Does PPC affect organic rankings

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When you perform a search engine query, you’ll often see two types of results: organic  listings powered by SEO and paid ads. Both are based on your search term. One is the  result of a hardworking digital marketer. The other is driven by a bidding-based system.  Both are important for your digital strategy, and some have wondered if PPC can affect  your organic rankings. 

What is organic traffic? 

Before we answer that question, we should first define “organic traffic.” If you searched  for “pizza near me,” then Google will first use your IP address to determine your  location. Then, using the SEO data scraped from various websites, provide you with a  listing of the closest pizza establishment. 

When you click on those links, that’s organic traffic. Organic simply means that the  data that was not paid for but rather based on the SEO content on your website. 

How is organic traffic different than PPC traffic? 

This means that PPC traffic is the opposite. PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is driven  by a bidding system within Google AdWords. Let’s assume that you are a pizza  restaurant owner and you’re willing to pay upwards of $5 per click. However, your  competitor down the road is willing to pay $6 per click. 

Most likely, they will win the bidding war (unless they’ve exceeded their budget). In that  case, the result for their restaurant will appear with a tiny “Ad” box next to it. However,  this ad will be listed above the organic listings, meaning it stands a higher chance of  being clicked on by the user. 

Does PPC hurt organic traffic? 

PPC can hurt organic traffic, though not in the context you’re asking. PPC can replace  some of your organic traffic, but it won’t hurt your hard-earned SEO-based ranking on  a search engine. All PPC does is put you at the head of the pack, so to speak,  including your organic listings. However, it won’t deprioritize your rankings. It’s a subtle  yet distinct difference we’re talking about here. 

However, it could potentially hurt your competition’s organic traffic. If you are the only  pizza restaurant in your area running PPC ads, then it stands to reason that your  website will “steal” some of the web traffic from your competition. 

So does PPC boost organic traffic? 

Ah, so here’s the question at hand. A better question might be “Will running PPC gives  you better SEO?” The answer to that is no. You’re not going to magically have search  engine-optimized copy because you’re running PPC ads. 

Can it boost your engagement, time on page, and authority? It’s possible. Remember,  one of the unspoken components of SEO is page value. If website visitors frequently  browse multiple pages on your site after clicking through via a PPC ad, or if they share 

your content after having arrived via the said PPC campaign, then this demonstrates  authority. That will help to boost your SEO indirectly. 

A complete SEO plan includes both organic and PPC strategies The important part is to always have a well-written copy with appropriate backlinks,  alt-text, and a well-defined user flow. Those SEO components will then help to  encourage site exploration when users arrive via your PPC campaigns.  

In other words, it’s not an either-or situation. You need both SEO and PPC to have a  successful digital marketing strategy. If this sounds a bit overwhelming, then let us  know. We’d be happy to chat with you to see how we can help align your SEO and  PPC goals, providing you with a world-class strategy to optimize your digital initiatives.