7 SEO Facts To Keep In Mind That Are Sometimes Hard To Understand

7 SEO Facts To Keep In Mind That Are Sometimes Hard To Understand

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SEO strategies are always complex, so it’s important for business leaders to have an open mind about their digital marketing expectations.

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Every business leader understands how SEO strategies help their website through gaining more leads, increasing online visibility and nurturing their target audiences; however many entrepreneurs still ask themselves questions like:


  • What does SEO actually entail?
  • What needs to happen in order to maximize SEO results?
  • How can I ensure that my digital marketing agency will always tell it how it is?


It’s absolutely true that SEO can consistently drive very rewarding, exciting ROIs, but it’s important for business leaders to realize how SEO strategies are never easy. There are always going to be many different hurdles and challenges that must be overcome in order to be successful within any industry, and the sheer abundance of digital marketing companies can make it rather hard to find the teams that will always be as transparent as possible through every step of the process.

So that’s why the Big Fish Local team has come together to develop this blog oriented around 7 SEO facts that you’ll typically only hear from reliable, trustworthy digital marketing agencies. These facts will undoubtedly help you and your business team when it comes to developing your SEO expectations, and it will also help you better understand the overall SEO journey that every business needs!


1. SEO Strategies Always Require Time And Due Diligence


SEO always entails strategies towards long-term goals, and many of these strategies can take months to come to full fruition. We understand how that can seem somewhat frustrating, but it’s important for business leaders to be patient and realize that great SEO results simply take time. Things like optimizing your website will entail a comprehensive group effort, and winning Google’s trust towards ranking at the top of your highly desired SERPs (search engine results pages) also requires patience.

There never is a solid answer in terms of how long it takes a business to rank at the top of their keyword-oriented SERPs, and this is mainly because every company and niche industry is unique. What information we can provide is that your SEO strategy’s timeline will largely depend upon the following factors:


  • Your Business’ Website: How much SEO your site already has, how old it is, what work it needs, and many other factors will decipher if more or less time will be needed to see results.


  • Your Company: This includes information about what services/products you provide, who your target audiences are, your competitors and their SEO strategies, and much more. There are many instances in which businesses jump on the SEO bandwagon when they have a ton of catching up to do from a competitive analysis standpoint, and your competition will play a major role in how long it’ll take our team to make you the Big Fish in your pond!


  • Existing Online Presence: This includes more analytical information like your website’s domain authority, overall online reputation, online business metrics, and several other factors.


  • Keyword Strategies: One of the first things we’ll always do within our consultation services is thoroughly decipher what a business’ target audience is looking up on Google, i.e. keyword phrases. Keyword competition will always vary throughout every industry, and the more competitive your most desired keywords, the greater likelihood that it’ll take a little longer to rank highly within those specific SERPs.


2. SEO Strategies Can Change On Google’s Whims


One of the main goals of every SEO strategy is to win the trust and general affection of Google and other search engines, and the truth is that this is a lot easier said than done! In 2018 alone Google developed over 3,000 UPDATES to their algorithm, which goes to show a quick glimpse into just how quickly things evolve within the SEO industry.

Google’s algorithm changes many times have a significant impact on the entire SEO landscape, because these algorithms change how SERPs are displayed/ranked, what types of results show up for certain search queries, and a lot more!

This is why it’s so important to put your digital marketing strategies in the hands of industry experts who are consistently staying on top of each and every one of Google’s updates, because ranking factors are always slightly changing and staying on Google’s good side is absolutely critical for online visibility!


3. SEO Strategies Will Sometimes Entail Trial And Error


Although no one wants to hear this, the truth is that failures are always possible within SEO strategies due to just how quickly things are changing. However, SEO setbacks of any kind are always good opportunities to learn from and tweak strategies towards success, and this is mainly because trial and error helps businesses better understand what does and doesn’t work for them online.

Every business is 100% unique, so subsequently every SEO strategy is unique. This is why the Big Fish Local team will always completely customize our strategies for each and every client, while at the same time staying true to a number of key factors.

There is no one-size-fits-all SEO strategy that works for everyone, so finding the perfect answers to your digital marketing puzzle can sometimes take time. But you can always be rest assured that our consistent research and overall efforts will always safely maintain your long-term success and overall online presence!


4. SEO Strategies Require Rapid Adaptation


Good SEO strategies are always 100% adaptable, and this means that your strategies will always be capable of being quickly adjusted as online patterns shift. It’s true that SEO best practices are typically the same each year, but there are always very subtle changes and additions that only top digital marketing experts make slight adjustments towards.

It’s also true that industries of all kinds are consistently evolving, so your SEO strategies will also have to remain on the cutting edge of your business’ necessary changes.

From an SEO standpoint, adaptation will always be oriented around the following factors:


  • Your target audience
  • How your target audience is utilizing Google and other search engines
  • Developments within your industry (competitive analysis)
  • New trends that are permeating throughout your industry


5. SEO Strategies Will Always Require Expertise And Full Transparency


SEO is a very intricate science that can take several years to fully understand, and this is why you’re always going to need to put your trust in a group of SEO specialists like the Big Fish Local team that come from many different backgrounds.

We understand how it’s difficult to differentiate the many different SEO agencies all throughout the country and even the world, but one thing that sets Big Fish Local apart is our commitment to full transparency. That’s why we’ll always advocate the following to each of our clients:


  • SEO is never a sprint, it’s a marathon: SEO strategies will always require a lot of preparation, persistence and due diligence. You won’t necessarily see tangible results that benefit your business’ bottom line in just a few days, but there is a finish line out there that’s a marathon-like accomplishment when you reach it!


  • Feedback is always necessary: Honesty and thoughtfulness are really important parts of a successful SEO relationship between digital marketing agencies and business leaders, and this includes consistent feedback from both ends to reinforce what’s working and what could use improvements.


  • Multi-Platform Marketing Expertise: SEO goes so much further than just benefitting a business’ website for Google rankings, and this is why our services include social media management, review management, directory management and much more. SEO truly is a very multi-faceted industry, which is why we’ve made sure that our expert team comes from all types of marketing backgrounds!


6. SEO Strategies Require Content Marketing


Every SEO strategy needs to focus on content marketing, and this is because SEO and content marketing are the one-two punch that helps businesses get more efficient digital marketing results. SEO needs great content, because after all where exactly do you expect to place your keywords within your website?

Big Fish Local has always remained on the cutting edge of content marketing trends, and we continuously make sure that our clients’ content is more informative and out ranks their competitors’ pages by focusing on the following:


  • Trustworthiness: This means that your content needs to speak directly to your target audiences questions/concerns, and that it also will have a professional, friendly tonality that sets you apart from your competitors on a more intrinsic level. After all, online users will likely read several similar pages prior to making their investment decisions, and many times the business that seems more likeable will win over those 50/50 conversion opportunities.


  • Reliability: Your content will always be extremely accurate from an informational standpoint, and it will be backed up by credible sources and an extensive amount of research that’s conducted by our writers.


  • Usefulness: Your content should always be answering specific questions and problems that your target audience commonly experiences.


  • Relevancy: We’ll always make sure that the most current information is being utilized within your content, because your readers will appreciate how it directly applies to their own unique circumstances.


  • Detail-Oriented: Our content strategies will always go above and beyond to make sure that your blogs and landing pages will quickly become go-to resources throughout your industry. This means providing tips, statistics and ultimately helping your readers make better decisions. Having detail-oriented content also directly coincides with keyword targeting, image SEO, and many other latent SEO strategies.


  • Visually interesting and organized: Your content will always look great from an aesthetic standpoint, and that means it draws readers in through an organized and easily readable layout.


  • Emotional Elicitation: We’ll always thoroughly go over the precise emotions that you want your online leads and readers to feel as they’re reading your website’s content, because evoking these specific emotions will always go a long way in terms of increasing conversion rates and improving your overall online reputation.


7. SEO Strategies Require Staying On The Cutting Edge Of What’s Next


Mobile-friendliness and voice search optimization are continuously growing in overall necessity, and this means that your website is going to have to keep up with the latest trends in order to avoid falling behind. Google is keeping track of the metrics oriented around mobile and voice searches on their platform, so as you can imagine they are continuously remaining cognizant of this search evolution.

This is why your SEO strategies will always have to remain focused on a whole variety of different channels, and the truth is that there’s no telling what exactly will be the next tech advancement that develops even more search engine user variations!

But this is exactly where digital marketing experts come in to save the day, because people like the Big Fish Local specialists are genuinely interested in these ever-changing evolutions and we’re learning about them everyday!


Your Business Deserves To Develop With The Right Digital Marketing Team, So Reach Out To The Big Fish Local Experts To Learn More About SEO!


We understand that going through this blog may have you thinking about a lot, but the great news is that the Big Fish Local team is here to answer any and all of your questions.

Big Fish Local has helped countless businesses throughout our history, and our team has always thrived upon developing 100% customized strategies for each and every one of our clients. And we’ve also thrived upon the trust that our clients put in our specialists!

We understand how much of a blessing it truly is to bring a business’ SEO dreams to fruition, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can get your strategies started!


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