How to Encourage Customers to Leave Good Reviews for Your Business

How to Encourage Customers to Leave Good Reviews for Your Business

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In this day age when every business needs an online presence, reviews are like currency. They do the selling for you and how you deal with them can make or break your online reputation.

Though not all negative reviews are based on honest opinion, they’re a gold mine for improvement. If you use them wisely, you can solve your customers’ problems more effectively.

Reviews are one of the first things your potential customers will read and consider when interacting with your business. This is why you should encourage existing customers to share their opinion freely and help other shoppers.

Keep reading to learn how to ask for good reviews and how they can help you grow your business.

Meet Customers Where They Are

The best way to get positive reviews from your customers is to meet them where they are. Don’t make your customers register for review sites where they’re not members, and if you do, make sure they don’t feel pressured.

Customers shouldn’t jump through hoops to leave a review. If you want product reviews on your website or your Amazon listing, include a link leading to a specific page.

Claim Your Business Listings

The best way to have full control over your online presence is to claim all your business listings. This includes your Google My Business page, Facebook fan or company pages, Yelp listing, Better Business Bureau profile, and Amazon page.

After you claim your listings, encourage customers to leave reviews. Make sure to reply to as many reviews as possible, and especially to negative ones. For example, if you have low-rating Yelp reviews, offer reviewers to try the same service/product free of charge or ask how you can mend their bad experience.

Ask for Reviews via Email

Sometimes, customers need a little nudge to share online reviews and you can ask them via email. In your next newsletter, include a call to action, especially to recent customers, and ask them to leave a review.

Include a link to where you want them to go, and if needed, add several links to different websites.

Start an Open-Ended Conversation

If you want to dive deep into customer satisfaction and improving your customer service, ask open-ended questions. For example, instead of asking customers “Did you like our product?” to which they’ll only answer “yes” or “no”, ask them what did they think exactly.

Other questions you can ask are:

  • How was your purchasing experience?
  • How are you satisfied with our customer service?
  • What expectations did our product meet?
  • How is your life different because of our product?

Asking questions that require an explanation will help you understand your customers better. Also, detailed reviews will help other shoppers make a more informed decision.

The Road to Good Reviews Is Easy with Our Tips!

Having an online presence is a must in the digital era, which means your customers can express their opinions about your business.

These tips will show you how to approach customers to ask for good reviews that will boost your online reputation.

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