Become the Big Fish in Your Pond

Karen Cleaver

Office Manager

Karen joined the Big Fish Local team as an office manager at the end of 2021, having previously spent 2 years working in the same position with other companies. Karen sees her responsibility as “taking care of everyone”, a role that she’s particularly equipped for as a devoted mother of 7.

What brings Karen job satisfaction is making everyone else’s day a little easier through efficient coordination. She makes sure that the team has everything it needs to get the job done, observing, anticipating, and thinking strategically at all times.

These planning superpowers come naturally to Karen as an especially neat and organized person. However, she also has formal training: an Associates degree in Professional Office Management from Clark State Community College.

Karen’s work underpins everything that the Big Fish Local team achieves: she ensures that the office runs smoothly, she problem solves for clients, she reviews live websites and social media accounts, and she creates the conditions for the rest of the team to perform their tasks effectively.

Big Fish Local is a perfect fit for Karen because she is a family-oriented person, so she appreciates how staff members treat one another as family. The integrity and values of Big Fish Local also appeal to her outlook: she loves that everyone is passionate about what they do and enthusiastic about supporting the local community.

Originally from South Vienna, Karen now lives in a rural part of London, Ohio with her husband of 9 years, James, and 5 of her children—the eldest 2 have already moved out. She also has 3 dogs, a guinea pig, a bearded dragon, and many barn cats who share her home! Her family describe her as caring, strong-willed, thoughtful, and awesome.

When she isn’t holding the Big Fish Local office together, Karen can be found reading, traveling, crafting, or enjoying family time. Her dream dinner guest would be actor Jason Momoa, and her favorite quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “”The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”