Is website design a good career?

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Are you in the middle of your career, or perhaps just starting it out, and considering  making a transition into digital marketing? If so, you might be wondering if web design  is a good career choice. We think so and have four reasons why it might be right for  you. 

Design is how it looks 

First, do you have a talent for making things look good? If so, then web design might  be the next step in your career. Website design is twofold, and the first of those  components is how it looks. Visually unappealing sites, even if they are functionally  built correctly, will turn visitors away. 

Throughout both of these first two reasons, we’re focusing on the user experience.  Understanding details such as how fonts and colors communicate a message to the  reader will help you as a web designer. In addition, striking the right emotional balance  in imagery is another useful skill set for a website designer. 

More importantly, design is how it works 

However, for as much as we’ve just focused on the way a website looks, how it  functions is equally important. Steve Jobs has been credited with the saying, “Design  isn’t just how it looks; it’s how it works.” In other words, form over function will only get  you so far if a site lacks the correct coding. 

And, good web design extends to the smaller details too. Catching things such as  broken links, overlapping responsive elements, and building mobile tap points are all  part of the role of a website designer. 

If you have an eye for what looks good and you have an understanding of how  something should function mixed with a keen sense of detail, then you may belong in  the exciting field of website development. 

CSS, PHP, and other acronyms 

There are other, more complex pieces of a website build. Those are your CSS (often  referred to as your stylesheet), SQL, PHP, and HTML. They’re interwoven together, with  PHP scripts often acting as the template for the integration of SQL databases, HTML  coding, and your CSS styling. 

So, if you’re thinking to yourself, “I love the technical side of things”, then take a look  at W3Schools. Spend some time learning about the coding side of website design. If it  excites you, then it also means you may enjoy taking the visual design and building  code that brings it to life. 

The need for website developers 

In a recent blog, we discussed the role AI would play in SEO. The reality is that website  design isn’t going to disappear overnight. Even as AI becomes a larger part of our daily  lives, there will always be the need for website developers who can transform ideas  into functional sites.

Website design and your company 

This expected growth is just one reason why we’ve continued to focus on website  design as one of our primary core services. If your team is looking for someone who  can handle all of the above and more for your company, then contact us to schedule a  call. We’ll go over your needs and put together a project scope to prepare for your next  website rollout!