Got a Bad Rap? How to Fix Your Online Reputation

Got a Bad Rap? How to Fix Your Online Reputation

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Your online reputation is so important for your business. Not only does it show people who you are, but it also can show them things you don’t want them to see.

Negative reviews, bad updates about the business, or even nasty articles may be clouding your online presence in a significant way.

What can you do to help fix this? Online reputation management is something that can improve your online image and help you protect yourself in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about some common mistakes business make with their online reputations and how to repair them when they become negative, keep reading.

How to Repair Your Online Reputation

Be sure to avoid these types of mistakes when you are working on your digital image. It will help you over time to have a better reputation!

Not Claiming Listings or Profiles

A great way to start taking back control of a business’s impression online is to update company information. This is especially important on larger platforms, like search engines or review sites.

These listings are generally some of the first things that will come up when someone searches for a business. Being able to see hours that a business is open and an address to find them is important for customers.

List your business online to make it more accessible for new and old patrons!

Giving Responsibility to Employees That Can’t Handle It

It can be easy to pass the buck to an employee that seems to have some extra time on their hands, but are they really qualified to handle what you give them?

If you are asking an employee to work on your digital branding and online reputation without them having the experience, it likely won’t turn out as well as you think.

Social media responsibilities are important as well and do impact online reputations! For this reason, you shouldn’t just be handing these responsibilities to your interns.

This is where mistakes start to happen and these mistakes can really cost you in the long run. Your customer base and brand appearance may suffer.

Not Responding on Social Media

If a customer has some kind of comment or question for you, how would they let you know? Most customers won’t call a business anymore. In fact, many of them won’t email or visit in-person either.

Social media is often used to voice concerns, ask questions, or even to complain when something goes wrong.

In 2016, a survey was completed that found only 16% of customers that used social media for customer service had their issues actually resolved.

If you want to keep positive brand perceptions online, you have to respond to all of your customers! This is especially true in such a public format, so do this if you want online reputation repair to happen faster for you.

Not Paying Attention to Online Reviews

If you are investing in your digital marketing strategies and have a bunch of stuff ready to go, you need to also remember online reviews.

You can have the best content and the most engaging videos, but it won’t matter if you have negative online reviews. People will search your name online and all of that negativity will come up!

Having a couple of negative reviews is not a bad thing. The damage where you need reputation repair will start to happen when you don’t have more positive reviews than you do negative.

Ready to Get to Work?

Your online reputation as a business is a big deal in today’s technological world.

Not only do people constantly look up businesses before working with them, but you need to stay up against your competition in the digital age.

If you want to see if we can help you repair your online reputation, contact us to see how we may be able to help.

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