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Non-Profit Marketing

Non-Profit Marketing

To achieve its mission, a nonprofit has many stakeholders to engage. This can be achieved effectively using the right digital marketing service.

Here at Big Fish Local, we know that marketing a nonprofit is very different from marketing a business. For a start, nonprofits usually have a limited budget to work from, so it’s especially critical that any investment they make generates concrete results.

Having worked with nonprofits in the past, we’ve shown we can amplify the message of all kinds of organizations, no matter what their goals are.

Maybe they need to attract donors to their cause.

Maybe they want to attract volunteers.

It’s possible that service users are the main focus of their marketing efforts, and it’s equally possible that they have to reach all of the above equally and simultaneously.

No problem! We get to know your nonprofit and its objectives before we do anything else, and this knowledge informs our strategy. Our approach will be entirely customized to you.

No nonprofit should neglect digital marketing.

These days, maintaining an online presence is a must. A functional, professional website is key to conveying credibility, and active social media profiles can be used to keep your network up to date with your activities.

Worried that your audience isn’t finding you online? We can use proven strategies to boost your visibility across search engines.

Maybe you need better branding materials to make your nonprofit more memorable. If so, we can help!

Here at Big Fish Local, we provide all the digital marketing support you could need, freeing you to focus on the important work that only you can do.

Who We Are

We are Big Fish Local

Big Fish Local is a digital marketing agency composed of multi skilled professionals of diverse experience. When you work with us, you’ll enjoy the support of graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, search engine optimization specialists, and advertising experts. Yes, you can access all of that in one place!

Our talented team will work together on behalf of your nonprofit, so you can be sure that every aspect of your strategy will be coherent and expertly executed.

We have a history of working with small businesses and nonprofits alike, so no matter what your organization does, we’ll help make you the big fish in that pond. As a value-driven business, we especially enjoy working with nonprofits like yours. It’s our pleasure to provide the marketing support that empowers you to do good in the community.

Remember, marketing isn’t just about “making a sale.”

With the right marketing, your nonprofit can:

  • Attract supporters to your cause
  • Connect with people who’d benefit from your help
  • Communicate your mission and successes
  • Share your activities to get people involved
  • Inspire the donations that a nonprofit needs to grow and thrive

The nonprofit organizations we’ve worked with in the past have had long to-do lists and many priorities competing for both attention and resources.

By taking over the digital marketing aspect of their operations, we’ve empowered them to keep up the work that matters most: making a positive difference.

Big Fish Local Digital Marketing Services for Nonprofits

Although we know what makes a nonprofit different from a business, we also know what they have in common. For a start, both require a strong brand.

What makes a brand so important? It’s what communicates the personality and purpose of your project, making it memorable to your target audience. This applies whether you’re looking for customers or community engagement.

An ineffective brand is a liability: it could confuse the people that your nonprofit needs to succeed. But don’t worry! Our branding experts will pinpoint where yours could be strengthened.

We’ll also ensure that you extract maximum value out of your nonprofit’s website. This should serve you as an asset and a resource, a reliable place where people can learn exactly what you do, how to support your work, and the best way to connect.

If your website isn’t of sufficient quality, however, it can be damaging to your credibility. This is often the first place that someone will encounter your organization, so why not make a great impression?

We’ll design and develop a website that looks professional and functions smoothly, meeting the needs of your specific organization.

It’s very important that your nonprofit is easily discoverable online. With our help, we’ll ensure that you appear in search engine results in your local area. That means anyone looking for your support can find it.

Do you have a particular campaign or event that you want to draw attention to? Targeted advertising could be the right service for you. We can design adverts that display only to the people most likely to engage, saving you money and boosting your return on investment.

We’ll determine the best digital marketing support for your nonprofit during a creative consultation. This could include:


Brand assets like your logo concisely communicate what makes your nonprofit unique, making it identifiable.

Website design and development

An easy-to-use website creates a smooth and enjoyable experience for people interested in your work.


Since so much internet activity starts with a search, it’s useful to have high search engine rankings.

Social media marketing

Connect with your audience on a deeper level using social media platforms to exchange information.

Search engine advertising

If you want to highlight a particular event or campaign to a specific audience, ads can be effective.

When a nonprofit like yours spends money on a service like ours, it needs to be effective. After all, the last thing you want is to waste valuable funds.

Using our extensive skills and experience, we’ll make the most of your marketing budget and maximize the positive impact of your investment.

What Makes Us Different

Here are some of the reasons that nonprofits choose Big Fish Local when it’s time to outsource their digital marketing work.

  • All services in one place

All services in one place Rather than approach multiple agencies in order to meet your nonprofit’s digital marketing needs, you can enjoy a comprehensive service from the multiskilled Big Fish Local team. We’ll handle every aspect from SEO to web design and development. This makes us a very convenient option for busy nonprofits.

  • Specific nonprofit experience

Every agency will tell you that they can market a nonprofit, but that doesn’t mean they have a proven track record of successfully doing exactly that! We do. We’ve worked with nonprofits in the past, and we know how digital marketing strategies can be applied to meet their unique needs.

  • Strategy and execution combined

When you approach Big Fish Local for digital marketing services, we don’t just develop a strategy for your nonprofit. We also execute the strategy using relevant members of our expert team. When professional copywriters create your content, it saves you time and effort while being more effective.

  • Completely customized to your needs

Every nonprofit is different, which means each one has its own individual digital marketing needs. Through a detailed creative consultation process, we determine the most appropriate tools and techniques to achieve your nonprofit’s unique objectives. Your strategy will be fully designed with your organization in mind.

  • Ongoing results and reporting

When you team up with Big Fish Local, you know exactly what we’re achieving for your organization. That’s because we keep lines of communication open, providing regular reports on our progress as we work toward your digital marketing goals. Expect concrete results when we apply proven strategies on your nonprofit’s behalf.

With these advantages to be enjoyed, it’s no wonder that nonprofits choose Big Fish Local when they decide to take their online presence seriously.

Results You Can Expect From Our Digital Marketing Service

You may wonder what a successful digital marketing strategy would look like for your organization. Here are some of the results you can expect when you work with Big Fish Local.

  • More organic website traffic

When your search engine visibility is increased, more people will see your organization’s website on the results page when they search for relevant terms.

This doesn’t just ensure you receive more website visitors, but it also ensures that your visitors are already interested in what your nonprofit does since they’re searching for related topics.

  • Community awareness of your work

It can be difficult to keep everyone up to date on your organization’s activities. In the past, you may have hung a poster on a community pinboard. The internet now offers incredible opportunities for communication, though.

If you have news to share or you want to ask for support, we can use digital marketing to reach the right people.

  • Enhanced credibility for your cause

These days, we tend to turn to the internet for information when we’re curious about a topic. When someone searches for your nonprofit, the information they find should be convincing and credible.

With our support, your organization will have an online presence that effectively conveys the importance of its work.

  • Greater levels of engagement

What does success look like for you? Is it more people receiving your organization’s support? More funds received to perform your work? Perhaps you want to raise awareness of an issue or inspire more volunteers to get involved.

Whatever your goal is, we can create a marketing strategy that generates greater levels of engagement. Our role is to get the word out about your nonprofit.

  • Successful campaigns and events

The success of your campaigns and events undoubtedly lies in how many people connect with them. By sharing your message in an engaging way, we help you make a positive impact in the community.

You may wish to generate donations, for example, or to encourage attendance at an important meeting. We can help!

Non-Profit Marketing FAQ:

The first step is to organize a free consultation with our team! We’ll be delighted to discuss your options with you and explain exactly what we can achieve on behalf of your nonprofit.

Once we understand your organization, we’ll design a strategy that reflects your objectives. Through a collaborative conversation, the Big Fish Local team will support you to discover the most appropriate and effective path.

It can be, but it can also be used to share all kinds of information in order to encourage specific actions. Many nonprofit organizations now benefit from digital marketing services.

Whenever we work with a client, whether it’s a nonprofit like yours or a small business, we commit entirely to the aims of their organization. While we work together, your goals will be our goals too.

As a value-driven company defined by its ethics, it provides us with particular job satisfaction to support organizations that are making a positive difference. Our integrity makes us an appealing option for nonprofits like yours.

Yes! We will discuss this at the consultation stage. We understand that nonprofits experience multiple demands on their resources. Our responsibility is to design a strategy that serves your goals and honors your budget.

You can find out by requesting a no-obligation quotation. There’s no cost for a conversation with our expert team. Once we’ve gotten to know how we can support your cause, we’ll let you know the service cost.

Of course, you don’t have to invest in your organization’s online presence. However, if you don’t, you’re putting your nonprofit at a major disadvantage. The internet offers incredible opportunities to connect and communicate with stakeholders at all levels, so why miss out?