Become the Big Fish in Your Pond

Sarah Rogers-Barbosa

Content Writer

Sarah has worked as a copy and content writer since 2019, and she joined the Big Fish Local team in 2021. What she loves most about her role is the variety of clients that she serves and the opportunity to find creative angles on a diverse range of topics.

As a curious person with instinctive research skills and a stylish way with words, Sarah is a natural content writer. She refined her language skills through a degree in English Literature, and she has also undertaken further professional development in copywriting specifically.

Sarah loves being part of the Big Fish Local team because, although she works remotely from Bogotá, she feels very supported by her teammates. Meetings always have great energy, and she feels Big Fish Local is a business built on letting talented people do what they do best.

What she does best is helping clients to express the personality and purpose of their businesses as effectively as possible in order to reach their audience. Her workload is a mixture of ongoing and one-off jobs for Big Fish Local clients as well as the company itself.

Sarah grew up in a small village outside of Edinburgh, Scotland, before moving to Colombia in 2016. She lives there with her husband, Boris, and her mischievous dachshund, Rudie. Her family would describe her as a loyal person with integrity who likes to enjoy the fun side of life.

To Sarah, fun involves a lot of reading—she even runs her own book club—as well as swimming, practicing yoga, and seeing live music whenever she can. Sarah is also a Britney Spears fanatic who once traveled solo all the way to Vegas to see her perform.

Britney isn’t her dream dinner party guest, though. She’d rather break bread with Dolly Parton, whose quote “find out who you are and do it on purpose” is her personal mantra.