How social media builds loyal fans

How social media builds loyal fans

Although social media marketing has many benefits, today we’re going to focus on one  of those specifically: how social media builds loyal fans. Some of these methods touch  on human sociological behavior while others have more of an insider feel. Let’s look at  six ways you can grow your brand via social media. 


Consumers typically buy from brands they trust. The 21st-century internet user is far  more cautious than in years past. That’s why authenticity is so helpful. Showcasing the  human side of your business builds a small yet important relationship with your  potential (or current) customers, earning their trust and eventually their hard-earned  dollars. 

Direct customer service 

This brings us to our next topic: direct customer services access. Chatbots via  Facebook Messenger are helpful, don’t get us wrong. However, when a company  responds directly to a customer who has a problem, it helps to bridge the gap between  their frustration and your assistance. 

Don’t let any question or concern go unanswered, whether via a DM or a comment on  social media posts. And better yet, be sure to work toward a resolution to reaffirm your  commitment to providing them with the service they need. 

Comments, Likes, and Shares 

Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, or another platform, the  interaction between and brand and a customer is extremely important to building a  loyal following. In our previous example, we mentioned responding to customer service  concerns. Be sure to also engage with your other types of feedback. If someone says  they like your product or appreciate your brand, thank them publicly for their feedback.  Also, creating content that makes the user want to engage with your brand is a small  yet important facet of social media marketing. 

New product announcements 

Here’s a quick tip: start a group around your product or brand. This often works better  for retail, but if implemented properly can work for a wide range of industries. Within  this group, give sneak peeks of upcoming product launches. Sure, someone will likely  spill the beans outside of the group, but it nevertheless helps to build a group of loyal  fans. 


All content should aim to solve customer problems without them asking. Think to  yourself, “What questions are my customers asking?” Then, preemptively create  content around those questions, showcasing solutions. This is a great way to educate  your followers on your products or services. 

Social proof

Finally, social proof is the new Yellowpages. Rather than search for the first name in the  phone book, today’s consumer asks for recommendations. If you’ve done your  homework and built a loyal following of fans on your social platforms, then they’re far  more likely to mention your company as the solution to their family and friends’  recommendation inquiries. 

Do you need help with your social media? Then let us know! 

Each of these components of social media marketing takes time to implement the right  way. Sometimes, it’s helpful to have an agency on your side that can take much of the  heavy lifting off of your shoulders, acting as a partner or extension of your marketing  department. If you’d like to learn more about how Big Fish Local can play that role for  you, then send us a message via our website here or call us to set up an appointment  at 855-935-4999.