6 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect SEO Consulting Services For Your Business

6 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect SEO Consulting Services For Your Business

SEO consulting services are a big part of what Big Fish Local does for their digital marketing clients

Big Fish Local’s SEO consulting services are here to support your business and provide you with the guidance you need to see tangible results!

SEO consulting services are a big part of what Big Fish Local does for their digital marketing clients


In today’s increasingly digital world, businesses must turn to professionally-driven SEO strategies to dramatically improve organic traffic metrics and overall inbound marketing initiatives. And when SEO strategies are implemented to perfection, you can reap many different benefits associated with ranking higher in SERPs (search engine results pages) and developing your overall web presence towards your target audience.

The biggest issue that most brands face when it comes to improving their search engine rankings is that they don’t know where to even begin, which is why they turn to digital marketing experts like the Big Fish Local team for SEO consulting services.

Of course it can be difficult to pull the trigger on hiring any type of consulting services, particularly if your business is already struggling to develop its brand awareness and your budget is tight. But the truth of the matter is that everything about your business’ digital struggles can be completely turned around when you hire the right consulting team to assist you.

The Big Fish Local team is full of marketing experts from many different backgrounds, and our SEO specialists are some of the very best in the entire country when it comes to helping small to mid-sized businesses increase their traffic and improve their conversion rates.

And the best part about hiring an SEO consultant is that you can remain focused on efficiently running your business while the digital marketing experts make all of the right moves towards setting you up for long-term future success.

Below are 6 tips you should keep in mind when it comes to finding the perfect SEO consulting services to help put your business in the right direction!


1. Recognizing The Warning Signs


One of the most important things a business leader can know when it comes to hiring an SEO consultant is how to recognize bad SEO consulting. There are countless SEO consultants out there that will say they’re qualified and know certain tactics that others don’t, but then end up providing empty promises.

Black Hat SEO is the ubiquitous phrase throughout the industry that indicates shady tactics, and some of these tactics include things like keyword stuffing, writing irrelevant content solely for page rankings, buying/selling links, and much more. The worst part about Black Hat SEO tactics is that these strategies can potentially lead to Google penalties, and you’ll be the one that pays the price for these penalties!

Another pretty common warning sign that business leaders should be on the lookout for is really grandiose promises with little to no details. If you come across a consultant that says they can bring huge results to your website within a matter of a couple weeks through strategies that they alone know, then it’s a clear sign that they’re promising things that are too good to be true.

SEO is a unique type of marketing industry that’s become a proven science, and there are clear steps that help businesses improve their page rankings. If a consultant says they have any kind of special knowledge that leads to unbelievably good results in a fast amount of time, then they’re clearly using flashy sales tactics and not necessarily being genuine about their expertise!


2. Getting References From Past Clients And Your Peers


One of the best ways that business leaders can protect themselves from SEO consulting contracts that aren’t worthwhile is to thoroughly review the agency online and see what their past clients have to say about working with them.

Some people will simply Google “Best SEO Consulting Services” and go from there, but this can actually lead you to industry professionals that may know how to rank for highly valuable keywords but don’t necessarily provide the amount of attention that your strategy will need.

One good way to get a more objective understanding as to how valuable an SEO consultant is will be to talk directly with their past clients that have undergone successful page ranking campaigns with the agency in the past. When you talk directly with past clients and ask questions about their experiences, you’ll undoubtedly have a better understanding as to what working with an SEO consulting team is like.


3. Solidifying Your Specific KPIs and Marketing Goals


KPIs stand for key performance indicators, and in SEO these pertain to specific metrics that will show whether or not your consultant is helping to provide your business with tangible results. The best way to make sure that you’re staying on track with your specific marketing goals and KPIs is to keep in touch with your consulting team, but this is something that they should want to do for you as a way to showcase the results of their successful strategies!

Business leaders should always be keeping their specific goals/KPIs in mind during the actual SEO consultant hiring process, and you should also let your prospective consulting teams know that you’ll want specific goals to be met through their services. There are many crucial KPIs that you should consider, including:


  • Specific keyword rankings
  • Organic traffic metrics
  • Conversion rates
  • Lead generation
  • And much more…


Always feel free to ask your consultant how they’ll go about improving your most important KPIs, which will always help you better understand how exactly you’ll receive the results you’re looking for!


4. Make Sure They Provide Samples


One of the best ways for business leaders to know if an SEO consulting team is a good fit for them is to go through concrete examples of their past work. It’s always a good sign if they’ve worked with similar businesses to yours and were very successful, and it’s also a good sign when they’ve helped companies throughout many different industries.

It’s also a good idea to look through a consulting agency’s website to see what type of content they’re regularly publishing. An SEO firm’s blog and solutions pages are great places to gauge their overall expertise and abilities. But it’s also important to keep in mind that a lot of SEO teams are constantly working on other people’s websites, so you shouldn’t lose confidence in a team if their site doesn’t have a couple things that you’d normally expect.


5. Ensure They’re Committed To High-Quality Communication Efforts


One of the most important parts of any successful SEO consulting relationship is great communication, so you should always make sure that your SEO consultant is committed to transparency and consistently keeping their clients in the loop about what’s currently happening with their campaign.

Solid SEO strategies will many times take several months and sometimes even years to fully come to fruition, so any type of long-term business commitment will necessitate effective communication efforts.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to establish a communication routine with your consultant up front, so you’ll have a better understanding as to how often you’ll hear from them and what’s happening with your strategy. It should also always be very easy to get in touch with your SEO team, and they should always be responding to your calls/emails in a timely manner.


6. Asking Questions


The last tip we’re going to go over on this page when it comes to finding the perfect SEO consultant for your business is to never feel afraid to ask questions. You should always ask enough questions to fully know if an SEO team can meet your unique needs, and you should also have a thorough understanding as to how exactly they’ll go about obtaining your goals.

The following are some questions to keep in mind:


  • When can I expect to start seeing tangible results?
  • What are the fees and pricing plans like?
  • What will happen if I wish to cancel my consulting services?
  • What is needed from my team for your team to be successful in helping us?
  • Are there different options available to coincide with my budget?


Reach Out To The Digital Marketing Specialists At Big Fish Local To Learn More About Our SEO Consulting Services!


The SEO industry is an ever-changing world that’s very high-stakes and extremely competitive, which is why business leaders need to put these types of marketing efforts in the hands of seasoned specialists.

When you hire Big Fish Local for your SEO consulting services, the first thing we’ll do is scan your site for free to provide you with a comprehensive overview as to what we’ll need to do in order to put your business in the right direction towards long-term, sustainable growth.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to get in touch with our consultants who can help you set up an appointment and initiate the first steps towards your future digital marketing success!

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