5 Tips To Help Elevate Your Email Marketing Efforts

5 Tips To Help Elevate Your Email Marketing Efforts

email marketing

There are many benefits associated with an automated email marketing strategy, and here are 5 tips from the Big Fish Local experts to bring your email marketing to a whole new level!

email marketing


Email marketing is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy, and it’s something that our social media management specialists take very seriously. Fully optimizing your email marketing campaign can quickly result in higher click-through rates, better conversion rates, and generally increasing your overall ROI on digital marketing.

But the hard truth that a lot of business leaders need to understand is that their email marketing efforts can actually backfire if they aren’t correctly implemented, which is why it’s so critical to partner with the Big Fish Local team to assist you in your strategic planning towards high-quality content that properly nurtures your most important leads.

Below we’ll be going over some of the most common benefits associated with our email marketing services, as well as some expert tips to help you optimize your email marketing efforts!


Common Benefits Associated With Automating Your Email Marketing


It’s crucial for business leaders to understand that about 30% of marketing specialists consider email marketing as one of the most consistent channels towards developing a client’s ROI, and this is compared to other marketing channels like social media and paid advertising management.

But beyond increasing a client’s overall ROI, a professionally automated email marketing strategy can also provide the following important benefits:


  • Developing Your Customer Experience: When you optimize your email marketing campaign in a way that consistently provides relevant, important content to your email list, you can then foster a much improved and more personalized customer experience amongst your most important partnerships and leads.


  • Improving Your Customer Retention: The most important business relationships for any company are long-term, loyal customers that come back again and again for your products/services. Your email marketing campaign should always be supporting these vital relationships and striving to make them stronger, and delivering relevant emails will provide the tangible value that your loyal customers are looking for.


  • Increasing Your Sales Revenue: Putting it simply, great emails will inevitably lead to increases in sales. Your email marketing campaign can help you generate more sales by advertising personalized promotions, new services/products, notifying your past customers of how they can continue to benefit from the latest developments at your company, etc.


Email marketing is BY FAR more effective when it comes to acquiring customers when you compare these strategies to social media channels like Facebook, which is why it’s such a huge priority for any business’ inbound marketing strategies!


5 Tips To Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategies


Like we mentioned at the top of the page, email marketing is only going to be fully effective when you correctly implement and optimize your strategy. This type of optimization may seem daunting, but you should know that countless brands have developed very successful email marketing efforts by simply conducting a lot of testing and research.

But when your team up with the Big Fish Local specialists, you’ll be 10 steps ahead of your competition because you’ll be working with email marketing experts that understand the tried and true optimization techniques that work for everyone.

So if you’re currently not satisfied with the results of your email marketing, consider the following 5 tips from the Big Fish team to optimize your email marketing automation and bring it to a whole new level!


1. Conduct A/B Testing


Testing is something that is important within any type of digital marketing concept, and testing rings true as an important strategy to help businesses optimize their overall ROI on email marketing.

A/B testing is one of the most efficient ways for businesses to compare the overall performances and ROIs on two completely unique emails. This type of testing allows your team to compare and contrast subject lines, CTAs, delivery times, and a lot of other factors that determine the overall engagement of the emails.

When you send out two separate emails, you can then compare the overall results and refine your email marketing towards a more data-driven, effective solution.


2. Segmenting/Personalizing Your Email List


It’s absolutely critical for business leaders to understand how their clientele simply doesn’t have a ubiquitous set of needs/wants, and that personalizing and segmenting company email lists can support your efforts towards a more targeted email marketing strategy. Simply doing the extra effort to ensure that your emails are more targeted can always go a long way towards increasing your readers’ chances of following up on your CTAs and becoming a conversion.

Campaign Monitor has even recognized that more segmented email marketing efforts can lead to MASSIVE revenue increases!

Some of the ways you can segment your email list can include criteria like:


  • Purchasing behavior
  • Browsing activity
  • Demographics
  • Location


The ways that you segment your email marketing audience can also depend upon what your precise campaign goals are and what your company is currently offering. For instance if your business provides products/services to other businesses throughout a whole variety of industries, then you can consider segmenting your email marketing towards each of these industries.


3. Including Relevant Landing Pages


Another important factor to keep in mind for your email marketing strategy is the simple fact that your email readers won’t necessarily be 100% ready to commit to anything by simply clicking on CTAs. Your emails are more than likely only going to be the first step towards developing your leads and initiating their customer journey into your website, which is why you should always include relevant landing pages on your site that coincide with the email’s intent and general appeal.

It’s also important to note that your landing pages and emails should look pretty similar from an aesthetic standpoint, and that these pages should entail similar tonality and overall purpose. So in many ways you should provide informative landing pages as an extension of your marketing emails, which will inevitably support your readers through an effective sales funnel.

So it goes to show that you can’t simply rely upon your emails to get the job completely done for you, because your website needs to back these emails up to solidify more conversions!


4. Providing Your Target Audience With More Opportunities To Opt-In To Your Email List


Every business leader understands that it’s harder than ever before to simply get people to voluntarily hand over their personal information and opt-in the business email lists. So if your company is currently struggling to build up a strong customer engagement, then an effective solution could be to simply provide your target audience with more opportunities to join your email list.

Some of the ways that you can develop more opt-in opportunities include the following:


  • Increasing Visibility: Your opt-in opportunities throughout your website and marketing emails should be clearly visible, but at the same time not intrusive or annoying.


  • Valuing Privacy: People today simply prioritize their privacy with businesses of all types, particularly online. This is why your opportunities to opt-in to your email list shouldn’t require any unnecessary information, because it could turn potential leads away who think you’re being overly-intrusive.


  • Being Easily Accessible: When it comes to getting people to opt-in to your email list, you should always ensure that this process is as seamless and as convenient as possible. Most people don’t want to spend their time filling out a long form or going to multiple pages just to become a part of your email list, so making this process very easy and simplified will inevitably lead to more opt-in completions.


5. Mastering The Art Of Effective CTAs


No matter what your overall goals are for your email marketing campaign, you’re always going to need effective CTAs to get your readers to take that necessary next step towards becoming a conversion.

So you naturally may be asking yourself, what exactly makes a CTA effective?

The following factors will inevitably impact the overall effectiveness of any call to action:


  • Location Within The Email: There’s no denying that your email marketing CTAs should be prominently displayed, and you should always ensure that your CTA is arranged in an organized manner. There are scenarios in which a marketing email will entail multiple CTAs, and in this instance you should make sure that your ordering your CTAs in a way that you want your leads and customers to follow them.


  • Persuasive Copywriting: Developing an effective CTA truly is an art for a variety of reasons, and your company’s CTAs should always be persuasive, to-the-point, and actionable. This means you should utilize phrases that encourage your readers to take the next step like “reach out to us”, “download now”, “read more”,


  • Aesthetic Appearance: Your CTA links should always be visually appealing, and they should stand out amongst the rest of the email. One good method is to utilize contrasting colors to help your CTA stand out amongst the email’s background.


Developing effective CTAs for your email marketing campaign will inevitably leads to a higher click-through rate, which then will help your leads continue their journey through your website’s sales funnel.


Reach Out To The Big Fish Local Experts To Learn More About How We Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategies!


Big Fish Local has supported countless businesses with their email marketing efforts, and we conduct thorough research into you and your target audience to ensure that we’re helping you develop meaningful connections that lead to improved engagement, sales revenue and lead generation.

So reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to get in touch with our digital marketing specialists and learn more about how we can support you and your company’s efforts towards an effective, successful email marketing campaign!

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