5 Ways SEO Strategies Help Build More Traffic And Leads!

5 Ways SEO Strategies Help Build More Traffic And Leads!

Digital marketing is full of myths, so here we'll talk more about the SEO process

Understanding the impacts of SEO strategies and the following 5 tips can help go a long way in terms of developing and converting your leads!

Digital marketing is full of myths, so here we'll talk more about the SEO process


It’s important for all business leaders and search engine users to understand how ranking at the top of search results isn’t a matter of luck, and that it’s mainly determined upon the ranking factors found within Google’s algorithm. These ranking factors will ultimately help determine how much search engine visibility your website obtains, which subsequently has a direct effect on the amount of traffic and leads you’ll develop.

The craziest part about all of this is that Google’s algorithm is constantly shifting and making changes, so SEO success will always require the consistent research, experimentation and overall awareness that comes with partnering alongside digital marketing experts.

All of us at Big Fish Local understand just how important it is for every business entity to protect their long-term viability and competitive edge, and we also understand that this means getting our clients to the top of the right SERPs (search engine results pages) that can provide the traffic and leads that bring marketing investments to fruition.

So on this page we’re going to go over the overall impact SEO strategies have for all businesses, and 5 tips in terms of building your traffic/leads via digital marketing initiatives.


The Overall Impact Of SEO Strategies


All of the very best SEO experts understand that good digital marketing strategies are oriented around identifying several ways for a client to climb their way up Google rankings and promote their services in an effort to obtain long-term, organic traffic.

SEO strategies will always have a profound effect on a company’s overall online visibility, and the precise ways in which a business leverages their SEO initiatives will ultimately determine just how much of a return they’ll obtain in the form of traffic and online leads.

Here are a few things you should know in terms of the overall impact of SEO strategies:


  • SEO strategies help in terms of improving Google ranking positioning. Most search engine users don’t go past the first results page, so it’s absolutely critical for every business to take the necessary steps towards obtaining a Page 1 ranking!


  • SEO strategies help businesses develop high-quality leads. What would be the point of investing in digital marketing if it didn’t boost your company’s bottom line? SEO strategies are BY FAR the best ways for businesses to develop their brand awareness on Google and other search engines as compared to PPC (pay-per-click) strategies. Organic leads fueled by SEO strategies also tend to be more qualified, which subsequently leads to higher ROIs and conversion rates.


  • SEO strategies help develop a brand’s online credibility. Simply being on the first page of a highly-coveted SERP will always go a long way in developing trust between you and your online leads. Trust is of course so crucial within every industry, and when you get that impeccable ranking spot for your most desirable search results you’ll inevitably be THE company that people recognize within your industry.


  • SEO strategies are one of the most effective inbound marketing techniques. What’s great about SEO is that your target audience will be people who are actually searching for the products/services that you provide. Outbound marketing like TV commercials and billboards have become outdated for a reason, and it’s because they end up wasting a ton of money! SEO strategies are always oriented around nurturing your business’ target audience, which subsequently lays the foundation for developing high-quality online leads!


5 Ways SEO Strategies Help Businesses Build More Traffic And Leads


You may be wondering how exactly can SEO strategies go about providing my business with more traffic and leads, so here are 5 ways that’ll help you better understand the fundamentals of how the Big Fish Local team assists our clients in getting to those extremely desirable ranking positions!


1. Wisely Choosing Your Keywords


The first thing you should do within keyword selection is take a close look at your competitors and see which keywords they rank within. You should then ask yourself which of these competitive keywords are the most relevant to your company’s products and overall services. This will give you a good start when it comes to creating content topics within your site.

Utilizing long-tail keywords is also a very good idea, and it’ll help you expand off of your competitors’ keywords. Long-tail keywords are as they sound in that they’re typically longer and much more specific than more ordinary keyword phrases.

The typical rule of thumb within the digital marketing industry is that the longer and more complex the keyword phrases are, the easier it is for businesses to rank within Google’s algorithm. It’s also important to mention that a lot of search engine users do actually utilize rather long search queries, so matching these queries as closely as possible is a great place to begin with your keyword research!


2. Regularly Blogging


Content creation is by far one of the most effective SEO tactics, and this is mainly because Google and other search engines will always strive towards presenting high-quality pages within their top SERPs. This means that they’ll be looking for the websites that provide the best overall content, and a good way to regularly produce content within your website is through blogging.

Blogging will always go a very long way when it comes to developing brand awareness and building traffic metrics, and it’s true that brands that blog more end up getting more leads!

Here are some tips to consider when it comes to creating high-quality blog content:


  • Content should be relevant to your target audience’s search queries. Your blog content should always be answering your target audience’s important questions, and this correlates directly with your keyword research. When you can effectively recognize what your target audience is looking up on Google, you can then develop content around answering certain questions that are relevant to these specific search queries.


  • Reliable content is more shareable. Your company’s blog is a really great way to help your brand develop its online credibility, and your online credibility exponentially grows as more online users share your content via their social circles. This means that your content needs to supersede the fundamental what, why and how within your given topics and potential keyword-oriented questions.


  • Your content should recognize your keywords. We mentioned this above, but your keywords are a crucial factor within your SEO strategies. This makes it extremely important to delicately weave in your keywords throughout your content when it’s appropriate, but make sure you’re not keyword stuffing because that could potentially lead to a Google penalty!


  • Going in-depth. Long-form content is a growing trend throughout the digital marketing world, and most first page blogs within SERPs are about 1,500+ words. Word count isn’t necessarily a major ranking factor within Google, but being as comprehensive as possible does go a long way in developing Google’s trust!


3. Cleaning Up Your Website


It’s important to be honest with yourself and the overall aesthetics of your website, because people can simply be pretty shallow and judge your website really quickly if it appears to be slow, unattractive or messy in any way. If your website isn’t properly optimized and cleaned up, it can lead to skyrocketing bounce rates which will also cause your overall traffic to decrease.

Here are a few tips to help you clean up your website:


  • Ensure mobile-friendliness: Even if you have a great-looking website that’s easily navigable, you’re still going to need to closely examine how it functions via a mobile device. If your website isn’t fully adapted to mobile users, then you’ll inevitably be missing out on a ton of traffic and potential leads. The digital age is continuing to develop towards mobile devices, so your website also needs to keep up with these cultural changes!


  • Developing a solid structure: A positive user experiences includes your website’s users being able to easily navigate from page to page in order to get them to the right places, but going beyond these fundamentals will include properly appealing to Google and other search engines. Google’s algorithm will always highly value your website’s click-through rate when it comes to how your site will rank within any given SERP. Consider getting a complete site audit from the Big Fish experts to better ensure that your website’s structure is seamless!


  • Improving speed: Everyone knows just how frustrating a slow website can be, and most online users will leave a website if a page doesn’t fully load within about three seconds! So as much as navigation and aesthetics are important in terms of cleaning up your website, you’ll also need to hone in on the overall speed of your site as well.


4. Developing A High-Quality Linking Strategy


Links have always played a major role online when it comes to developing brand awareness and a domain’s overall authority. Links are also extremely important for your site’s conversion rate optimization, which is oriented around developing experiences within your website that ultimately encourage leads into becoming your clients.


  • Internal Links: It’s always important to link your blogs and other content pages together as you develop your content strategies. This will include calls-to-action (CTAs) and other on-site improvements that will support a user’s experience towards getting to the right pages that will help them get in touch with your team and obtain the information they may need to feel comfortable becoming your client.


  • Backlinks: This will entail getting people like your partners, clients and members to link back to your website via their own sites and social channels. Your site will inevitably become more authoritative within Google when you obtain backlinks from trustworthy sites. These types of links will always help when it comes to boosting your domain authority, and the higher your domain authority the more likely Google will consider ranking your website highly within your desired SERPs.


5. Optimizing Your Site For Readers, And Not Google


Understanding your target audience’s buyer persona is crucial when it comes to developing your site’s content. This means you’ll need to consider some of the common characteristics that you tend to find within your potential customers, and then develop content that provides a tangible value to your target audience’s interests.

It’s never a good idea to only consider optimizing your content towards Google and other search engines, and this is because it can lead to unnatural language and keyword stuffing that tends to turn off target audiences.

So when you’re making changes to your website and overall online branding, it’s always most important to put your target audience and clients first. When you ask yourself how your website updates will benefit your target audience, you’ll be putting your business in a much better position to develop the type of changes that result in a higher ROI.


Turn Your Website Into A Lead-Generating Machine With The Help Of The Big Fish Local Experts!


It’s inevitable that your business is within a rather competitive industry, and that your industry’s competition exponentially grows when catering towards target markets on search engines. This is why it’s so crucial for business leaders to maintain innovation and relevancy within the digital marketing landscape.

The experts at Big Fish Local are a multi-faceted group of marketing specialists that help countless businesses when it comes to obtaining the leverage they need to remain on the cutting edge of their industry.

So reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 today to get in touch with our team and learn more about how we can get you started on the right track towards building more traffic and leads that’ll undoubtedly go a long way in terms of solidifying your digital marketing stronghold for years to come!

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