7 Tips To Help You Develop A Successful Google My Business Page

7 Tips To Help You Develop A Successful Google My Business Page

Google My Business listings are really important for SEO marketing and Google Maps rankings

Google My Business is an increasingly important web presence and social media platform that many business leaders tend to neglect!

Google My Business listings are really important for SEO marketing


Google users are constantly looking up businesses within a close proximity to their current location, and when these types of local search queries happen there will be a list of related options that show up at the very top of the SERP (search engine results page).

Obviously some of these options will look better than others, and this overall appeal within a SERP is solely based upon digital marketing strategies. It’s absolutely no coincidence that some businesses will look better than others on Google, and this is many times because they’ve made sure to fully optimize their listing within Google My Business.

What Exactly Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an increasingly useful tool that supports businesses when it comes to their overall online presence management on Google. This platform will utilize other programs found within Google like Maps and Search to help search engine users understand how to get in touch with your team and where you’re located. It also helps businesses by providing a platform to explain who they are and what they stand for.

You may be like so many business leaders who don’t quite understand the overall importance of Google My Business, and this is OK! When it comes down to it about 92% of the search engine market belongs to Google, so it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to look their very best within Google SERPs in order to attract leads and continuously develop brand awareness.

All adequately operated Google My Business pages will provide the following:

  • Updated information about your business that your existing and potential customers will deem valuable.
  • An interactive platform that allows you to engage with your customers.
  • Behavioral insights oriented around how your leads engage with your listing and overall online presence


Of course having an adequately operated Google My Business account takes some expertise and firsthand knowledge, so here are seven tips from our experts on how you can establish a successful Google My Business page that ultimately gives your business more chances towards garnering leads!

Making The Most Of Google My Business

1. Make Sure You Don’t Already Have A Listing

There’s a possibility that Google created your Google My Business listing automatically, and this is typically the case if your business has been in the same location for several years. What’s good about this scenario is that you’ll only simply need to claim the listing.

This is where you’ll need to utilize the Google My Business Creation Page to help you make sure you’re properly navigating through the process, and this navigation will ask you to answer some basic information questions oriented around your business.

2. Make Sure You’re Providing Comprehensive Details

It’s always important for businesses to be as comprehensive as possible when it comes to satisfying a whole array of customer and potential lead needs. It’s important to understand how even the most minor details can sway an online user’s overall opinion of your business’ products/services, so for starters you should always be including the following details:

  • Company Name
  • Description
  • Website
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Category


All of these details will be properly indexed via Google, which will go a long way in terms of your local SEO strategies! It’s also important to note that your Google My Business information should match what’s within your website.

The above details are of course rather basic information that really only brushes the surface of what your Google My Business page should entail. So you also need to be thinking about the type of information that your potential leads and customers will find valuable, including answering certain questions like:

  • How do your product/services prices compare to your competitors?
  • Do you provide pick-up or delivery services?
  • For restaurants (and these days other commercial entities), do you provide any type of digital menu or shopping interface?
  • What is the parking situation like at your business?


When it comes to answering important questions based upon your target audience’s overall needs, every business is going to be 100% unique. But you should always be thinking proactively about your customers’ interests and potential questions, and then provide this type of information within your Google My Business listing page.

3. Writing A Useful Business Description

Each Google My Business listing gets 750 characters to develop a description, and it’s important to really go all out when it comes to this brief opportunity to talk about your company’s history, story and mission. This section should always be as authentic as possible, because in many ways it’s your sales pitch to potential online leads.

Keywords are also an important aspect of your business description, and you can always continue to edit and optimize your description until you find that perfect balance between company representation and SEO resourcefulness!

4. Respond To Reviews

It’s always important for business leaders to take their business’ star rating very seriously, partly because this rating will be front and center within your Google My Business listing and within your keyword-oriented SERPs. Almost all online users will read reviews prior to making a buying decision, so it’ll be an important strategy to garner several positive reviews and maintain a solid online reputation that’ll undoubtedly help you attract more leads.

One of the best ways to actually get positive online reviews is to simply ask your existing customers for them, or provide an incentive for when they create a review on your Google My Business page.

Once your customers do leave a review, it’ll be equally as important for you to respond to the review on your end. Simply responding to your online reviews does wonders when it comes to developing a trusting sense amongst Google users, and it’ll show that you truly care about each and every one of your customers!

Responses are also very important when it comes to adequately handling negative reviews, because you can better understand what went wrong and how to resolve any potential issues.

5. Make The Most Of Messages On Google My Business

One of the best features within Google My Business listings is the messaging system, which is a great tool when it comes to rather easily speaking with your potential leads and customers. There’s no denying that more and more people are becoming somewhat less comfortable when it comes to speaking on the phone with strangers, which is why message boards like this are an increasingly popular communication tool for businesses everywhere.

This means you’ll need to Turn On Messaging within your Google My Business dashboard, and also include your contact number for chat uses as well. It’s VERY important that you respond to all of your messages and general business inquiries as quickly as possible, because Google will be calculating your response time in order to develop an average response time.

6. Keyword Usage In Business Listing

We mentioned this briefly above, but there wouldn’t be much search engine optimization going on within your Google My Business page if you didn’t utilize keywords! It’ll be important that you treat your Google My Business listing just like any other webpage within your website by focusing in on specific keywords, because Google will then express these keywords within their ever-changing algorithm to ultimately determine your rankings within certain SERPs.

High-quality SEO practices are still important on Google My Business, so you’ll never want to overstuff your descriptions and overall page with too many keywords. This could potentially lead to Google flagging your page for a violation, which can have a seriously detrimental effect when it comes to your search rankings!

7. Adding High-Quality Images/Multimedia

The last tip we’re going to discuss is adding some visual elements within your Google My Business page, because offering photos and videos of your products and services will help your business to appear its very best for potential online leads and your existing customers.

You can either upload your own photos, or have your customers upload their photos of your business location. In the latter option you’ll have the ability to curate which pictures you’d like to keep, which can help you maintain the overall quality of your listing’s images in certain circumstances.

After all, we may be carrying cameras with us everywhere but we’re not all professional photographers!

Reach Out To The Big Fish Local Team For More Information About Mastering Your Google My Business Listing!

The above seven tips are a really great starting point when it comes to making the most of your Google My Business page, and our team of experts have been helping countless companies when it comes to brining in more leads via this up-and-coming digital platform.

Our specialists have an ample amount of experience when it comes to SEO marketing and online reputation management, which has helped us become industry leaders over the years when it comes to Google My Business optimization.

So feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 today to get in touch with our team and learn more about how we can help you improve the quality and effectiveness of your Google My Business listing!



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