6 Ways Your Email Marketing’s Subject Lines Can Increase Engagement

6 Ways Your Email Marketing’s Subject Lines Can Increase Engagement

email marketing is a big part of our SEO services

When it comes to your open rate, subject lines can be the X-Factor for your email marketing strategies!

email marketing is a big part of our SEO services

Although we’ve all heard the old adage don’t judge a book by its cover, this is exactly what we do with our emails. That’s because the first thing you’ll always notice when you read an email is the subject line. The subject line is almost always the deciding factor in terms of someone opening an email in their inbox or not, so it’s inevitably one of the more important factors to consider within your email marketing strategies!

Creating tangibly effective email subject lines can ultimately be pretty stressful, especially when your business is going for perfection, so in this article we’re going to go over some of the ways in which you can make the most of your subject lines and subsequently get a higher open rate.

So here are 6 ways in which you can utilize your subject lines to increase engagement and gain more leads:

1. Creating A Sense Of Urgency

This is where the common term FOMO or fear of missing out comes into play with your email subject lines. It’s part of our collective human nature to not want to miss out on something, including things like events or promotions, and this is especially the case when we know other people are partaking in any particular promotion!

This is something that your company can use to your own advantage by creating a sense that your email recipients will ultimately be missing out if they choose not to open any specific email. The common strategy here is that the less time an email recipient has to act upon your provided promotion, the more likely they’ll feel compelled towards action.

2. Asking Questions

Questions are always a really great idea for email subject lines, and this is predominately because recipients will apply these types of questions to their own lives. This creates a resonating effect with your message, and this effect will subsequently lead to curiosity about their own similarities to other people’s experiences as they pertain to the content of your email.

When you ask questions with your subject lines you’ll be providing the answers to your target audience’s most important concerns, and insinuating certain answers will go a long way in terms of engagement!

3. Utilizing Personalization

There are many different ways to personalize your business’ emails, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to simply add the recipients name within the subject line. This is a pretty common email marketing strategy these days that sometimes doesn’t hold as much weight as it used to, and this is sometimes because people associate this type of easy personalization with spam.

That’s why it’s important to go much further than simply adding recipient names in your subject lines, and utilize email marketing personalization in more innovative ways. This can include personalizing email marketing content and subject lines based upon data factors like occupation, location, gender, etc.

The options truly are endless when it comes to personalizing your email marketing strategies, but it’s always important to be working with our experts who will be consistently tracking metrics, testing new methods, tweaking any setbacks and repeating what works to ultimately determine what personalization methods work best for your business’ target audience!

4. Incorporating Lists And Numbers

Numbered lists work well when it comes to increasing your email marketing’s open rate, and this is mainly because recipients will get a relatively good idea as to how long the email will be.

Does your email contain a short list of information that will be somewhat easy for your target audience to skim over and not take too much time out of their busy schedule? If so, you should let them know within the subject line!

Incorporating short, numbered lists within your email subject lines will also go a long way in helping your email stand out within your recipients’ inbox, which subsequently will help your brand stand out as well

5. Playing On Controversy

This is a really tricky email subject line strategy, but the truth is that controversy sometimes sells. What makes playing on controversy such a risky subject line strategy is that any kind of shock value can likely help you gain a higher open rate, but you’ll need to ask yourself whether or not this type of controversial message is the type of message you want your brand to get across to your target audience.

There’s no doubt about it that this can be an extremely effective strategy to get your email marketing campaign noticed, but it’s simply crucial that you’re completely confident that your broadcasted message is something that you know your target audience would approve of.

6. Keeping It Under 50 Characters

Short and sweet is always the best tactic when it comes to email subject lines, which is why we always recommend that you try to keep your subject lines within 50 characters.

It’s also important to note that the actual device that your recipients are using will determine just how much of your subject lines they’ll be able to view. We’ll be able to help you by utilizing data that indicates the devices your recipients are utilizing when they open your emails.

So by knowing how your target audience is reading your emails, you’ll better know what to do in terms of subject line length optimization.

Reach Out To The Email Marketing Experts At Big Fish Local For More Information About How We Can Help Build Your Open Rate!

Although our team comes from many different backgrounds within digital marketing and we provide a whole array of services, we fully understand just how important email marketing is towards your online presence and brand awareness.

Always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to learn more about how we can support your email marketing strategies and help you create successful subject lines!

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