How to Create SEO Friendly Content

Big Fish Local

“Content is king,” and everyone with their finger on the digital marketing pulse knows that. Optimizing your website is one thing, but if you really want to impress the algorithm, you have to offer a steady stream of quality content too. 

What makes content SEO friendly? Read on to find out.

  1. Make it relevant

    You need to understand what your audience is searching for and why. Once you’ve grasped their search intent, you can craft content that directly answers their questions.

    Using keyword analysis, you can incorporate the terms they’re searching for. This alerts the algorithm that your content corresponds to their query.

    Since a search engine’s job is to provide relevant responses to search queries, it’ll elevate your website up the search engine results page once you start writing about the right topics.
  2. Make it valuable

    Before, you might have gotten away with “copy and paste” blog posts crammed with keywords. However, the search engine algorithm has evolved. It’s now far too smart for that!

    To really make an impact on your ranking, improve the quality of your blog posts. Research them thoroughly and ensure you’re providing value to your readers.

    Algorithms are looking to detect authority and reliability. Write about what you know in detail and depth, and you’ll find that search engines soon reward your efforts.
  3. Make it accurate

    If you’re including out-of-date research or broken links in your blog posts, then this will be reflected in your ranking. After all, search engines don’t want to send their users to sites that provide incorrect information.

    Similarly, they are looking for well-written blog posts. If yours are littered with grammatical errors, this is a red flag that the content may not be particularly trustworthy.
  4. Make it original

    To beat out other pages ranking highly for your keywords, you’ll undoubtedly have to incorporate some of the points that they address. However, you should always be publishing original work.

    Search engines can easily detect when you’ve copied someone else. Make your content original by including evidence or frequently asked questions. Rather than copy their content, expand on it.

Simply replicating the work of high-ranking websites isn’t enough to beat them on the results page. You need to offer what they do but better.

  1. Optimize the page

    Don’t ignore opportunities for on-page SEO. Including headings and image descriptions can help you rank higher, for example. The strategic use of keywords in subheadings can help search engines accurately index your page.

    Make sure that your blog is functioning well, too. Search engines are reluctant to recommend slow-loading or buggy sites. It’s not just about what your content tells the user but also about how they experience your website.

If you’re thinking that regularly creating SEO-friendly content sounds like a lot of work, you’re correct. That’s why digital marketing services like Big Fish Local offer content management services for businesses just like yours. 

To take the weight of this work off your shoulders and benefit from the services of professional, SEO-informed copywriters, contact us today!