A Digital Marketing Agency that Works for You

You’ve taken the time to become an expert in your industry. Now it’s time to take your business to the next level. With a digital marketing agency by your side, you’ll gain a professional perspective on the best strategy for your business. Get expert advice to expand your brand, increase visibility, and turn new customers into loyal fans.

Big Fish Local Brings You Better Solutions

We craft a marketing strategy that fits your unique business. Looking to increase organic traffic to your website? Need help managing your social media presence? We’ve got you covered. Whether you need a complete website redesign or an eye-popping brand logo, we take the time to get it right. We’re located in Dublin, Ohio and we happily serve local businesses around the Columbus area. We offer our advanced marketing strategies and friendly customer service to business owners across the country looking to expand their online presence. Navigate our strategic solutions and grow your business to the Big Fish it’s meant to be.
video marketing is a big part of an internet marketing campaign

Swim smarter, not harder.

Internet marketing is a vast ecosystem. It’s constantly evolving with new users, new platforms, and ever-changing algorithms. Big Fish Local is your guide to this complex network, and we’re here to lead you to success! Tired of being stuck with the plankton? Work with the Big Fish and rise to the top!

What can I expect from a digital marketing agency?

It may be hard to understand what exactly a digital marketing agency can offer you, especially if you’re new to the world of online marketing. (Let’s face it, a lot of us didn’t grow up using smartphones and browsing the internet like the youth of today!) Not all digital marketing agencies offer well-rounded services so it’s important to make sure you work with an agency you trust.

A top tier digital marketing agency will have a comprehensive approach that aligns with your brand vision and business goals. Professional marketers will typically offer an array of services including one-on-one consults, social media management, website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and website development.

It’s up to you what services you’d like to utilize. For example, many business owners prefer to hire out their social media management to professionals in order to save time and maintain active accounts. If you’re not sure what type of services you need, you may want to consider a general consultation. After all, marketing consultant experts have knowledge in areas that you may not even know exist!
website design is a major part of Big Fish Local's SEO solutions

Harness the power of your brand.

Your brand fuels your business. It brings emotion to your product or service in a way that influences the decisions your customers make and the overall success of your company. A marketing agency helps you develop your brand vision, the ideas and the strategy behind your brand. Whether you know it or not, your business has a unique story to tell, a message within your marketing that differentiates itself from competitors. Uncovering your unique story is key to creating a loyal fanbase of customers. Once you nail down your brand vision, the next step is to create a strategy to expand brand awareness. How can your customers better learn about and connect with your company? Find your target audience and speak to them where they’re the most active. Brand awareness can include logo design, social media strategy, video marketing, digital advertising, and e-mail campaigns. Bring longevity to your business with customers that stand behind your message. Schedule a consult with us today to build and increase your brand awareness.

Implement tailor-made strategies.

A successful marketing strategy should be unique to your business. What makes your company stand out from your competitors? What is special about your product or service? A company that sells children’s toys shouldn’t market the same way a company would that sells cruise tickets. Tailor your strategy to your distinct voice and target your ideal audience where they’re the most active. Keeping in mind your business goals and specific industry will help you develop new initiatives that excel.

Embolden your social media presence.

Social media is an excellent place to share the personality of your business and connect with new and existing customers. Each post is a chance for you to engage with your audience in a meaningful way. Increase brand awareness through social media with regularly scheduled posts that create a sense of community. Unfortunately, keeping up with your social media accounts can be a time-consuming hassle, but luckily, marketing agencies like us are here to help! We keep your social media presence active with engaging content posted on a regular basis. Gain a professional perspective on your social media strategy with a marketing firm by your side.

Digital marketing services to boost your success!

What exactly does a digital marketing company do? A marketing firm’s menu of services can encompass a wide variety of options. Here at Big Fish Local, we offer a wide range of services to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Brand Design & Strategy

Develop your brand vision, the backbone of your marketing. Design an eye-catching brand logo. Find a unique way to share your brand story and increase brand recognition.

Reputation Management

Manage all of your online reviews in one place. Encourage happy customers to provide feedback using trusted review management tools. Naturally increase high ratings and watch your reputation flourish!

Website Design Services

Get the expert eye to ensure your website is visually appealing, filled with engaging content, and user-friendly. Draw online users to your website and keep them there with interactive content and a beautiful design that keeps them coming back.

Metrics & Analytics

Crunch the numbers to create a solid understanding of your marketing strategy and set attainable goals in new initiatives including website interaction, click-through rate (CTR), and activity on your social media accounts.

Website Development

While the backbone of your website is not visible to users, it’s incredibly important. Stay up to date with a maintained, high-functioning website that runs well.

Social Media Management

Get help managing your social media accounts. Post high-quality content that engages users and increases your brand recognition.

Search Engine Optimization

Boost your online visibility by optimizing your website for search engine traffic. Rank for local searches and lead new users to your website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC campaigns bring the business right to your doorstep! Set an impactful PPC campaign for your target audience. Let us take care of the work while you take care of all the business knocking on your door.


Take a look at our full list of service options to see how we can best assist you in expanding your business. We offer a variety of services and tools including premium packages. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Our digital marketing company was born and raised in Dublin, OH. Our team of Ohio natives offers expert advice with friendly customer service. We bring our passion for advanced digital marketing services to our local community here in Dublin and beyond! We’ve helped business owners all across The Buckeye State including Columbus and Springfield, OH. Create as many fans of your business as the OSU Buckeyes have around the state! We’ll coach you along your path toward success while your fans cheer you on!

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