Big Fish Local’s Marketing Sonar: A Digital Audit for Online Success

Small and medium-sized businesses need innovative ways to enhance their online presence and performance. At Big Fish Local, we’ve developed a powerful tool designed to give businesses a competitive edge: the Marketing Sonar. We’ve tailored this comprehensive marketing audit to dive deep into your digital strategy, helping you uncover hidden opportunities, navigate competitive currents, and chart a course toward unparalleled success. Here’s how our Marketing Sonar can transform your digital marketing efforts this season.

The Process: Deep Dive into Digital Excellence

  • Discovery Session: Our journey begins with a thorough discovery session via Zoom. This one-hour meeting lets you gather all the necessary information to tailor the Sonar to your needs. We’ll discuss your current marketing efforts and objectives, ensuring we clearly understand where you stand and where you want to go.
  • In-Depth Research: Over the following week, we extensively cover all critical aspects of your digital marketing strategy. From SEO to digital advertising and beyond, we utilize various advanced tools to assess your current efforts and benchmark them against top competitors. This meticulous approach ensures we grasp every facet of your digital landscape.
  • Strategic Action Plan: We craft a detailed, step-by-step strategic plan with insights from our research and discussions. This blueprint is designed for immediate implementation, helping you navigate to the most effective “fishing holes” in your local pond and beyond. It’s about making strategic moves that yield measurable results.

What We Cover: Comprehensive Audits and Strategies

Organic Search

Our SEO audit delves deep into your website’s optimization, assessing everything from keyword relevance to technical SEO factors like site speed and mobile-friendliness. We provide a detailed report with actionable recommendations to boost your search engine visibility and traffic.

Digital Advertising

We refine your online advertising strategy across multiple platforms, ensuring you’re targeting the right audience with compelling creatives and optimized bidding strategies. This tailored advice helps you increase your ROI and seamlessly integrate with your overall marketing strategy.

Reputation Management

By analyzing public sentiment and online mentions, we identify trends and insights that help you proactively enhance customer engagement and manage your brand reputation.

Social Media

Our social media audit evaluates your platform presence, analyzing content effectiveness, engagement rates, and growth trends. We provide strategic recommendations to optimize your social media efforts and strengthen your online community.

Our Promise: Guaranteed Value

We are so confident in the value of our Marketing Sonar that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you feel that our services haven’t provided sufficient value to cover the cost, we will issue a full refund. We are committed to your success and believe deeply in the transformative power of our service.

Get Started with Marketing Sonar

Don’t let another day pass without optimizing your digital marketing strategy. Sign up for the Marketing Sonar by Big Fish Local today and set your course for success. With our expert guidance, you’ll explore the depths of digital marketing and master them.

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