Google Has Started Providing COVID-19 Advertising Credits, So Here’s How To Find Out If You’re Eligible

Google Has Started Providing COVID-19 Advertising Credits, So Here’s How To Find Out If You’re Eligible

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Here’s our guide to learn more about Google’s latest giveaway towards small and medium-sized businesses


Google is now undergoing a rather vast giveaway of COVID-19 credits for countless businesses towards their Google Ads campaigns, and many qualifying businesses have either already received an email from Google or will get that credit information in the near future.

Google is essentially giving away about $340 million to help small and medium-sized businesses to assist them throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the only catch is that these qualifying businesses will have to utilize these free advertising credits by the end of the year.

In this article we’re going to go over why Google is undergoing this giveaway, what businesses are qualifying for these free credits, how these credits work, when you can expect to see these credits dispersed to your business, and much more!

Why Google Is Giving Away So Many Free Advertising Credits to Small Businesses

Google is simply trying to go above and beyond when it comes to fulfilling their own civic duty to help small businesses when it comes to remaining in contact throughout these unprecedented times, and all of us at Big Fish Local consider this to be a great gesture!

PPC advertising has certainly increased throughout the pandemic within all niches and industries, but there’s also no denying that many business owners have decided to cut back a lot on their PPC/advertising spending.

So although Google may have its own financial intentions at heart with this giveaway in some way or another, they’re now encouraging all businesses to continue online advertisements.

You can learn more about Google’s advertising credit program via this announcement.

What Businesses Are Qualifying For Google Ads Credits?

The following businesses will qualify for the new Google Ads credits program oriented around their COVID-19 pandemic relief:

  • Small businesses that advertised within Google Ads for 10 out of the 12 months of 2019, and the businesses that advertised in January and/or February 2020
  • Small businesses that conducted their own online advertising directly through Google and/or through a digital marketing agency (like us at Big Fish Local)
  • Small businesses that have continued to advertise with Google Ads and have continuously abided by their advertising policies


How The Advertising Credits Work

Essentially how these credits will work is that a business will be able to apply the credit to any future Google advertising campaign.

To be more specific, these credit are capable of being applied towards the following:

  • Remarketing and display ads
  • Search ads
  • YouTube ads


When Can Small Businesses Expect To Receive Their Credit Disbursement?

These free ad credits started to be rolled out by Google in late May, and according to Google all eligible businesses will be officially notified within their Google Ads account about their applied credit.

We’ve already helped many of our clients when it comes to understanding and validating these credits, but of course we’re always here to help other small businesses that have yet to receive this notification as well!

Claiming Your Google Ads Credit

There isn’t necessarily a claiming process when it comes to these COVID-19 advertising credits, because Google is supposed to automatically notify eligible businesses of their credits within their Google Ads account.

Our recommendation to business owners is to closely monitor their notifications within their Google Ads account so that you’ll be ready when your credit is officially dispersed.

Understanding Your Credit Amount

It’s true that the amount certain businesses will receive within this advertising credit program will vary, so it’ll be pretty common for certain businesses to receive a different amount than their competitors and other businesses.

According to Google there are two factors that determine how much money/credits a small business will receive, including:

  • History of Google Ads expenditures (how much businesses have previously invested within Google Ads)
  • Location (the country where your business is located)


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