BUSTED! Diving Into The Truth Behind 5 Digital Marketing Myths

BUSTED! Diving Into The Truth Behind 5 Digital Marketing Myths

Digital marketing is full of myths, so here we'll talk more about the SEO process

There are a ton of common misconceptions about the digital marketing industry, and here are some that you should know about!

Digital marketing is full of myths, so here we'll talk more about the SEO process


Every industry has certain myths and instances of people spreading misinformation, and the digital marketing industry is certainly no exception. Unsurprisingly, there are many different myths about the overall efficacy of digital marketing, and this is mainly due to the fact that countless business owners don’t necessarily know better when they’re considering these types of marketing investments.

But all of us at Big Fish Local want you to be 100% rest assured when it comes to the overall importance of digital marketing investments, because there’s no denying that SEO and all forms of online marketing are now more important than ever!

So here are 5 myths that we’re debunking once and for all so you can better understand what digital marketing is truly about!

Myth #1: Digital Marketing Is Only For Large Businesses

This myth may have been somewhat true at the very beginning of the internet era about 20 years ago, but in recent times this couldn’t be further from the truth! The Web has simply evolved so much to the point that even the smallest startup companies are utilizing similar tools to massive giants of industry, and digital marketing specialists like the Big Fish Local team are now more affordable for small business entities.

Every business big or small must utilize everything that’s available to them from a marketing standpoint when it comes to development and lead generation, and this means every business also subsequently has to implement digital marketing strategies!

Myth #2: Content Marketing Lacks Significance

The old Field of Dreams saying, “if you build it, they will come” is the motto of some people who think that website creation is all they need to do from a digital marketing standpoint, but this quite frankly is TERRIBLE advice for business leaders who are just beginning their digital marketing campaigns. It’s absolutely critical that all businesses understand the overall importance and purpose of consistent content, and how it nurtures and develops an online audience.

Professional content marketing strategies will always go a long way in terms of helping businesses with their search engine presence and visibility, and good content also does wonders in providing positive messages to your target audience.

It’s been known that businesses that utilize content marketing strategies see about SIX TIMES better conversion rates as compared to those that don’t, so the numbers truly speak for themselves when it comes to content marketing!

Myth #3: PPC Is More Effective As Compared To SEO

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is many times a useful digital marketing strategy, but if a business solely focuses on PPC they’ll inevitably be spreading themselves much too thin and ultimately cutting themselves short. It’s true that PPC advertising can get your business immediately to the top of your desired SERPs (search engine results pages), which can provide rather immediate results, but PPC will always fall short when it comes to the consistent digital marketing results that your business will inevitably need to remain on the cutting edge of your industry.

SEO differs from PPC because it’s an investment in long-term marketing strategies that will undoubtedly help provide your business with more qualified leads and sales opportunities, and you won’t have to pay for each online visitor! When it comes to crucial metrics like leads, traffic and sales, 70% of marketers say SEO strategies outweigh a PPC approach.

It’s important to understand that it’ll inevitably take much longer to see results with an SEO strategy as compared to PPC, but in the end all of the best digital marketing strategies are oriented around long-lasting results. Also, most Google and online users scroll right past paid advertisements and trust organic results much more!

This is why the long-term viability of SEO strategy investments should always outweigh PPC campaigns, but combining both together is also a good way to maintain results as you’re remaining patient on the fruits of your consistent SEO efforts!

Myth #4: Most People Dismiss Email Marketing As Spam

Although it’s true that there are some people who will always trash marketing-oriented emails, it’s also important for business leaders to know that these types of people typically don’t read many emails altogether!

Even considering the fact that emails tend to have somewhat low click-through rates as compared to other marketing strategies like Facebook Messenger ads, there’s no denying how high of an ROI this marketing strategy has for countless businesses. The average ROI on an email marketing campaign is about $42 for every single dollar spent, so that’s a serious return that no business leader should ever neglect!

Myth #5: Mobile Users Don’t Lead To Conversions

This last myth we’re going to talk about definitely does have some truth to it because it’s true that mobile users lead to less conversions as compared to people on actual desktops; however there are some extenuating circumstances that make this notion much more of a myth than fact.

Some people blame the smaller size of a phone’s screen and the hassles of a mobile checkout interface, but whatever the excuse is for a slacking mobile conversion rate, your website should always be fully optimized and mobile-friendly.

The truth is that many online users will find your business’ website while searching on their phone, and although they may not convert on their phone they’re inevitably getting their first impression of your company. A solid first impression on a mobile device will likely lead to another visit on their desktop where they’ll convert, but if your website looks bad on a phone then their journey with your brand will end there, and that’s never good!

Reach Out To The Experts At Big Fish Local For More Information About The Lesser-Known Truths Within The Digital Marketing Industry!

The above 5 digital marketing myths only brush the surface when it comes to all of the misinformation permeating throughout the industry, and all of us at Big Fish Local understand how important it is for each of our clients to thoroughly understand some of the insider information that can be somewhat difficult to find online.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 today to get in touch with our team and learn more about how we can help get your online visibility and brand awareness to new heights!

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