7 Online Reputation Management Tips For 2021

7 Online Reputation Management Tips For 2021

online reputation management is a big part of what Big Fish Local does with our digital marketing services

Online reputation management is a big part of what we do at Big Fish Local, and we want you to be ready within this digital marketing niche next year!

online reputation management is a big part of what Big Fish Local does with our digital marketing services


Every single business entity has an online reputation that they must highly consider in today’s digital landscape, and the Big Fish Local team has consistently provided tangible results for business leaders who need online reputation management.

The first thing a business leader can do when it comes to their online reputation is conduct a quick Google search for their business, and it’s true that about half of all American businesses find negative reviews for their business online. This undoubtedly has a serious ripple effect throughout a business’ entire operation, and online reputation is certainly not something you can ignore going into 2021!

These days people are making their judgments about businesses online prior to even speaking to anyone, and this means that things like social media management have never been more important than now.

Our team is comprised of digital marketing experts from all backgrounds, and all of us are highly focused on developing each client’s online reputation management to new heights. This often requires extensive research and staying on the cutting edge of the industry for your online reputation strategies, and below are 7 reputation management tips to keep in mind as we approach 2021:


1. Thoroughly Auditing Your Business


The first thing that’s necessary within every online reputation management strategy is a thorough online analysis of a particular business’ reputation. This means searching your business on Google and other review sites and soaking in all of the relevant information (which is usually A LOT). It’s always important for business leaders to keep in mind that great online reputations require an extensive understanding as to what’s already out there online and what you’re up against.

During this audit it’ll be crucial to organize the information in terms of positive, neutral and negative. You’ll have to start putting yourself in the shoes of your prospective clients/colleagues and then BUCKLE UP, because you’re just getting started!


2. Claiming Your Digital Space


Claiming digital space is always much easier said than done, and this is because most businesses will need to keep multiple profiles and domains in mind. Social media outlets are always a really great place to start when it comes to getting your business on people’s radar, and this includes review sites like the Better Business Bureau and Yelp.

You’re going to want to ensure your control over all of these many different profiles, and this is partly because you won’t want to get blocked because someone already has your desired username. This can lead to a whole mess of problems that are always best to be avoided at all costs!

It’s also important to purchase the domain names that you essentially won’t want anyone else to have. This doesn’t necessarily mean going crazy in terms of purchasing available domain names, and you of course don’t necessarily need to use these domains.

But sometimes it’s important to have certain digital spaces in your possession in order to ensure your business’ future success!


3. Establishing Your Business’ Personal Brand


Every business needs to establish a more personable brand, and this essentially means closely considering who your team is professionally and how exactly you’d like other online users to see your company.

This tip is closely connected to the overall need for great content marketing, because your site’s content will need to exemplify your overall professional persona. This means eliminating/deleting anything that doesn’t perfectly match up with this personal persona, including social media accounts that college buddies post on. What you can do is adjust your privacy settings so that certain personal accounts are only viewable by close friends, which can help in terms of separating personal and professional channels.

One very important strategy to keep in mind regarding your business’ personal brand is establishing the expertise of your team. It will always go a long way when you do what it takes to become a leader within your specific industry, because this inevitably leads to more positive content and a major boost to online reputation!


4. Properly Reaching Your Target Audience


Once your business starts implementing good online reputation strategies, you’ll end up developing your overall online presence and building your audience towards potential leads. This will inevitably provide many different opportunities to reach out to your audience in more personable ways.

This means connecting with your followers, readers, reviewers, past clients, industry peers and partners in order to help foster an increased amount of positive content within Google. This strategy also goes a long way in terms of developing a much more loyal audience base.

This is an online reputation management tip that many business leaders may need to revamp going into 2021, and this type of personable connection can always go a long way in terms of re-defining your brand’s overall image.

Videos, photos and all types of more visual content will also continue to be an increasingly important strategy towards successfully reaching target audiences in 2021!


5. Always Foster Transparency


Being transparent online is always really important for businesses as they’re developing their online presence, and this includes being as forthright as possible about who you are and what you’ve accomplished in the past. This is also equally as important for any past mistakes, because you’ll want to simply own up to these mistakes instead of being misleading about them!

Transparency will be one of the most prominent trends within online reputation management in 2021, and this will always pay off for your brand in the long haul. People are much more likely to want to work with transparent brands, and this is because they want to be able to trust you.


6. Establishing Google Alerts


Google Alerts is a great tool that can help your brand keep up with the online conversation that’s permeating around your company, and you’ll be in the know immediately when something about your brand reaches search results.

This is particularly important when it comes to negative content being posted on review sites and other social channels, and this is because rather prompt responses to this type of content can always help a lot in terms of looking better towards your target audience and even potentially getting the negative content deleted.

This type of technology used to be rather expensive and was primarily a service conducted by PR agencies, but these days Google is providing this type of information service for FREE. So it goes without saying that you should be taking advantage of these types of free tools that can help manage your online reputation.


7. Partner With A Team Of Experts


2021 is going to be an extremely important year for countless businesses as they look to rebound from the economic downturns posed by the pandemic, and this means you’re going to need to be as efficient as possible when it comes to implementing the above strategies and much more to boost your online reputation.

This is where the Big Fish Local experts come in to help save you and your team a lot of time and hassles as your brand goes through the many hoops associated with this sector of digital marketing. There’s absolutely no denying that reputation management is an extremely important part of your marketing campaign, and putting your trust in experienced specialists will always be the best move to bring your reputation goals to fruition.


Reach Out To The Experts At Big Fish Local To Learn More About Our Online Reputation Management Strategies!


The above online reputation management tips will undoubtedly be important for brands as they develop their digital marketing strategies into 2021, but the truth is that this page only just brushes the surface within this intricate field!

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to get in touch with our team and learn more about how we can support your online reputation management into next year!

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