5 Unique Social Media Content Ideas to Optimize Your Online Presence

5 Unique Social Media Content Ideas to Optimize Your Online Presence

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Is your business not getting the big social media following that you hoped it would? Don’t give up hope. It only means that you need to update your content a little.

Your feed should be eye-catching and spectacular. You don’t want to put out the same information that everyone else in your industry is doing and if you do, it at least needs to be displayed differently. Are you not sure where you can start with this?

Don’t worry, we can help. Here are a few great social media content ideas that are sure to bring more awareness to your brand.

1. Create a Series

Are you in a rut where you feel like you’re posting the same list of stuff every single day? You should try and make it a weekly event instead by creating a series. It doesn’t have to be a web series per se.

You could do a weekly chat where you talk to your followers. This gives them a reason to tune in at least once a week to engage with you and your brand.

2. Do a Contest/Giveaway

Free is a beautiful little word that everyone loves to hear. If you have the habit of doing contests and giveaways then users will follow you so they know when they take place.

If you’re going to go this route keep in mind that the item you’re giving away should represent your brand. You should also have some rules and regulations in place so the contest looks legit and come up with a creative way for people to enter.

3. Host an AMA

AMA or ask me anything events are popular on Reddit. You should consider getting in on the trend. Basically, yourself or a representative from your company will get on social media to take any questions from your followers.

It’s a good way to learn more about what your followers care about and it brings awareness to your brand without you having to be too sales pitchy.

4. Participate in a Social Media Take Over

There are some companies that let an influential person or celebrity take over their social media for a day. This will bring a completely new audience to your brand. It also brings a new face and personality to your social media feed which can be refreshing.

5. Do Short Videos

Do you remember Vines? They were quite popular and still are. You can take advantage of this by making a few quick videos.

They’ll liven up your social media and they only last a few seconds so they take very little editing.

Social Media Content Ideas that Will Get You a Strong Following

Is your business’s social media not getting the following that you thought it would? It’s okay, all you have to do is spice things up a little. Try out some of the social media content ideas on this list to gain your target audience’s attention.

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