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Ren Duning

Web Developer

Ren Duning
Ren has worked as a website developer with Big Fish Local since 2021. To prepare for this role, he undertook a 2 year course in information technology as well as a 4 year degree program in computer science. What he loves about his job is that it’s always exciting and filled with new challenges. Problem solving comes naturally to Ren, so it’s a perfect fit for his personality!

The best part about working for Big Fish Local is that Ren gets to learn new skills all the time and work alongside people that are easy and fun to talk to. Having grown up in a small city in the Phillipines called Dumaguete, he finds remote work offers amazing opportunities to connect with talented people from all over the world.

Ren sees his responsibility at Big Fish Local as to help the company itself as well as its clients be more successful through effective web development. For him, the experience of contributing to a company’s growth is very rewarding. Because his clients and their needs are different each and every day, Ren constantly finds new sources of interest at work.

In his spare time, you’ll find Ren playing computer games, growing plants, mountain biking, or taking care of his beloved pet koi fish. Koi fish are somewhat of a passion for him, and he has kept them diligently since he was in elementary school. It might surprise people to learn that despite his love of computers, Ren prefers reading books to consuming online materials!

If Ren could have dinner with any celebrity, he’d choose actor Keanu Reeves. As a person, Ren is friendly, upbeat, and full of high spirits. He is a great believer in the power of positive thinking, and his personal mantra is “my positive thoughts guide me to new heights.”