engagement.

Prices start from $59 per user/month or $637 per user/year.

5. Mavsocial

MavSocial lets you socialize with your audience across all of your platforms from one inbox, talk about time management saver! The MavSocial Digital Library lets you upload and manage your videos and photos. There’s a built-in photo editing tool as well.

Through campaigns, you can schedule your content. You can also view your schedule from a calendar. You also have the option to reschedule campaigns as well!

The Reporting Dashboard allows you to see visual data for engagement statistics, top-performing posts, and follower insights, and best times to post!

Next Steps

Social Media Management can seem time-consuming and overwhelming, where you’re wondering what time to post, when to post, and what to post. It’s not just about posting but planning out your posts.

When you use these apps it helps with time management so you can have more time in your day. You don’t have to worry about when’s best to post, because many of these apps let you know! Along with creating an efficient and quick inbox to view all of your messages!

If you’re looking to save more time or not sure where to begin for social media management, contact us today! We can help out with any questions and concerns you might have and take the guesswork out and really make your social media what you dream of!

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