We exist to grow your business to the next level. Our team of digital natives in Dublin, OH have the experience and expertise to help your business succeed in the era of digital marketing. We’re excited to meet you and learn more about your dreams, while we work together to make them a reality!

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Seth Evans

Master Fisherman, CEO

Thayer McClelland

Fulfillment Manager

Rick Slark

Marketing Strategist

Nate Laing

Business Manager

Kolton Rice

Executive Assistant

Julia Vernot Brooker

Social Media Specialist

Joe Wirth

Content Writer

Tate Thomas

Marketing Strategist

BigFish Local Core Values

1. Integrity
I am committed to doing what is right in every situation, regardless of personal interests. I strive to earn the trust of others. I value honesty above self-preservation. I treat others the way I would want to be treated, whether or not I think anyone is watching. I only make promises I intend to keep. I follow through on my commitments.

2. Improvement
I embrace education and am continually learning. I seek out feedback, suggestions and coaching. I am adaptable, remaining open to new ideas and to change. I believe that there is always room to improve. I learn from my mistakes. I am future oriented – I am willing to ‘dream,’ as well as be encouraging of others’ dreams. I strive to leave the world and everything in it, better than I found it.

3. Accountability
I finish what I start, and I only start what I fully intend to finish. I take responsibility for all of my actions, whether I am held accountable by others or myself. I admit when I am wrong or have made a mistake. I communicate quickly and effectively with clients and coworkers, and I consistently follow up to ensure I have fulfilled my obligations. I take ownership of everything that happens in my life. I understand that any change I desire must begin with me.

4. Respect
I show respect to others – co workers, clients, family, and strangers – as well as to myself. I make an effort to be respectful of everyone’s time. I respect diversity, and I am able to remain respectful when faced with differences of opinion. In showing respect to myself, I can expect to be treated with this same respect by others.

5. Initiative
I am proactive in finding my own solutions, both in my professional and personal life. I am willing to make decisions when appropriate or necessary, rather than waiting for instructions. I communicate proactively with clients and co workers. I take immediate action whenever I see that it is required. I take it upon myself to prevent problems whenever possible, rather than being forced to react once they occur.

6. Balance
I practice moderation between my personal and professional life. I understand that the social, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and financial aspects of life all have importance. I value and strive to strengthen my relationships with clients, co workers, family, and friends. I am aware that I must take care of myself before I can take care of others, so I stay aware of my own needs and take responsibility for ensuring they are met.

7. Positivity
I commit to assume in every interaction that others have only positive intentions toward me and toward the business. I look for the best in every person and situation, while remaining practical, honest, and aware. I choose to maintain a level of optimism regardless of external situations, operating under the assumption that all situations can be improved. I am grateful for my life and I appreciate everyone and everything in it. I express appreciation freely toward co workers, clients, and loved ones.