5 Tips for Generating Business Leads and Marketing Through Instagram

5 Tips for Generating Business Leads and Marketing Through Instagram

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Are you making the most of Instagram marketing?

Trying to get new business leads with Instagram?

If you own a business, it’s important that you utilize every tool at your disposal to get new leads and customers. Using social media platforms such as Instagram can help your business to expand its reach and to have a much easier time generating leads.

If you want to use Instagram for your business, however, it’s important to take the right approach if you want to cut through the noise.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll tell you how you can use Instagram for marketing and for generating new business leads.

1. Fill Out Your Profile Completely

The first step to getting new leads using Instagram is to create your Instagram profile, upload a high-quality image, and fill out your bio completely.

You need to be descriptive in your bio and tell people succinctly what your business is all about. This is also the place where you can add a link to your business website where people can learn more.

Remember that this is your chance to describe your business to potential leads, so make every word count.

2. Be Authentic

The best ways to connect with your Instagram followers and to get new leads is to make sure you use the platform in a real and authentic way. Give your followers real chances to connect with your business and to learn about the people behind it.

You should work to humanize your business brand on Instagram and connect with your followers on a personal level. Sharing user-generated content and telling the stories of your followers and customers can be a great help when doing this.

3. Respond to Your Audience

Remember that Instagram is a two-way street. Use your posts to ask them questions and to spark a conversation.

You also need to be putting in the effort to engage your audience and respond to them whenever possible. Don’t just post endlessly but take some time to interact with your followers as well.

It’s not necessary to write a lot when replying to a follower. Even just a short response can be helpful for keeping them engaged.

4. Create Engaging Posts

The primary thing you’ll be doing when using Instagram is posting photos, so you need to make sure you’re doing it effectively.

Be sure that you’re taking the time to post engaging photos that look great and that align with your business brand. Your photos should give people a real insight into your business and should seem authentic.

You should also maximize the reach of your post by adding hashtags. Doing this will help your posts to be discovered more easily. Adding a great description is also essential and is a great place for you to mention your services or products.

5. Launch Paid Ads

In addition to regular Instagram posts, it’s also a great idea to launch some paid ads on Instagram as well. Using paid ads can be incredibly beneficial for getting new followers, and as a result, new business leads.

To use Instagram advertising, you’ll also need to have both a Facebook Page as well. Instagram is now owned by Facebook, so the two have many things in common.

When creating Instagram ads, you’ll have a lot of tools and targeting features at your disposal. It’s a great idea to use lookalike audiences to target people on Instagram who are similar to the people who follow your Facebook page.

Using Instagram to Get New Business Leads

Getting business leads through Instagram isn’t actually all that difficult if you know how to use the platform well. By using the above tips you’ll be able to generate new business lead and make the best use of the free platform.

Looking for help with digital marketing? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.

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