Become the Big Fish in Your Pond

Marina Llera

Website Designer

Marina is a designer who joined the Big Fish Local team in 2022, having already worked in the industry for 4 years. As a naturally imaginative and resourceful person with a patient nature, she is perfectly suited to her role, which she sees as “helping clients to solve their problems in creative ways.”

What appeals to Marina about Big Fish Local is the opportunity to work alongside supportive and friendly people that make work feel fun. Although she doesn’t work in-office, she feels closely connected to the team.

On an average day at work, you’ll find her reviewing mail and design requests, looking for inspiration, working on design files, and delivering all kinds of design assets to the diverse Big Fish Local client base. Her approach is results-driven: she enjoys the challenge of designing websites that not only look beautiful but also help clients to achieve their business goals.

Marina is certified in UX/UI design studies as well as basic HTML & CSS. This is how she’s able to design websites that have visual appeal as well as excellent functionality.

Working remotely from sunny Seville in Spain, where she lives with her boyfriend, Marina helps clients achieve a polished and professional online presence that reflects their unique brand personalities. In her free time, she likes to paint, practice yoga, and walk around the beautiful city that she grew up in.

Marina is motivated by the idea that “it all starts with a dream,” which reminds her that every great success began as just an interesting idea. Her dream dinner companion would be Chris Do, an Emmy award winning director, designer, strategist and educator who is also CEO of Blind, Inc.

They could definitely hold a great conversation about how creativity can be combined with business savvy to generate incredible results! After all, that’s what Marina brings to the Big Fish Local team.