Nate Laing

Chief Financial Officer

Nate has been COO of Big Fish Local since 2020, though he had worked in the field of business management for 3 years prior to taking up this role. He sees his purpose as an extremely practical one: to ensure that all the bills are paid and that the company remains profitable. That involves working collaboratively with Seth, or in his words “stopping Seth from spending all the money!”

It’s obvious what makes Nate so well suited to his position. He has a meticulous approach, an analytical mind, and a wealth of financial understanding that he gained from his studies in small business management. Nate is deeply committed to his own professional development, and he likes that this industry provides endless opportunities for learning and growth.

A typical workday in the life of Nate involves catching up with Seth on business matters, paying bills, running payroll, sending invoices, and ensuring that the numbers are adding up when it comes to Big Fish Local’s ingoings and outgoings. He is also responsible for entering new customers into the online client board so their projects can be effectively managed.

In his spare time, Nate can be found tinkering with anything mechanical: he has a particular passion for pickup trucks. You may be surprised to know that he also maintains a collection of vintage computers. If you know Nate, you already know that he is also a devoted family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.

When asked to describe Nate, his loved ones would undoubtedly use words like “honest, direct, and reliable.” His straightforward approach is perfectly embodied by his mantra, which is “keep it simple, stupid.” If he could invite anyone over for dinner, he would choose Jesus himself. It’s unclear who would be responsible for providing the loaves and fishes!