Fresh Content Ideas to Boost Your Site’s SEO

Fresh Content Ideas to Boost Your Site’s SEO

Everyone knows one of the best ways to boost your site’s search engine optimization is through useful, engaging content. But it’s harder than it sounds to consistently come up with new blog post ideas. When you feel like every topic’s been exhausted, try these tips to generate new blog ideas for your business.

Review non-competing, but related, products.
What are some products or services your clients love or are curious about outside your product line? If you’re a tea company, consider partnering up with a local coffee shop and reviewing their new brew. If your company mainly sells skincare, review makeup products with similar customer bases. This is a great way to engage with your client base and offer relevant information without driving up your competition.

Write a series that dives deep into a relevant topic.
Readers love multi-part content series. Identify a few key issues or topics that are close to your customers’ hearts, but that are too complex or nuanced for a single content page. Then split the topic into chunks and tackle it one post at a time. Dedicated blog readers will burn through every post, boosting engagement and in-site clicks. They might even refer back to those posts in the future.

Write a weekly roundup of relevant news.
This is a great way to get short, quick content out there. Update your audience on relevant topics surrounding your business and the wider industry. Keep it short and sweet. When applicable, provide links to more in-depth news coverage.

A word of caution: This won’t be the right move for every business. If your work is mostly seasonal or slow-paced, you run the risk of writing posts just to fill content. But if you’re in a fast-paced field, this can be an effective way to keep customers up to date.

Point out common customer mistakes.
If your customers often approach you with a specific problem related to your product or service, that’s an opportunity to steer them in the right direction. These posts tend to have similar information as FAQs, but can be more engaging and useful. Provide a tutorial or visuals if applicable.

This helps prevent dissatisfied customers from returning your product or leaving your business upset for user error-related reasons. This also creates a relationship that feels collaborative and constructive, positioning you as being there to help.

Comment on local news stories or current events in your field.
Remember, SEO isn’t just about producing content. It’s about producing relevant, useful content to your specific audience. Evergreen content is great, but if there’s a hot topic in your field or geographic area, take advantage of that. This will also help establish you as a member of a wider community – while boosting your SEO, of course.

Consistently producing effective, useful content is crucial for your site’s SEO. But it’s easier said than done. For support with content creation and search engine optimization, reach out to Big Fish Local’s experts today.

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