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Should Social Media be a Part of Your Strategy?

A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that over 74% of all internet users engage social media, and this number is only expected to rise. Facebook is far and above the #1 social media site, but more and more people are plugging in to other tools such as Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. If you’re not properly utilizing Social Media, you’re missing a huge opportunity to engage your existing customers and connect to new ones. 

If a potential customer looks your business up on Facebook, what will they find? Do you show up at all? If you do, when was your last post? Have you responded to the people who have left you messages and reviews? A stagnant social presence communicates an indifferent or absent customer service experience.

There are several important elements to establishing yourself in the social world. This process can be time-consuming, drawing you away from running the core aspects of your business that really make you shine. Rather than trying to learn to speak the foreign and ever-changing language of social media, find a native to do it for you. We’ve been swimming in the social waters since the pond began. We will help you engage your customers with frequent, interesting posts in a variety of platforms, keeping you relevant and spreading your brand. This will build your online trust and authority, and can win you new customers as your existing clients begin to spread the word.

There is no doubt that social media matters. Could you use a hand in establishing your online presence? Click the link below for a free custom quote!

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