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To be the big fish in your pond, your website has to make a splash.

Unless businesses like yours cast their net successfully, sales will simply slip away…

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At Big Fish Local, we know what makes an effective website.

Our expert team can help you hook your target audience and achieve your business goals.

Remember, your website might be a customer’s first encounter with your brand.

That makes it a sink or swim situation: do you reel them in or let them go for good?

How Could Your Website Be Failing Your Business?

There are many ways to waste the opportunities that a great website brings to your business.

In the hands of the wrong designer, your site could become difficult to navigate, unpleasant to view, or irrelevant in its content.

That’s why you need experienced professionals to set your bait!

The Big Fish Local team will ensure you stand out from the shoal with an attractive, impactful website that flows and functions swimmingly.

Why Invest In Your Company’s Website?

You already know your company is a catch, but you need to communicate this to potential customers. The best way to do so is through a professionally-made custom website.

At Big Fish Local, we understand what your business needs, and we have a proven track record of providing it!

Our trained and experienced designers will create a website that:

Strengthens your brand

Enhances your credibility

Better serves your customers

Aligns with your business goals

As you can see, investing in a one-of-a-kind website is one surefire way to increase your net income…

Why Trust Big Fish Local With Website Design?

Big Fish Local began with a straightforward objective: to help small businesses become the big fish in their pond.

Since we were established in 2015, we have been supporting companies just like yours in Springfield, Dayton, Columbus and beyond to make a splash with their online presence.

Do you want your company to be a shark or a shrimp in its industry? If you’re ready to leave the ocean floor and finally get your business off the ground, then there are many reasons to trust the talented team at Big Fish Local with your website design.

Multi-skilled Team

Our experienced web designers will make sure your website looks amazing, but how it looks is really just a drop in the ocean!

You’ll also need digital marketing experts that understand SEO strategy. 

You might also choose to take your content to the top with fresh photography and professionally-crafted copy.

Thankfully, every service you need to succeed can be found in one place: Big Fish Local.

Results-Driven Design

Anyone can make a website, but it takes skill and knowledge to make one that really works.

We’re known for our visually-appealing websites, but at Big Fish Local, we also go beyond surface level. We’ll dive into the depths of your business plan.

That means your website will be designed with your company in mind: invested with strategy so it converts interest into sales.

Creative Consultations

From a customer’s perspective, there are plenty of fish in the sea.
Your website should show why your company is the catch of the day.

Our consultation process is designed to highlight what makes your business special.

Once we’ve identified your unique selling points, we’ll create a website that really makes waves in your industry.

Responsive Websites

Don’t forget that your website will be accessed using a range of different devices.  

If it isn’t compatible with all of them, you’ll be in deep water with potential customers!

Thankfully, Big Fish Local specializes in responsive web design.
That means whether visitors arrive via cellphone, laptop, or tablet, your website will welcome them aboard.

Local Experts

Big Fish Local is based in Springfield, Ohio, where we have nurtured strong links with the entrepreneurial community.

Our team has first-hand understanding of the local business context, and we’re driven to see you succeed.

For your convenience, we also have offices in Columbus and Dayton, Ohio.

What’s Included In Big Fish Local’s Website Design Service?

The Big Fish Local team will accompany you throughout the entire process: from planning your website to finally launching it!

Features that other agencies charge extra for come as standard when you work with us.


Every page of your website is carefully planned by our team, not just the homepage. We design websites that are purpose-built and results-driven. Your website will be designed to move your business closer to its objectives. That means it won’t just look good; it will also do its job!


Your website design is the ideal opportunity to express your business’ brand. If you use a generic template website, what does that say about your company? Following a creative consultation process, we’ll design a personality-packed website that really makes an impact on your audience.


Once you’ve approved the design, our developers will get to work building it for you. They’ll code your site comprehensively, ensuring that it’s highly functional. The idea is that visitors will find it easy to use, meaning they’ll be more likely to interact with your business.

Common Features

Although some advanced features will incur an additional charge, we’re happy to set you up with the basics including a blog, an image gallery, and Google Analytics. We understand that a web design service should include the features most people would consider fundamental.


If you have an amazing website, you want it to be easily discovered by people seeking your company’s services. That’s where our SEO services come in handy. We’ll ensure your website is search engine indexed and coded with the algorithm in mind, which will boost your rankings on the results page.


Companies who have content they want to use on their website can bring this to us to be incorporated. However, we also offer access to our stock image library if they’d like to refresh their site’s visuals.

*As an add-on, you can even get our professional photographers and copywriters to create original, high quality content for your website!*

Our Process

Not only is our three-step process simple and straightforward, but you may even find it fun…

Why? Because we love what we do, and that comes across in how we work!

1. Quote

Interested in Big Fish Local’s web design service? Here’s what to do next.

First, you can ask us to scan your current site and provide our honest feedback. We’ll help you get out of the weeds and tell you what you really need to shore up your position.

Alternatively, we can meet in person. We have offices in Springfield, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio. Feel free to book an appointment with one of our friendly team members.

Once we’ve discussed the details of your desired website, we’ll provide a custom quotation. This will be based on the complexity of the proposal and the amount of work involved.

2. Design and Build

Following a creative consultation in which we get to grips with your brand and your objectives as a business, we will begin to design your website.

We go further than simply designing a homepage. We will also include supplemental pages, and we offer copywriting and photography services should you opt to include them.

You will be included in the process, and two edits are included in your quotation. This way, you can ensure the design is perfect before you approve it.

When a design has been approved by you, it will be passed to our developers. Their job is to build the site and ensure that it performs effectively.

3. Launch and Market

Once your website has been built, it’s ready to be launched! This is a great moment to take advantage of our digital marketing services.

Remember, your website will already be coded for SEO, so you should soon start appearing in search engine results.

If you want to maintain your website to the highest level, why not ask for our hosting and support services?

We’re able to offer unlimited tech support and unlimited content management, so you can keep your website fresh and functional.

Don’t let your website become a shipwreck!

If you’re lost at sea trying to work out web design or you’re worried that your website is keeping customers at bay, contact Big Fish Local. With one of our custom website designs, the world will be your oyster.

Contact Big Fish Local today to find out how the right web design will make you the big fish in your pond. We’ll be happy to provide you with a no-obligation customized quotation.

Scan My Site: It’s Totally Free!

Why not test the waters with our free site-scanning service? Our experts will audit your current website’s performance and provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings. You’ll learn what’s going well, what could be improved, and what Big Fish Local could do for you.

Our Guarantee

A polished and high-performing website is a must to become the big fish in your pond.

We will deliver an original website tailored to your company’s brand and business plan, and we promise it will look great and function smoothly.