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Is your small business casting its net across social media platforms yet?

You can’t afford to ignore this medium if you want to be the big fish in your pond!

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Social media offers an amazing opportunity to reel in your target audience.

An active presence across platforms keeps customers engaged with your brand.

Maintaining accounts takes time, and we know that you have bigger fish to fry.

Thankfully, our team can take control! We’ll shore up your position on social media.

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How Could Stale Social Media Accounts Be Harming Your Business?

Back in the day, curious potential customers had to visit a store or office to learn more about a business. In recent years, the website has taken over as the main source of information.

However, you’ll find that many customers these days check a company’s social media profiles before anything else! Social media has moved on from a platform for simple socializing to a place where people shop for products and choose between services.

With this in mind, you should be very aware of what your social media presence (or lack thereof) is saying about your business. If you haven’t posted in a while, you may be rendering yourself irrelevant.

Are you keeping your social media accounts afloat or have you simply abandoned ship?

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Why Invest In Social Media Marketing?

Sure, you could try to handle your social media marketing alone. However, you’ll soon find that it’s a time-consuming activity that requires focused attention. When you hand this work over to an expert team, it frees you to work on other aspects of your business.

Hiring Big Fish Local to manage your social media marketing guarantees that your platforms will post quality content regularly. This reassures potential customers that you’re a reputable and dynamic business. It may also attract new audiences to your company.

There are so many social media platforms out there that maintaining an active presence across all of them can become stressful. We know all the most popular platforms inside out, so we’re easily able to tailor the message to suit the medium.

Why Trust Big Fish Local to Handle Your Social Media Marketing?

Social media can hook new customers very effectively when used correctly. In the wrong hands, though, a social media profile can send all the wrong messages. That’s why so many companies choose social media experts like the Big Fish Local team to handle their accounts.

Here’s why we’re the best choice to take over your social media marketing.

Multi-skilled Team

You’ll find digital marketing experts of all kinds here at Big Fish Local. Rather than struggle with your own social media content, why not have a professional copywriter do it for you? Relevant, well-written posts are much more likely to reach your audience.

Focused Attention

When you work with Big Fish Local, you enjoy our focused attention. If you need help with other aspects of your digital marketing, that’s no problem! We can create a custom package designed to suit your company’s needs. Your growth is our goal.

Social Media Savvy

Just when you think you understand social media, a new feature is introduced and the tides completely turn! That’s ok, though. It’s our job to stay afloat of the latest updates, so we’ll make sure you’re ahead of the shoal. Your business benefits from our social media knowledge.

Strategic Approach

A business account is very different from personal social media: it needs to be used intentionally. When it comes to content, we don’t simply tread water. Instead, we follow an ocean map of social media strategy to get your business where it needs to be. Your goals dictate our direction.

If you’re ready to start taking social media seriously, contact Big Fish Local today for a free consultation.

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What Does Social Media Marketing Involve?

You might think that you already know social media; after all, who doesn’t have a Facebook account? However, the priorities when it comes to a company’s social media account are very different.

Everything you do should be designed to move your business closer to its objectives. Big Fish Local achieves this on behalf of our clients in a range of ways:

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One of the main ways we support our clients with their social media marketing is that we handle the content that they post.

First, we perform a consultation to better understand what you want your social media to say. Then, we create content calendars to convey your message in a way that’s effective, engaging, and appropriate to the chosen medium.

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Review Management

When you have an active social media presence, you’ll find that customers are more likely to leave you a review. As a business, you should proactively respond to the reviews you receive because this shows a commitment to customer service.

We’re happy to handle this responsibility for you through our social media services.

Social Circle


Remember, social media isn’t a one-way broadcast. It’s a two-way interaction. You should aim to generate engagement from your audience, and you should interact with people who comment on your posts.

Of course, this requires time and attention, which is why so many businesses use social media marketing services like ours to take care of it.

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Profile Information

Before you can start posting, you need to set up your social media profiles. This involves supplying relevant images and information.

If that sounds like extra work that you don’t need, why not ask Big Fish Local to do it for you? We’ll keep your profiles up to date and consistent across different platforms.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

If you thought you could only place pay per click advertising on search result pages, think again! Social media platforms offer another excellent opportunity to get the word out about your business.

Talk to us if you want to include pay per click advertising in your social media marketing service. We have extensive experience in this field.

Do You Have To Be On Every Social Media Platform?

It’s a common misconception that every business has to be on every single social media platform. In fact, it makes more sense to be strategic about where your target audience actually hangs out.

If your business would be a fish out of water on LinkedIn, for example, why would you waste your time building a presence there? At Big Fish Local, we understand the differences between the most popular platforms.

We’ll help you choose the right social media settings to advance your company’s objectives.


This can be a great way to reach a local audience, and because many different generations use this platform, it has a family-friendly vibe. You can post events here and even sell through the site.


Especially popular with younger clientele, Instagram is an image-heavy social media platform that also offers the opportunity to share short videos and sell items via an online marketplace.


Here, you can share short messages with your following. It’s often a place for discussion and debate, so you should aim to provoke interaction. Hashtags are used to categorize conversation.


This social media platform has a more corporate atmosphere. If your clients are other businesses, it could work very effectively for you. You could also use it to build a reputation amongst other industry professionals.

Google My Business

Your business profile on Google isn’t a conventional social media platform, but it does allow you to share updates. You can demonstrate that your company is active to anyone who encounters it in their search results.

Our Process

If you want to become the big fish in your pond, our social media marketing service is a great catch! Once you’ve contacted us about taking your online presence to the next level, we’ll go through the following process:


This is where we get to know your business, your brand, and your specific goals. We’ll establish which platforms would be best for you to target and how you want your business to be presented online. The results of this conversation will inform our approach.

Want to meet in person? We have offices in Springfield, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio for your convenience.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy will include the best content to cover and the appropriate voice to use when crafting your social media content. The idea is to successfully engage your target audience, so our strategy is tailored to you.

Content Calendar

A content calendar will be created where all your posts for the month are planned out. We will publish them for you too, don’t worry! You can enjoy peace of mind knowing we’re handling every aspect of your social media presence.

Monitor Results

Once posts have been published, we’ll keep a close eye on what works and what doesn’t in order to constantly refine and improve our approach. We’ll also maintain a close relationship with your followers, interacting with those who engage.