How Social Media Affects SEO, And What You Should Know!

How Social Media Affects SEO, And What You Should Know!

social media is crucial for your SEO strategies!

Understanding these crucial social media factors will provide tangible benefits towards your digital marketing strategies!

social media is crucial for your SEO strategies!

A lot of the business owners we work with have many questions about social media and how it benefits SEO initiatives, and in many ways the relationship between social media and SEO is like an alley-oop setup scenario in which both players need to be on the same page in order to manifest profound success.

There are four main ways in which social media affects SEO strategies, including:

  • Helping to increase website traffic and overall online visibility
  • Helping to develop brand recognition and industry authority
  • Developing longer content life spans and broader content distribution
  • Improving your overall local SEO efforts


There’s no denying how much of an impact social signals have in terms of making a difference for SEO strategies, so in this article we’re going to delve into how social media makes a difference within its relation to SEO. But let’s first better explain what exactly a social signal is!

What Are Social Signals?

Social signals include things like shares, reviews, likes, pins, votes, or other types of links within social media sites. Social signals are essentially indications that a particular brand is being talked about online, and in many ways they are very similar to other types of online reviews.

Social Media Helps Brands Increase Their Online Visibility, Which Increases Traffic And Supports SEO

Here at Big Fish Local we like to utilize fishing metaphors to better explain marketing, and online advertising is a lot like fishing in that the bigger net you cast out the more fish you’ll end up catching.

The main point behind undergoing comprehensive digital marketing strategies is to ultimately help your business garner more leads that end up becoming sales, so it goes without saying that the more people who see your brand online the more conversion opportunities you’ll have.

Google gives a lot of weight to social media account pages like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube within SERPs, so embracing an expert-driven social media campaign can do wonders for your brand’s overall recognition and online visibility!

Social Media Helps Boost Brand Recognition And SEO Authority

It’s first important to note that your brand recognition from an SEO standpoint doesn’t necessarily have much to do with your amount of social media followers or likes, because these popularity metrics don’t play much of a direct factor within SEO.

Brand recognition technically refers to your business’ overall ability to reach your target audience and be clearly recognized based upon things like slogans and logos. So with this brand recognition definition in mind, it’s safe to say that social media accounts and pages are some of the best online mediums for your business to build upon your brand recognition.

Social media also helps brands when it comes to building SEO authority, particularly through links and reviews:

  • Links: There’s always a good chance that an online user will share what they discover via social media, and this can lead to inbound links and help promote your content’s overall popularity. So social media links can actually be very beneficial in terms of improving your rankings, and it’s also important to note that social media links often show up on Page 1 of branded searches!
  • Reviews: There’s no denying just how important online reviews are when it comes to local SEO strategies, and to put it simply search engines highly value reviews. Online reviews make up a significant portion of your site’s ranking factors, particularly for local searches, so giving your social media followers an incentive to leave behind reviews can go a very long way towards increasing rankings as well!


Social Media Helps To Extend Your Content’s Reach And Lifetime

It’s always important to consider the simple fact that billions of people are logging onto Facebook each and every day, and every time an individual is on a social media platform like Facebook they are essentially consuming content.

Publishing blogs on your site is always something businesses should be doing on at least a weekly basis, and the overall lifetime in terms of relevancy for these blogs will primarily depend upon search engines. It’s really rare for online users to scroll through handfuls of pages within your blog, and social media helps you bypass this relevancy issue by giving you the opportunities for re-posting and overall distribution control.

Another very important benefit of content sharing via social media platforms is that you can hone in on targeting specific audiences with your content, which can be very effective in terms of reaching the people who are already interested in your services/products!

Social Media Strategies Assist Local SEO

This is the most technical social media benefit towards SEO strategies, and it goes much further than focusing on your online reviews like we discussed above.

Your NAP (name/address/phone number) and business listing information is also a big part of honing in on your local SEO initiatives, and it’s important to ensure that your technical information is consistent all throughout the Web. This of course also pertains to social media, so your profiles need to be fully optimized with keyword-heavy descriptions, clear indications of your products/services, your business hours, and the NAP information that’s found within your Google My Business page.

We’re always helping our clients when it comes to ensuring the consistency of their online information, and it’s important to note that Google My Business is quickly becoming an important social media platform for the future!

Reach Out To The Social Media Experts At Big Fish Local For More Information About How Your Social Signals Can Profoundly Affect Your SEO Strategies!

Optimizing your social media pages is really just the beginning of what’s necessary in terms of experiencing a tangible impact within your SEO strategies, and this is why it’s always best to have social media experts helping you on a daily basis.

We understand that this article is only a brief overview towards the importance of social media and that you’re likely to have many further questions/concerns, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to get in touch with our team and learn more about how we go above and beyond towards making your social media pages as efficient as possible in benefiting your entire digital marketing goals!

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