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CHurch Marketing

Church Marketing

As a church, your focus is connecting with your congregation and your community.

Modern times require modern techniques. Big Fish Local can help you harness the tools of digital marketing to share your message with more people, extending your reach and increasing your positive impact.

What’s your church’s goal? Would you like to attract greater numbers to your services? Are you fundraising and hoping to generate more donations to your cause? Or are you keen to share church activities and keep up communication with those who can’t make it in person?


Big Fish Local

Digital marketing services can be employed for all kinds of purposes, and these days, they’re a must for an active church.

We believe that churches should lead the way when it comes to engaging people online, not trail behind useful innovations.

The pandemic showed that digital tools can be crucial for churches, and the way that religion is practiced has been altered by the experience.

Now, people expect their church to have an online presence they can engage with. Given how much time we all spend online, it’s important that your church offers digital resources for the benefit of its congregation.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to build relationships and offer support. Why wouldn’t you use digital marketing to make your church more accessible and engaging?

Big Fish Local

Who We Are

We are Big Fish Local

Big Fish Local is a values-driven digital marketing service that works with small businesses, non-profits, and churches alike.

We have the specific skills required to help you connect with your community and activate or expand your congregation.

Understanding the challenges faced by churches these days, we offer customized support. We can build your online presence and ensure you spread your message effectively.

In our team, you’ll find search engine specialists, highly proficient graphic designers, experienced copywriters, and talented web designers and developers.

In other words, you can access all the expertise you need to build a convincing, credible digital presence for your church.

We work together to make you the big fish in your pond by effectively translating your message to an online audience. The results may surprise you!

You’re undoubtedly busy managing all of the many activities supported by your church. That’s why you need digital marketing services that you can depend on.

Here, you can access all the services you need from one creative and collaborative team. The process is smooth, so you can continue to focus on your church’s in-person priorities.

Big Fish Local has extensive experience supporting all kinds of organizations to meet their marketing goals. You may find the concept of marketing a church unusual, but we don’t!

We’ve successfully worked with churches in the past, and we know what a huge difference our services can make to a church’s daily operations.

It’s our pleasure to apply our skills on projects like these, that make a positive impact in the community.

Ask around! We’re known as a digital marketing business defined by integrity. That makes us a natural choice for churches. We know how important it is to convey your message effectively and accurately.

The Big Fish Local team looks forward to working with you and your church.

Big Fish Local

What Makes Us Different

It doesn’t matter if the digital landscape is unfamiliar terrain to you. We’re digital natives, so we can navigate it on your behalf. Let us be your guides, and we’ll lead you to your goal of better engagement.

When we work with your church, we adopt your priorities as our own. Whether you seek to expand your congregation, drive more donations, or simply share information, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Maintaining an online presence is time consuming and it requires a specific skill set. This is why some churches shy from taking advantage of its many opportunities.

This doesn’t have to be your situation, though. You can entrust Big Fish Local to take care of all aspects of your church’s website and social media profiles. Then, you can enjoy all the benefits of digital marketing without sacrificing any of your normal activities.

Big Fish Local

As a values-driven business, we really care about our clients. You’ll notice that in our committed approach. Whether we work with a non-profit, a small business, or a church like yours, we bring all of our enthusiasm and energy to the task at hand.

You can count on us to show:


When we promise to do something, we do it. This simple quality has won us the affection and loyalty of many clients over the years.


We continue to learn and improve so we maintain the highest quality of service, staying ahead of innovations in our industry.


Our job isn’t just doing what we said we’d do. It’s also actively looking for new opportunities to help you meet your goals.

What Makes Marketing for Churches Different

The word “marketing” probably isn’t what comes to mind when you think of spreading the message of your church to the masses. However, churches have been marketing for a long time!

Every reminder phone call made to a congregation member so they attend an event… is marketing, in its own way. Every poster printed and posted on a community billboard… is marketing!

So when you use marketing services, you’re not doing something entirely new. You’re doing the same thing you always did, in a more effective and efficient manner.

COVID changed how we connect and communicate with people in our community. Even as relative normality resumes, we find that our habits are forever altered.

From now on, people will expect organizations like churches to have an online presence. That’s often the first place they look for information, after all.

Churches can meet people where they are using digital marketing. Anything that makes your church easier to find and easier to relate to is undoubtedly a positive thing, and that’s what makes our services such a smart investment.

The goals of a church are very different from the goals of a business, and we totally appreciate that because we’ve worked with churches in the past.

That’s why we will take the time to get to know you, your church, and your goals before we start to design your custom digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Services We Offer Churches

You may be wondering which digital marketing services are relevant and useful for churches like yours. Each strategy is custom-made to suit the client, so what we’ll implement on behalf of your church depends on what your focus is. Before we create your strategy, we’ll have a creative consultation in which we determine the best services to meet your goals. Here are some of the services we could combine to form a digital marketing approach for your church:

Big Fish Local

Website design and development

Does your church have a functioning website? We can make visiting it a more appealing experience for your congregation. With our support, your website can become a place to access information.

Big Fish Local

Social media marketing

The people in your community are undoubtedly using social media, so this is a great place to reach them! We’ll help you develop an online presence that feels true to your church and engages others.

Big Fish Local

Local Search Engine Optimization

When someone searches for a church in your area, yours should appear in the results that they see! We’ll ensure that your details are accurate across platforms so you appear in local searches.

Because we have a diverse team with each member bringing a unique skill set, you can count on us to deliver a comprehensive service.

Any design assets or content writing that you require can be handled by our creative graphic designers and copywriters.

Results We Deliver For Your Church

If you’re looking to build a better connection with your congregation or you want to expand your reach in your community, then we can help.
Our digital marketing services can be adapted to meet the needs of a modern church, furthering its mission.

These days, people spend significant portions of their time online. That’s why it’s crucial that your church has a presence there.
With a well-developed website, you can better meet the needs of the people who attend your church. You can also make the information newcomers need more accessible so they feel more confident approaching
your services, too.

When you show up on social media, you help to make your church’s teachings part of your congregation’s everyday lives. You show your church to be a forward-facing institution that’s able to use digital tools to better spread its message.

Nobody should struggle to find your church online. The internet is a busy place but, thankfully, we know all the techniques to ensure that people can easily look for and find your church using search engines.
The exact strategy that we follow when it comes to your church will depend on the goals that you share during our initial consultation. You can be confident that the service we provide will be designed around your needs and objectives as a church.

Would My Church Benefit from Big Fish Local Services?

A Checklist

If any of the following statements apply to you, your church could benefit from Big Fish Local Services:

Big Fish Local
  • Our church doesn’t have a website or, if it does, it isn’t fit for purpose, and I don’t feel confident sharing it with people as a result.

  • I’d like to broaden the reach of our church, sharing its message to more people and perhaps attracting them to attend church services.
  • There are people in our church’s congregation who find it difficult to attend services, and online support or worship may be more
    appropriate for them.


  • Because there are many churches in my local area, I want to ensure people can easily search for and find our church online.

We’ve provided all kinds of organizations, including churches, non profits, and small businesses, with digital marketing services. People approach us for support with different motivations
in mind.

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing tools and techniques, we can create customized strategies that serve their unique goals.

Whatever you want to achieve from digital marketing, Big Fish Local is the team to trust. We’ll help move your church in the right direction, achieving concrete results on your behalf.

Client Cases Studies

Church Marketing FAQ:

Knowing that you have many priorities to deal with as a church, we make the process of accessing digital marketing services as simple as possible.

The first step is a consultation in which we determine the best strategy to use. Then, you can trust us to execute this on your behalf.

If you have any questions or concerns, we make ourselves available to you. Lines of communication remain open while we work together.

Yes, we have! And this has endowed us with specific knowledge of the ways that digital marketing can support churches like yours.

Obviously, our approach is different when we work with a church and when we work with a small business. We’re able to tailor our services to meet your specific objectives.

As a value-driven business, Big Fish Local shows integrity, improvement, and initiative. We commit ourselves to your mission throughout our collaboration.

Don’t worry if digital marketing is a brand new field for you. We’re experts in it, and we’re happy to explain exactly what we can do for your church.

As we work together, we’ll also report back with easy-to-understand updates about what we’ve achieved on your behalf.

Whether your church’s goal is increased visibility, improved communication with the congregation, or an uptick in community engagement, you’ll see that digital marketing gets results!