Building a Big Fish Brand: Strategies for Local Market Leadership With Seth Evans

Seth Evans
Seth Evans

Seth Evans is the Founder and CEO of Big Fish Local, a digital marketing firm dedicated to helping home service professionals thrive in their local markets. With over 10 years of web design experience, Seth combines his self-taught technical skills with a passion for helping others achieve their business goals. He is an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church, where he honed his patience, leadership, and collaborative skills. Seth believes in creating a positive company culture, driving growth through innovation, and promoting local community support as the keys to business success.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:28] What inspired Seth Evans to start Big Fish Local?
  • [3:18] Why supporting home service professionals positively impacts community well-being
  • [5:03] How Seth taught himself web design skills before starting Big Fish Local
  • [6:31] Finding team members and clients who align with company culture
  • [7:23] The most important qualities of leaders and CEOs 
  • [10:29] How Big Fish Local navigated the pandemic with innovation and community outreach
  • [11:34] Seth highlights the significance of maintaining a work-life balance for personal and professional well-being

In this episode…

Have you ever wondered what it takes to transform a local business into a dominant force in the market? How do successful entrepreneurs leverage their skills and experiences to drive substantial growth and create a lasting impact in their communities?

According to Seth Evans, a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for digital marketing and community building, the key to local market leadership lies in a strategic vision and effective team collaboration. He highlights the importance of understanding the unique needs of the community and aligning business practices to meet those needs. By focusing on building a strong company culture and maintaining clear communication with both team members and clients, businesses can navigate challenges and achieve significant growth. Seth emphasizes that patience, discipline, and a commitment to continuous learning are crucial elements for any business leader aspiring to create a “big fish” brand.

In this episode of the Home Pro Podcast, Seth Evans, Founder and CEO of Big Fish Local, is interviewed by Chad Franzen of Rise25 to discuss building a big fish brand in the local market. They explore how Seth’s background in ministry has influenced his leadership style, the strategies he used to overcome challenges during the pandemic, and the role of effective communication tools in maintaining seamless operations.

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Quotable Moments:

  • “At some point, everyone needs home services…and I wanted to help the best of the best grow.”
  • “One of the most important elements of building a successful business is creating that positive company culture.”
  • “It’s really hard to be able to chart a course into the future if you don’t know the destination.”
  • “During COVID, it was really a great opportunity to innovate and grow.”
  • “Cast a vision where you’re going — the steps that we plan on taking to get there.”

Action Steps:

  1. Cultivate a positive company culture: This can lead to more motivated teams and better client relationships, which is critical for growth.
  2. Cast a vision for your team: Setting a clear direction for the organization inspires and aligns team efforts toward common goals.
  3. Embrace community during challenges: Engaging with and supporting your local community during tough times can open new avenues for growth and solidify your business’ reputation.
  4. Balance professional and personal life: Implementing work-life balance practices can improve well-being and productivity.
  5. Leverage self-taught skills: Transform self-taught skills into business opportunities by continuously learning and applying your knowledge.

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