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5 Alternatives for Twitter

Most consumers are aware that Elon Musk recently purchased the social media platform Twitter. Internet opinion on this action is incredibly split. Some see it as a strategic and necessary takeover of a platform that was losing money. Others see it as yet another monopolistic consolidation of our current media environment. While we won’t dive …

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What is Meta

It’s almost impossible today to open your favorite news app or to read about  technology companies and see someone talking about Meta. By extension, this often  includes conversations about the Metaverse. We thought we’d take a few moments  today to address the question, “What is Meta” and what it might mean for the future of  …

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How to Plan Your Paid Advertising

Today, we’re releasing the first in a two-part series to help you plan your paid  advertising initiatives. As paid content will continue to grow in its importance in the  coming years, we thought an end-of-the-year/prepare-for-2023 checklist would help  many of our readers with their upcoming marketing planning. Let’s start by focusing on  Pay-Per-Click through Google …

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4 Website Design Tips

Are you a small business owner considering launching a new (or revamped) website?  Awesome, we’d love to help you with that! However, we also understand there are  times you may need to handle it yourself. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 4  website design tips to guide you along the way.  Images are …

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Tips for Marketing Success

Marketing success is top of mind for all companies. Getting your message in front of the right people takes time and effort as well as careful planning. In addition, the rules of marketing continue to change with the launch of newer platforms (such as TikTok) or ongoing changes within search engine algorithms. In addition, offline …

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