8 Ways To Improve Your Google Maps Rankings In 2021

8 Ways To Improve Your Google Maps Rankings In 2021

Google My Business listings are really important for SEO marketing and Google Maps rankings

Google Maps rankings will continue to be crucial going into 2021, so here are 10 tips from the Big Fish Local experts that you should keep in mind!

Google My Business listings are really important for SEO marketing and Google Maps rankings


A lot of business leaders may still be relatively unaware of this, but your business’ Google Maps listing is an absolutely critical tool for your digital marketing strategies. Google Maps always goes a long way when it comes to new customers discovering who your company is, helping businesses stand out amongst their competition, and of course developing more leads and generating higher profits.

The hard truth of the matter is that all of these really great benefits will only come to fruition if your Google Maps listing has a very strong visibility via a professional directory management strategy, and this is predominately because simply being listed is a lot different than ranking for highly desired search queries oriented around your local area.

On this page we’re going over 8 strategies to help your business when it comes to your Google Maps rankings, but first you should understand why exactly this is so important!


Why Is Ranking High On Google Maps Important?


The numbers truly speak for themselves when it comes to the overall importance of Google Maps:



  • Online consumers find businesses through Google Maps listings 84% of the time, as opposed to direct searches oriented around a business’ name.


So as you can imagine, Google Maps listing optimization and ranking strategies are absolutely critical for a business’ digital marketing campaign. This is why the Big Fish Local team takes Google Maps so seriously, because we know that this is a growing industry trend that’s only going to continue to get more important in 2021!


Getting Your Business Listing To Rank Incredibly Well On Google Maps


The biggest question you’re likely to have is how exactly do I get my business listing to rank higher than my competitors on Google Maps for my most desired local search queries and keywords?

If you’re familiar with Big Fish Local’s many different digital marketing solutions, then you’ll know that we are constantly developing both on and off-page optimization tactics within the broader landscape of local SEO strategies. This same concept applies to your Google Maps listing, because you’ll need to focus both on-listing and off-listing with a whole variety of optimization techniques.

Below is a comprehensive guide starting from the early steps towards obtaining the many highly-desirable benefits associated with great Google Maps rankings:


1. Claiming Your Business Listing On Google Maps


It’s likely that your business already has a Google Maps listing, but have you made sure that you’ve properly claimed your business? Claiming your business on Google Maps allows you to provide much more thorough details about who you are as a company, and these more intricate details within your listing are extremely important for web page ranking.

The main thing you’re going to need is a Google My Business account in order to properly claim your Google Maps business listing. If you don’t currently have a Google My Business account, then you can follow this link towards developing your account and business profile.


2. Developing Your Information Within Your Google Maps Listing


Once you’ve properly linked your Google My Business account with your Google Maps business listing, then you’ll be more prepared to begin optimizing your listing for local SEO.

As we mentioned in the above section, it’s really important to be as thorough as possible within your Google Maps listing information, because this helps a lot with developing your ranking strategies. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you’re developing your listing’s information:


  • Be consistent with your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • Always utilize a local phone number
  • Make sure your hours are continuously updated
  • Writing a keyword-rich business description
  • Placing your business within the correct category


3. Adding Photos/Videos To Your Business Listing


Google highly values uploaded photos when it comes to Google Maps listing rankings.

Photos help provide social signals that indicate that you’re remaining active within your listing, which shows Google that you’re worthy of high rankings.

Photos/videos also help with your rankings due to Google’s highly advanced photo recognition technology, which allows for images to pop up within local search queries.

Another great benefit of adding photos to your business listing is simply following some fundamental rules of SEO in that Google likes what consumers tend to like, and in this instance consumers tend to like photos.

So there truly are a lot of benefits associated with simply adding photos and videos to your Google Maps business listing, and you’ll be on the right track if you consider uploading at least a few photos each week!


4. Getting Great Google Reviews


When you consider the fact that Google likes what consumers like, it shouldn’t be any surprise that rankings within Google Maps are highly dependent upon the reviews of your business listing.

This is where expert review management strategies become extremely important, which are a lot easier said than done. One tip business leaders should always keep in mind is simply being proactive when it comes to requesting reviews from customers, and of course responding to reviews when you get them!


5. Posting Regularly On Your Listing Page


Google Maps is a lot like Facebook in that you can regularly publish content within your business listing page. Great content marketing strategies that consistently put out compelling articles, photos and videos will provide an effective social signal to Google that’ll put your listing in a better position for higher rankings.

Another advantage associated with Google Maps content is that search engine users will very likely come across these pages while searching with local intent, so they can end up being a way to quickly answer search queries and grow your target audience.


Utilizing Your Website For Higher Google Maps Rankings


The following are some of the off-listing optimization techniques that you should keep in mind while supporting your efforts to rank higher within Google Maps:


6. Ensuring The Responsiveness Of Your Website


The first and foremost website optimization you’re going to need to keep in mind is the overall responsiveness of your site, and this includes mobile-friendliness and general consistency.

Your business listing on Google Maps is always going to include direct links to your website, which will more than likely be clicked on via a smartphone. Your Google Maps ranking will dramatically drop if you’re not remaining vigilant towards your mobile optimization, so it’s absolutely critical to ensure that your website’s visitors are seamlessly navigating through your pages no matter what device they’re using.


7. Utilizing Local Keywords Within Your Website


Another effective off-listing optimization strategy for your Google Maps page is to implement local search keywords within your website. This of course is a good strategy for Google Search results as well, but it also goes a long way when it comes to Google Maps rankings.

This means including location-oriented keywords throughout your main pages, and this includes blog posts as well. Your keywords should also go so much further than simply being in the title of your pages, and should be found in your body text, subheadings, image alt tags, captions and URLs.

It will always go a really long way to consistently emphasize to Google that your business is a prominent member of your community, because this in turn will result in Google being more confident in ranking you highly on Google Maps.


8. Embedding A Google Map Within Your Site


Embedding a map within your website will actually be another great strategy towards developing your Google Maps rankings. This is something that many businesses will do within their contact pages, and this map will essentially verify to Google that you are located where you say you’re located within your listing.


Reach Out To The Google Maps Specialists At Big Fish Local To Learn More About Our Page Ranking Strategies!


Big Fish Local has helped countless businesses rank highly within Google for many years, and we’re continuing to remain focused on the overall importance of Google Maps as we enter 2021.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to learn more about how we can support your efforts towards optimizing your Google Maps rankings!

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