6 Tips To Help You Reach Your Business Goals Through Digital Marketing Solutions

6 Tips To Help You Reach Your Business Goals Through Digital Marketing Solutions

video marketing is a big part of an internet marketing and digital marketing solutions

The Big Fish Local team provides many different digital marketing solutions that provide tangible results for countless businesses!

video marketing is a big part of an internet marketing and digital marketing solutions


Do you have any specific goals or targets for your business? Although this may seem like a trick question coming from a group of experts that provide digital marketing solutions, the truth is that a lot of business leaders simply have some difficulty answering a simple question like this in earnest.

A lot of business leaders will first think of goals like growing revenue, gaining new clients and increasing the quality of their leads. These goals are all great and pretty ubiquitous amongst all companies, but things tend to get a bit fuzzier once the specific details and action steps of these big-picture priorities are trying to be defined.

If your business finds it difficult to pinpoint the specific steps you need to take when it comes to reaching your biggest objectives, then don’t worry because you’re certainly not alone!

The Big Fish Local team is an eclectic blend of marketing specialists that come from many different industry niches, and we’ve helped countless entrepreneurs and business leaders when it comes to setting goals, understanding the importance of goals, and implementing critical marketing strategies towards reaching your unique goals.

Below we’ll be going over 6 tips to help you reach your business goals through digital marketing solutions, so here are the strategies we’ll help you keep in mind during your campaign:


1. Writing Down And Sharing Your Business Goals


As we mentioned above, simply writing down and sharing your goals with your company team and our digital marketing specialists will be one of your first and foremost steps towards brining your business goals to fruition.

Business goals are simply so much more valuable once you’ve taken them from abstract ideas to concrete, written-down and shared objectives. You’re actually 50% more likely to achieve your goals when you simply write them down and share them, and your likelihood of success is exponentially increased when you share your goals with marketing specialists!


2. Turning Abstract Business Goals Into SMART Strategies


SMART goals and strategies are considered to be another really important factor when it comes to ensuring the success of your goal setting, and the acronym SMART stands for the following:


  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound


We consider the SMART goal method to be a wonderful starting point when it comes to aligning both your business and marketing strategies, and simply keeping this approach in mind will go a long way while your team is setting your priorities.


3. Digging Deeper Into Your Customer Journey And Sales Data


Once you’ve established your SMART goals, it’ll then be necessary to really start digging into your specific action plans to help your company identify the digital marketing strategies that’ll help you attain your objectives.

It’s also important to note that every business is unique when it comes to their SMART goals and customer journeys, which is why it’s so crucial to look at your past sales data to help guide you towards a successful future. Let’s say your biggest goals are to increase your revenue by bringing in X-amount of new clients, and in this scenario you’ll need to consider important factors like:


  • What is your conversion rate?
  • How many leads do you currently have within your business pipeline?
  • How many of those leads would you consider to be qualified leads?
  • On average, how long is your company’s sales cycle?
  • Which business channels tend to be the most efficient for your lead generation? (Content offers, demos, search engine results, referrals, etc.)


Of course these are just a few considerations that we’ll be helping you when it comes to narrowing down your specific course of action, but answering these types of questions will help you when it comes to working backwards towards realistic, effective marketing tactics.


4. Being Guided By Digital Marketing Analytics


Refining and perfecting your marketing tactics will require a lot of research into your marketing analytics data, and this type of deep data dive will always support your efforts towards successfully bringing your business goals to fruition.

Getting to your desired targets and objectives will mean utilizing your original business goals, and then working backwards towards established numbers that you’d like to obtain. Although there are many different marketing metrics that you’ll need to keep in mind, the four main categories of digital marketing analytics include the following:


  • Performance: These metrics include things like conversion rates, click-through rates, leads-to-opportunities, website visitors-to-leads, and opportunities-to-wins.


  • Cost: These metrics include things like cost-per-lead, cost-per-click and times on pages.


  • Channel: These metrics include things like month-to-date channel goals and lead-gen via specific marketing channels.


  • Content: Content metrics include things like content conversion rates, keyword analytics, content attributions, landing page contacts, leads generated per offer, etc.


What’s most important when it comes to your digital marketing analytics is that you’ll need to be constantly refining your strategies based upon the changes you recognize within this valuable data, and this is where the FishAlytics team comes in to support your consistent strategy developments!


5. Keeping Digital Marketing Industry Standards And Best Practices In Mind


Expert insights are very much like analytics in that they’ll help you navigate your way towards your business goals.

Let’s say you’re looking to gain a minimum of 30 qualified leads per month via your website, but your analytics have indicated that you need at least 1,000 monthly visitors to your website in order to gain that set amount of qualified leads.

If your business isn’t getting that type of traffic then it’ll clearly indicate where we should take your digital marketing strategies. To get to that hypothetical 30 qualified monthly leads, you may need to make fundamental changes to your website to increase your conversion rates and the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

We’ll be sure to help you better understand the many different industry-specific benchmarks that always go a long way towards digital marketing success, and these benchmarks will fall under categories like:



6. Teaming Up With Marketing Specialists


Establishing and setting your business goals is always a crucial step towards preparing for long-term success, but the hard truth is that many business leaders struggle when they don’t have a comprehensive team of marketing specialists to assist them in tracking, analyzing and interpreting all of their most important data.

But this is exactly why we’re such valuable partners for business leaders as they define and initiate their business goals!


Reach Out To Big Fish Local To Learn More About Our Digital Marketing Solutions!


Big Fish Local has helped countless businesses throughout Central Ohio, the entire United States, and even several international companies when it comes to getting the ball rolling in the right direction towards long-term success.

We know how to fight for small to mid-sized businesses that are competing with corporate competitors, and this includes nourishing your target audience to help them better understand what sets you apart from your competition.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can support you in bringing your business dreams to reality!


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