Social Media Posts – Quantity vs. Quality

Big Fish Local

One of the most common questions when it comes to social media posting is which is better, quantity or quality. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution; every business and website is different, and it can differ across industries. 

But what remains the same is one principle: what you post matters more than how often you do it. Valuable content trumps abundant content. Think about it this way: it doesn’t matter how often you post if no one’s reading it because it’s not relevant to them.

Here’s how to strike the best balance, no matter what situation you’re in:


Good social media doesn’t start with posting; it starts with strategizing. Before you click “post,” take some time to get to know your audience. Figure out what they like and what resonates with them. Then make a plan to reach them.

One common pitfall is when a business notices its posts aren’t gaining traction, they start posting more often. These posts also fail to get the attention they’re hoping for, so the business posts even more often (but with rushed content and no careful thought). The frustrating, futile cycle continues. Remember, more content doesn’t always mean more engagement. And what you really want is engagement.

Spend More Time Creating Less Content

A moderate amount of high-quality content is better than a lot of low-quality, wheel-spinning content that serves no one. 

For a long time, the trend was to pump out as much content as possible and see what stuck. That’s no longer a winning strategy. Instead, focus on creating something that stands out and provides value. It’s better to have one post with high engagement than five posts with low engagement. Algorithms like it better, viewers like it better, and your effort will ultimately pay off.

Spend Less Time on Your High-Quality Content

We’re not saying to make your content lower-quality. We’re saying to be smarter about where you’re putting your time and resources. Identify what your supporters expect from you. Clearly articulate it. Then use that to inform what content you make. When you start from that vantage point, you’re setting yourself up to create higher-quality content because it will be better-informed and your subject matter will be more relevant.

Start by maintaining a content calendar to keep track of everything you create. This will let you spend less time muddling through the content creation process and focus on what matters: actually creating content.

Try resharing trending posts within your niche. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel or be the original content creator to benefit from a trend.

Create pillar content. Then break those big topics into meaningful chunks of posts. This will make your social media feel cohesive and informative while encouraging your viewers to stay on top of your regular posting. When you post regularly about what your audience cares about, they’ll pay attention.

No great social media strategy is one-size-fits-all. For individualized advice to capture engagement and make the most of your efforts, contact us at Big Fish Local today.