Google Ads vs Facebook Ads – Which is better?

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Paid advertisements are increasingly becoming more and more important to your digital marketing strategy. When budgeting for your yearly ad spend, you first need to know on which platform you’ll be spending most of your budget: Google Ads vs Facebook ads. 

Is one better than the other? Today, we’re hoping to address that issue so that you can make an informed choice with your online marketing.

First, what is Google AdWords?

Which is better Google AdWords or Facebook Ads?

Google AdWords is essentially a Pay Per Click (PPC) system utilizing a “bidding” methodology to determine how much you’ll spend. It places ads in various places around the internet, including:

  • Google Searches;
  • On other websites, such as Amazon;
  • YouTube, and;
  • Other platforms within the Google Display Network.

Have you ever been on a site and seen a banner ad with a tiny X in one of the corners? Most likely, that was a Google Ad delivered via the Adwords bidding process. They appear everywhere, from personal blogs to major news sites and beyond.

Within the AdWords system, advertisers set their maximum bid and targeted demographics. Whenever you win the bid via the automated system, Google then displays it to the user.

Second, what are Facebook ads?

Which is better Google AdWords or Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads may be better described as “Meta Platforms Ads.” This means they can appear in anything owned by Meta, including:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • Messenger, and;
  • WhatsApp.

They use targeted demographics in conjunction with several ad-type variations to provide you with results-specific conversions.

Do other social media platforms offer paid ads?

Yes, all social media platforms offer paid advertisement options. Those include Promoted Posts within sites like Reddit or LinkedIn, Promoted Tweets on Twitter, and Sponsored Content on TikTok.