6 Strategies To Boost Your Rankings Via Your Google Analytics Data

6 Strategies To Boost Your Rankings Via Your Google Analytics Data

The FishAlytics team at Big Fish Local help businesses with their digital marketing solutions via google analytics data

Our FishAlytics team has helped countless business leaders through developing their digital marketing strategies around their Google Analytics data!

The FishAlytics team at Big Fish Local help businesses with their digital marketing solutions via google analytics data


Ranking higher on Google is the ceaseless effort that helps websites gain more authority within their industry and turn higher traffic metrics into improved conversion rates. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ubiquitous process that comprises all of Big Fish Local’s digital marketing solutions, and it goes to show that SEO must always be accompanied by a whole variety of different marketing forms.

One of these marketing efforts is orienting your strategies around your Google Analytics data, and our FishAlytics toolkit has everything your business needs in order to reap the benefits of a successful digital marketing analysis!

Below are 6 strategies to help you boost your rankings via your Google Analytics data:


1. Search For Your Landing Pages To Improve Your Linking Strategies


It’s always absolutely critical for business leaders to know which pages are successful in terms of organic traffic, and which pages need engagement improvements. Thoroughly analyzing the specific details of your traffic metrics will always go a long way in terms of improving your content marketing strategies, but this data also is critical for literally every aspect of your digital marketing campaign!

Our team will always be closely analyzing your site’s organic search traffic as one of our first and foremost concerns, but sometimes it’ll be important to conduct searches to get the specific details of certain landing pages.

Your high-traffic pages will provide you with a glimpse into which pages are providing the best user experience, and which pages are generally of greater interest to your target audience. Google will always like pages that search engine users like, so our team will strive towards turning your most important pages into link magnets.

This will include internal linking strategies to your website’s blog and other pages, because your most powerful pages can have a ripple effect towards developing page rankings throughout your site and improving a whole variety of user experience metrics.

But it’s also important to note that the Big Fish Local team isn’t just here to support your most successful pages, because we’ll also use your Google Analytics data to show you which pages need to be improved via immediate changes.


2. Research Your Industry-Related Search Queries To Develop Content That Resonates With Your Target Audience


Google Analytics data is a great software to help business leaders better understand what search engine users are searching when they find their website, and this directly coincides with systematic keyword research and ranking strategies.

Google Search Console is a great tool in terms of developing your keyword data, but knowing what exactly to do with this data is always something that you should leave to the industry specialists!

What we always recommend is focusing on very specific keywords that will undoubtedly make sure you’re honing in on search engine users that are interested in your products/services, and who are likely to become a lead. We go by the name Big Fish Local for a reason, and we’ll always be sure that our local SEO strategies help you stand out amongst your nearby competitors!

Once we have a thorough understanding as to which keyword phrases are most important to your digital marketing success, it’ll be time to go all-in on content marketing strategies of all types to make sure that your page ranking is efficiently and effectively improved!


3. Optimizing Your Content Via Valuable Keywords


Your Google Analytics data will provide our team with the information we’ll need to develop an effective content marketing and web design strategy, and it’s also important to note that there are many instances in which we’ll develop paid advertising management solutions around your most valuable keywords.

Although we’ll always be simultaneously focusing on developing your organic rankings for your most valuable keywords, we’ll also be sure that you’re obtaining tangible results early on in the SEO process via paid ads.

Sometimes your organic rankings strategies will entail all sorts of content optimizations, and you can also simply develop new content pages to get the ball rolling in the right direction!


4. Improve Your Targeting Via Channel Grouping


It’s always very important to have a thorough understanding as to where exactly your website’s visitors are coming from, and channel grouping just so happens to be a great way to simplify this type of traffic data.

A “channel” technically refers to the path in which an online visitor took to find your website, and this can be through searches entailing your brand’s name, your URL, your business topics, and many other methods to ultimately reach your content.

The biggest tip we have in terms of channel grouping is simply ensuring that all of your channels are useful and relevant to your overall success. Channel grouping can ultimately go a long way in providing more accurate traffic data, which of course can help you better distinguish what your marketing strategies should target!


5. Assessing Your Traffic From Google


Like we mentioned above, your traffic metrics directly coincide with your search engine results page (SERP) rankings. The most important strategy to keep in mind when it comes to improving both your organic traffic and SEO is to consistently monitor the keywords that are bringing traffic to your site.

Your website’s overall SEO performance will largely rely upon your traffic/ranking metrics, as well as your conversion rates based upon overall user sessions. The most important thing you can do with these types of traffic assessments is to decipher which keywords will provide your business with the most amount of traffic, and which keywords you aren’t fully optimized within to broaden your target audience.

You should also focus on “evergreen” keywords, which are keywords that are always going to be relevant to your digital marketing campaign no matter what season it is.


6. Monitor The Impacts Of Your Website Changes


Google Analytics provides an Annotations feature that is sort of a shortcut that helps digital marketing teams and business leaders better monitor their website changes and any important data that should be permanently recorded.

When you utilize the Annotations feature, you can be more rest assured that your important events and changes are being properly recorded.

These annotations are always very important for our team because they help us to better recognize when certain strategies have been implemented, which subsequently gives us reference points to better understand the rankings boosts and other benefits that our strategies initiate!


Reach Out To The Big Fish Local Experts To Learn More About How We Support Digital Marketing Efforts Via Google Analytics Data!


Big Fish Local has become an up-and-coming digital marketing agency in recent years for a whole variety of reasons, and one of those reasons is our commitment to data analysis.

We’re constantly doing the difficult work of monitoring and organizing our clientele’s Google Analytics data, and this is mainly because these types of analytical efforts make our strategies more efficient and your ROI much easier to understand.

We’ll always be able to show you which strategies are working and by just how much through sharing your Google Analytics data with you, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can help you understand your valuable data and bring your most important metrics to a whole new level!

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